Aries / Martian / Neptunian / Pisces

Overcoming Resistance


“I’ve come to think of this process as spiritual athleticism – anything I am resisting, I must overcome. So instead of running away from the parts of my very life that cause me the emotion of resistance, I dive headfirst into the things that I feel the most resistance towards. Each time it is difficult, and each time I am rewarded. Eventually, I will have a fitness about it, where there is no more resistance, but only enthusiasm.”

This dynamic can speak to the combination of the Aries (Mars, 1st house)/Pisces(Neptune, 12th house) archetypes… whether it be a Pisces 1st house/Ascendant, Mars in Pisces, Neptune in Aries, Neptune in the 1st house, Aries 12th house, Mars in the 12th house…. you get my drift! Or perhaps Pluto in the 1st house or the 12th house.

(Image: Nonsuch: land of water, 1932 by William Beebe.

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