New Moon in Aquarius – Ways of Messaging


When two energies meet, a third energy is born into being. The two energies may be a person and an intellectual idea, a person and an event, a person and another person, etc. Even a resistance felt between the two energies can solidify and clarify a position, a reflection that would not have been triggered if not for the interaction with an external energy. No matter what the judgment on the exchange – something has changed or something new has been created.

For example, if my tone sounds particularly academic? We can attribute it to all the Aquarius energy happening right now (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are all in Aquarius) or that I have just been reading critical theory for class, and something I read got me in the mood to write.

Part of our collective evolution is happening through this exchange, relative to Pluto squaring the nodal axis. The resolution point is the Libra node, which is the side of the nodal axis that is all about the exchange. The Aries side strikes me more as going off on one’s own, and resisting the interaction in favor of asserting one’s own individualistic path and feeling threatened by any external factor that seems to block this. The evolution in this moment comes from embracing the learning that comes about oneself in relation to something else, and discovering how to be in balance with others through this new adventure.

With this New Moon in Aquarius, I have been reminded quite a few times of our interconnectivity as social animals. It consistently astounds me that we read articles about how to better or best relate to one another in magazines. Does that not seem strange, perhaps a little adorable? I also had a surreal moment in the woods with someone who is a plant identifier, and she was asking me to describe a plant we were looking at. I didn’t have any language to describe the idea so I ended up just cupping my hands and making a motion to describe the shape of the little buds. I realized suddenly that I was in communication with the plant – looking at it, taking it in, and modifying my own motions to describe what I thought it looked like. For a very quick moment I didn’t really even identify as a human, just a creature of the universe, suddenly putting out my antenna in a new way.

We can only receive that which we allow ourselves to meet vibrationally. When we form conditioned responses to our environment, the receptors to new information are shut off. However, when we look at the world in a new way, our antenna go right out and we are sensitive to receive the world again. (Of course, receptivity invites lessons about balance as well, as any empath will agree!) While our assumptions and reads on other people may be at times insightful or intelligent, there is a possibility that we are also putting away our antennae and closing ourselves off to receive messages from that which we have decided we know. The life around us, even what we consider inanimate – is often more intelligent when we listen.

Don’t be afraid to be kooky, either. Someone, somewhere, likes it. Probably a good many someones. How are they supposed to know you or that facet of you exists though, if you don’t put out the message?



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