What You Wish, You Are Wired To Become


As the Sun – Neptune trine builds exact, with the Neptune – Saturn square building in the background, we’re thinking about how to become and what we need to let go of or focus more intently on to do so (Sun in Scorpio), how this aligns with Source or not (Neptune, essentially do we feel supported by the Universe?), and what the boundaries are (Saturn). And so I found myself working on a piece in a cafe about the philosophy behind astrology and these themes came out. Here is an excerpt:

Imagine if a developing infant had the existential consciousness to judge itself for wanting to learn to walk. “I’m not ready,” or “I don’t deserve to walk,” the infant thinks. But in reality, the infant does not think of this. The baby just learns to walk as it is in its nature. The same goes for when we get older, except the process often becomes distorted. Everything we want to develop in ourselves is a sacred calling, but we have a lot of ways that we don’t listen or don’t believe we are capable. Everything we wish to become, we are wired to be able to become, as long as it fits within the boundaries of what is actually possible, not what the mind/ego simply thinks is possible. (There is a difference.) Likewise, whatever is actually out of our reach (and this is tricky to discern, no?) we are asked to let go of, as soon as it becomes a fixation. As a matter of course, fixations are always good to let go of, since they are a way we obstruct the flow that life is actually offering us.

The same way that an infant is wired to learn how to walk, we are wired to realize our desires and dreams. The difference as we get older is simply that we are differentiating, and our innate calling is not the same as the others’ around us. This means that the process of attaining whatever IT is, is a very personal matter. Often the culture you find yourself in does not have a guidebook for who you are. This necessitates a depth process. We look within or we seek without, but either way we are on the journey we so often like to talk about.

Well, I have started writing an astrology book. I had announced it with slight apprehension to my friends and greater internet community, knowing that it would mean this was real and I was committed. I was excited about the amount of support I received. I know I’m definitely feeling excited about this project, which I began partially because I was feeling like these ideas were reaching too much space in my mind for them to not go anywhere. With that, and with your comments and messages, I’ve been feeling the love. Thank you. <3 I love talking about astrology with you all and I’m grateful for the conversations that have been forming. Please always feel free to write to me.


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    October 30, 2015 at 9:14 pm

    Lovely post…and excited for you about the book project!!

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