Week of November 2 – 8 Horoscopes


This week begins with Mercury the Messenger entering the sign of Scorpio – this is an investigative position for the already curious Mercury, and so matters of secrecy, lies, and illuminating the underlying material behind what is hidden come to the forefront. Beyond the scandal or intrigue element of it (which is on one level, how it could play out), this is also speaking to an evolution drive in human consciousness, that we desire to know more, that we are fed and nourished by what we liberate from hidden realms, such as when we discover something that seems as though it should have been so obvious all along and it simply changes things. The lightbulb is on and we move forward in that new light.

On the 2nd we have an exact Venus-Mars conjunction in the sign of Virgo. We had our last Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo back on August 31 of this year – if you remember what were you doing, you might have some memory of there being extra passion around that time. With Virgo, the passion can have something to do with our craft, where we feel we have refined our abilities in some way, what we have devoted our attention to enough to have built a practice that now at this time is generating more steam because we have become fluent in its language.

The Last Quarter Moon in Leo will add a Leo-lens to our current Scorpio story – and this is one place Leo can feel disillusioned, if the ideals or values of the heart were actually not true, if we are to discover something was a lie. I would offer though, that conclusions made in the Scorpionic realm are not always on point (though they feel pointy… just saying). Sometimes these conclusions are very obscured by shadow material. This energy is reminding me of a common early, immature response to a break-up, where a person wonders and wrestles with themselves, “Maybe that person is incapable of loving… they just don’t know how to love! Maybe they will just never find true love.“ See the self-centered conclusion? Whatever is stressful on the heart or on the self-centered identity, what reveals there is more behind the curtain – this invokes the “crisis in consciousness” that Dane Rudhyar ascribed to the Last Quarter (square) energy itself. The subjective consciousness will likely be needing to face some deeper reality, which is not of course, the end of the story either, but promises some type of shift of the self. Another angle for the Last Quarter Moon would be a realization of heart that undoes a level of strategy or calculation we can find in Scorpio. Maybe there is a place in our lives we discover that going with what the heart wants is more worth it, and we’re willing to see the consequences of that – versus attuning ourselves to what we think will get us what we want (Scorpio) but yet we’ve lost the heart. This can speak to finding more power within and to see that any way that we have been playing into games on the outside is not validating an inner-need that is now making itself known.

The Sun in Scorpio – Pluto in Capricorn sextile (a harmonious aspect) this week invites positive transformation should we will it or engage with it consciously. With a lens into Scorpio already with the Sun in Scorpio since the 23rd of October, and now with our minds collectively attend to the frequency through Mercury – we have the ideas – and this aspect is really going to speak to our ability to become something evolved from what we were before. Whether it is born from a discontent or a desire or a little of both, this energy will support our work in the realm of persona – that we have an idea of who we wish to be that is ahead of what we already are. Any level of self-love or contentedness with our present self does not change that we continue to want to develop ourselves. Sextiles and trines in general are good aspects to ride, because they are going to lift you and assist you like if you were paddling with a current… and when the next square or confrontational aspect comes along between those planets, you will be encountering more of a harvest energy rather than a conflict energy.

Then we have another one of these magical harmonious aspects between Mercury in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces – a trine, as they are both in water signs. And I do mean magical. Neptune is in the equation, and it its own sign of Pisces. This adds an element of magic to Mercury without Mercury having to try, and Mercury as an archetype is already associated with The Magician. With this aspect we can think of the way that any venture a person takes into penetrating the mystery does not actually reveal the mystery as finite or any less enchanting – the magic is only opened or expanded (or it’s cyclical, it spirals, it is completed and reborn…). This energy can help us find solace and deeper spiritual peace in coming into contact with the previously hidden information we spoke about earlier. We may note this week that whatever was before nebulous, that we can now identify, can begin to hold messages for us. Like if life were a cartoon, and you’ve seen this crowd of people who are not colored in and they’ve just been one gray blob in the background – this Mercury – Neptune trine is like that background crowd being colored in and in spectacular, dazzling detail.

On a practical note before we finish out, let’s tune into the Jupiter in Virgo – Uranus in Aries inconjunct going exact this week. This is a HUGE energy of getting out of the way (your own way!). You plan for something, and something else happens instead – but do you push for what you originally planned for? Probably not. Jupiter in Virgo supports us as we align with where the real flow of abundance is. You can invent a brilliant idea, hold it in mind, and when you roll the die so to speak, the Universe shows you its path or its course. Luck is favoring the flexible AND the refined-in-craft. Meaning before you take the jump, you’ll want to have learned how to use a parachute. Instead of leaping on blind faith, or leaping even as an educated leap, if you just show up for what it is that you do and are grooving with, there may be a track of momentum of its own right there, even if it doesn’t at all seem to trigger the instant-gratification drive. There is much work and process that lies behind the most beautiful of structures.

The last event of our week is Venus moving into her own associated sign of Libra. We did the whole Venus retrograde and Mercury in Libra retrograde dance already – the result being that this Libra engagement around, we have fresh in our minds a whole store of lessons around what relationship means to us or how we wish to engage in relationship. And while we do have some more confrontational aspects coming ahead with this, like a Venus-Pluto square and a Venus-Uranus opposition, may it just be a reminder for us at this time that relationships are part of our human evolution… we cannot help but to meet ourselves when we meet the other. If we are able to see each other with more love this Venus in Libra season, we will be seeing ourselves in kinder lights. Any inclination we have toward enhanced diplomacy is teaching us how to invite more harmony into our lives. We learn in Aries to have no shame for walking away and doing our own thing, or being our own self without permission. In Libra, we’re learning how to relate; we enter the sphere of mutuality. It is a dance, which is partly why many Libras are said to be so graceful. This dance enters our collective sphere of heightened appreciation – and we’ll talk more about Venus in Libra as it progresses. For now, enjoy the week and share your experiences here in the comments!

November 2 – 8, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: There is a distinct current to tap into. When you are not in the current, and situations are aggravating to you, one impulse in turn is to want to fly away to free yourself from it/escape. But there is something of more value unfolding in the space that is opening, in the not-knowing. You’ll want to ask yourself what is really being offered, extract the marrow, and then you’ll be free again, back to your self but with new knowledge you couldn’t have had otherwise.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: There are good forces of courage at play for you in terms of separating from things that are keeping you from being in your light. If the break is not so clean, say there is a negotiation process, Venus entering Libra at the very end of the week can begin to assist this process. Before that, it might be more about getting things out, being raw, allowing yourself the tension and noting that there is no need to scorch anything/anyone where it is really just a call to take your own stand.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: There is a process right now of really reclaiming your power in ways that you have previously only envisioned it to belong somewhere else. Really any area in your life that you feel that the cards are just dealt without your choosing. Each focus you narrow in on and find the ticket — you are structurally improving your entire life. You are the detective of life upgrades. Check of course, in the places you have tended to avoid because they overwhelm you. A mountain is not climbed in one day.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: An arena of power play is entering your relationship and romance world… so there are lower roads and higher roads. The importance is to be empowered within who you are so that you can attract into your life other shining lights (including friends, collaborators, etc, not just lovers). As opposed to codependent mutually destructive dynamics — no matter how far you are along with this, this week can challenge you to liberate your love and relationship life from old habits.


Leo/Leo Rising: This is a week for rut-busting. Some awareness is coalescing around what you desire to change and at the point of commitment to that there are two directions: one, falling back into what is comfortable and known (no!), and two, experimenting forward to find something more satisfying. Ecstasy and comfort are not the same thing. Ecstasy demands a higher variable of feeling at the gate. So be it. Your gut, and your intuition, are your friends – deep check-ins with what you really feel.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: A more investigative energy enters your life with Mercury entering Scorpio. This is going to have useful insights for you around breaking delusion in romance or relationship – an end to pedestaling, misplacing your trust, etc, if you are using the energy this way. Another option is just complicating some existing dynamic by feeding it more. When one fantasy is broken, there can be a time period in between that is void-like, but something more enriching is always just behind the curtain.


Libra/Libra Rising: This week the heat is on for you, starting with a Mars conjunction to your ruling planet Venus and ending with Venus entering your own sign and a Mars-oriented phase of its rotation (for you). Meaning – assertion is favored. But not just assertion for assertion’s sake – the point is very much your Higher Self, and having the courage it takes to set out in a direction you know is your calling, even if it is wildly unfamiliar. (And note, a frequency of compelling romances.)


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Whether your impulse is to reveal all or to go stealth mode, the point is that you are making a decision based off of what is good for your growth. Is there a good reason to be secretive, or is this blocking love from your life? Mercury entering your sign creates a new cycle of how communication works for you – and at the same time the Sun – Pluto sextile is also activating empowerment in your communications. This is a time as good as any to tune up your frequency.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: While deeper and spiritual insights are starting to trickle in with Mercury entering your Neptunian house (also pay special note to your dreams), Jupiter is to form an opposition with Chiron this week following suit of Venus and Mars. This speaks to you gathering some philosophical closure relative to the balance of work life and home life, personal self and professional self, and how you are managing this task from a place of authenticity – such as realizing it is your true essence that makes the $$ and not otherwise.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: This week there is nothing wrong with a little strategy – seeing the big picture and aligning your will accordingly, yet the point above all else is to act in the vibration of your individuated self. Strategy not for strategy’s sake, but strategy as a form of innovation. There is still a very exploratory, expansive vibe happening with your Jupiterian house being very active – as keen as you are/may wish to remain, nothing keeps you as fresh than courting adventure and catching up with what it throws your way.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: The fire, the burning desire, to align yourself more and more deeply with your Soul and your truth is a motivating factor of this week – and while some of these things may be attitude adjustments, even those require work or consistency. This is a week where your efforts are rewarded. Even taking the time to envision and brainstorm is work. If it’s nourishing to your soul, it’s “productive”. The struggle is only real until its not – but it does require you do something about it, on your end of power.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: So much graceful but potent unlocking of potential occurs as you dig into the ‘why’ questions this week that are urging your consciousness – tapping into the Mercury in Scorpio trine to Neptune. This is also a way to clear your filters so that you’re acting on CLEAR intentions and not shadow content – you will find it easier to assert your will when you’ve done your ‘work’. And this is also helping you tune in with your distinct frequency, since it is ultimately a very personal matter – cue epic activation.

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