Astrology of 8/31-9/6: Showing Up For The Reality Check


The New Moon in Virgo on the 1st is a Solar Eclipse. The ruler of Virgo and this Eclipse, Mercury, is freshly retrograde in its home sign of Virgo and conjunct Jupiter. Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius square the nodal axis and while these two planets in conjunction have been alone a source of difficulty for many, the T-square Mars and Saturn forms to Neptune and the South Node in Pisces and the North Node in Virgo presents us with loud notice of what isn’t working. Yet we may vacillate between a variety of coping techniques, from obsessive and diligent work to jumping down the rabbit hole to escape into an addiction of choice. The real opportunity is to get clear on what the issue and to begin a process of enacting a clear solution – which sounds simple enough, except that Virgo relates to the psychology of avoidance.

“A person who is in denial about their behavior – an addict that’s in denial, a cheater that’s in denial, a liar, will always make you the enemy. A person who is not willing to confront their issues head-on, makes anyone the enemy who points out the one thing they’re trying to avoid looking at. It doesn’t matter that you have been there for them, it doesn’t matter if you’re coming from a good place, it doesn’t matter if you have loaned these people money, it doesn’t matter if you’ve sheltered these people, it doesn’t matter what you have done or how long you have been there for them when no one else was. You’ll often notice that these people have relationships with new people all the time that don’t last very long, and that’s because they want to keep people around who agree with everything they say, until those people catch on to the behavior. Denial can have them blind to the truth about themselves, and love can have us blind to the truth about them. Wake up.” – Chris Crocker

The reality checks available at this moment keep expanding – you arrive at one truth only for it to reveal deeper and deeper layers of the truth. If you feel you’ve arrived at truth yet, and are not open to change, chances are you are entertaining an illusion. The very thing we’re workshopping this week.


The Sun plays into the Saturn – Neptune square by squaring Saturn on the 1st and opposing Neptune on the 2nd. Mercury retrograde joins up with Jupiter also on the 2nd (ampifying the appearance of worries, concerns, as well as the effectiveness attunements, microfixes). And on September 6, the Sun in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn – this is so damsel in distress meets We Can Do It. And it’s a choice – a matter of evolving.


Because it’s an Eclipse, there is a game change at play – parting with something old and letting in something new, along the theme of how we show up.

Virgo and Self-worth

We are more caring towards the small things when we care about them… and how hard is it sometimes to attend to and care for the parts of yourself that you actually reject or don’t want to look at? What we will not pay attention to within, we allow to build up and often we project it outwards onto a given Other. Making the choice to actually connect with the parts of ourselves we don’t like, or criticize, or judge, and listen to what these things are telling us that we need – and then to go ahead and take action to take care of ourselves – is crucial. Often this will relate to something we want from the outside, but because we are not showing up for it on the interior level, we will mirror the same kind of treatment on the outside. Virgo has a psychology of self-victimization – an example is the person who is too busy helping other people out to take care of themselves. Then when they finally burn out, no one is there for them to help them – and while they can feel unloved or abandoned, they started out abandoning themselves! But rather than inquire within of why they were so fixated on helping others (perhaps as an escape from their own self – for whatever reason), they were too busy distracting themselves with helping others to notice. Some people actually are addicted to the righteousness of being wronged by an Other – but who always admits… or knows… that?

Somewhere, you will find validation for how your problems are not your fault. However, as long as your concern is not having fault, consider how this also sets you up to be a passive victim in the storyline, where the “fault” that one did not want to take on is now projected onto a bad-other. What if there was no fault to begin with? What if fault is just an excuse to not do anything? If it’s your fault, you feel too bad or disempowered to do anything, and if it’s someone or something else’s fault, it’s their job, not yours and you are still disempowered. It is so difficult for so many Souls to see past this and into the actual opportunity underneath it for growth and personal expansion.

Humility involves not just an examination of what you think your imperfections or limitations are – but also an acceptance of the divine worthiness of you. It involves finding value in yourself because you are not just your own – but a part of the dynamic whole of Creation. Humility is not just being small. It’s being small and gigantic, infinite, at the same time.

So take a look within for some answers by virtue of the inverted pyramid of Virgo – that which you blame for your circumstances or problems, consider what role you play in that story assuming your diagnosis of it stands. But don’t let guilt or self-shaming be a monster. The more accountability you are able to find within yourself for your circumstances, the bigger you will become. That growth may first reveal itself in a guilt or shame around how ‘bad’ you did, but if you will allow yourself the process, you will also grow into someone who has compassion for what the old-you ‘did’. How can you really blame yourself for mistakes you made without knowing any better? Self-awareness is not just a beautiful journey, but it’s got some hard-hitting and intense stuff too.

Call it adulting, or call it maturity. It’s happening right now. And it’s the window into a new level of experience – evolved pleasures, connections and circumstances, and a new set of challenges to help you grow. All you have to do is show up! I won’t pretend it’s easy or that you won’t find yourself going through ups and downs. I would just urge you to stay connected to yourself to get the most out of the ride. As soon as we disconnect because we don’t like our experience, we reject ourselves and we reject life. Yet when we stay connected and keep showing up, life meets and rewards us.

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~Sabrina Monarch

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