Astrology of 7/26 – 8/1: A Fiery Birth of Sun & Mars

We begin this week with a Sun-Mars conjunction in Leo, signifying the birth of a new creative impulse. We won’t know its final form until some time passes, but its loud flares of energy spark us into recognizing this new impulse is here. Before the exact alignment (on July 26), we may have found ourselves more deeply aware of aspects of ourselves that we are transforming, and which are on the way out. As the week goes on we have a Venus-Uranus contact signifying chemistry, and two transits which can turns us inward – a first quarter Moon in Scorpio, and Venus will move into Cancer.

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(Image: Gem Fletcher)

Here’s our week:

July 26

Sun in 4° Leo conjunct Mars in 4° Leo: 5:57 PM PDT

  • The birth of a new creative impulse: while this can be exciting and magical in many regards, it also carries an emotional tenor that is intense. When you imagine the process of birth for example, it’s in many ways a painful act to be birthed or to give birth. Pay attention to energy flares and importantly, acknowledge them. Leo is a sign that has much to do with the inner-child and the qualities of affirmation, validation, and mirroring. This transit can carry potent, “LOOK AT ME!” moments popping up in your experience, with the demanding immediacy of a newborn.
  • Have a great deal of patience around this energetic birth! While the solar flare feeling of it may make itself known, the manifestation of it into form may take time and space.
  • Recognize how your sharing or your privacy may be best for the situation at hand. Example – the shroud of temporary privacy that surrounds a new endeavor, business idea, relationship, new pregnancy, etc. There can be a lot of excitement and the desire to share, which may be, at times, premature.
  • Though this is how we start our week, take note how energy flares that appeared before this exact conjunction may have been bursts on their way out – like sweating out and burning through karmas.
  • The nature of what is being birthed may not be totally known or understood yet, as it is so new. It would be like metalwork or glasswork that is still being shaped in its molten form.
  • As we are in eclipse season and our upcoming eclipses are based off of the Leo/Aquarius axis, this week may hold significant seeds for what is to unfold. Mars signifies our will; and yet it also relates to the unconsciousness of will (such as our defenses, our immediate reactions). Leo is a sign of creativity and strength. We will want to consider our willpower in our endeavors, our ability to creatively make choices – even if this willpower is located in the imagination. Leo is a sign of vision, and before tangible actions manifest here, they can be seeded from a vision-space. How do you envision your future? Who are you in this future? How does this future-you act? Use your will to envision and detail your desires and creative impulses – what excites you -and when the application for action comes you will have already familiarized yourself with the new vibration.

July 30

Venus in 28° Gemini sextile Uranus in 28° Aries: 1:03 AM PDT

(Image: Ken Hermann and Gem Fletcher)

  • This is a very chatty transit. There are other tensions in the planets and in our lives as we approach these intense eclipses and experience a Sun-Mars conjunction in Leo. It can actually be radically surprising at this time how helpful and rejuvenating it is to talk it out. We find others saying what we needed to hear; or we find ourselves (whether we know it or not) saying what others needed to hear. Concepts from higher mind/overmind become more accessible to local consciousness. It’s in the airwaves, but giving it a voice is how this promethean fire (Uranus in Aries) gets brought to earth. More verbal synchronicities occur.
  • Whenever we engage with another person, an energetic field is created that holds and encompasses the experience. Venus in Gemini and Uranus in Aries here create more electricity and resonance in these fields; or carry us into encounters (if we go along with it!) where resonance is more aligned. This translates to electric conversations and social exchange.
  • The Venus in Gemini end of this alignment can feel more free and uninhibited when speaking with people of likeminded consciousness. When with others who are perceived as not getting it — Venus in Gemini might just codeswitch. In this way, this transit can also reveal where we are having to apply extra effort to not be ourselves.

First Quarter Moon in 7° Scorpio: 8:23 AM PDT

It is now only just a week before the lunar eclipse. This marks one turning-point that adds to setting the stage. Here are some possibilities:

  • In alignment with the new energetic birth implied by our last New Moon in Leo and the new Sun-Mars conjunction in Leo, we reach a turning point in consciousness where we feel compelled to move away from something or move toward something. Scorpio is about magnetism and attraction/repulsion. The realization here may not come across linearly or logically; it can be a felt emotional intensity. Scorpio Moon heightens and deepens the emotional atmosphere and can get us feeling locked into particular moods – which makes it easier to project our emotions onto people, circumstances, and time itself. Try to cut through this murkiness by getting to basics and bottom-lines that you can perceive. What is attracting you and what is repelling you? (Not just the things, though – the meaning/theme underlying it.)
  • The experience of jealousy highlighting some of our inner-tensions. What can we see externally and admire externally that we do not yet think we are internally? How do we actually resonate with that frequency that is causing such a heightened tinge of simultaneous attraction and repulsion? What is the symbolic meaning of this collision?
  • Also note the power dynamics that result necessarily when we locate something outside of us as having something that we need. Scorpio relates to power plays as well as the art of energy exchange.
  • Deeply dramatic moods and perceptions which, however compelling and theatrical, may not totally be literal – they are soulful. The soul often speaks in image, feeling, and symbol and it can tint our reality according to its swampland. Along the process of manifesting our inner-nobility, our talents and strengths (Sun in Leo), we bring the intensity of the sunlight into our deepest chambers and psychic labyrinths. So… remember it is theater; and the dust does settle. What does the intensity tell you though about your attachments, values, shadow? This is a time we’re cutting through it.

July 31

Venus enters Cancer: 7:54 AM PDT

  • As Venus approaches asteroid Ceres, and Cancer has a lot to do with nostalgia, you might encounter increasing fond memory/reminiscing or grief and processing over the past. Whether this is purely emotional or actually has to do with the experience of reconnecting with people from the past, you may notice this in the field.
  • The drive to re-create the past, yet there is no past to recreate; to try to re-create it may result in grief. Rather than seek out ghosts of past; pay attention to what is gestating at this time (also relative to all this birth/creation in the transits!) and how you might love that process and show up there.
  • In current relationships and ones to appear, the pleasure and value around cohesiveness: staying in touch, cooking and being in the kitchen/house together, sharing emotion and feeling.
  • Cancer relates to the womb, feeling safe and held – and Venus is our relationships. It is important both that we take care of ourselves so that we take pressure off of others we are in relationship to. While we identify holding as coming from somewhere else, there are powerful ways to give that to ourselves. However there is also an importance of having relational values that create honor and tenderness for others. How we do relationship in this way can be different from how we’ve been conditioned to relate. It could mean making an effort to extend kindness, support and validation to others.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! We are also very much in Eclipse Season, heading toward a lunar eclipse August 7 and a solar eclipse in Leo August 21. Remember this is a high energy time – if you’d like more support on preparing for the eclipses, check out the recording of the webinar I put on with Ichrak Dahou about these eclipses.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

And re our Leo and Cancer themes…

(Dialectic Behaviour Therapy Skills Handbook adapted from Marsha Linehan’s work)





Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.





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