Astrology of 8/2 – 8/8: The Dragon’s Tail

This week’s major astrology strikes me as a vacation from being too earthbound. As we head toward a Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Aquarius, Uranus will station retrograde and Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. (So there’s the earth element… but in the planet of transformation.) For real, what a line up!

Before getting started on writing this forecast, this concept I came into was ringing in my mind, which is that when we talk about “being a human being” we don’t really know what we’re talking about. To some extent, our perception of “being a human being” is as limited as a student in school saying they are a student, as though that is all that they are.

To state what I’m sure many of you already think about, we are not just bodies, or biology – we are not even just our limited understanding of psychology or behavior – but we are consciousness operating these bodies with a great mystery as to how we got here and why. While this is a mystery in many respects, we also get to do magical things like meet other people on the dream plane, lucid dream, have out of body experiences, have premonitory dreams, have psychedelic trips, have revelations and epiphanies, remember our past lives, maybe meet aliens… I could go on – these are all things that reveal to us that there is more beyond the boundaries we perceive. With how wild this existence and how vast its possibility, why do we get stuck in our definitions and our traumas, and our fixed beliefs about how things are or how they should be?

One answer is that at intense moments of trauma or feeling a bad feeling, we attach onto the emotion and the stimulus and create a negative feedback loop in our psyches and realities. We have given too much objective meaning to things, as though the things are the determinants of how we feel, or who we are. While trauma intensifies this dynamic, we do this in ordinary day-to-day life by negatively reacting to stimuli and letting the appearances of our reality determine our state of being, rather than being centered in our state of being. What if we flipped the mirror, so that instead of feeling and being what is around us, letting what is around us reflect who we are? Spiritual arts and personal transformation assist with this process.

Our art may be to accelerate our consciousness and to interact with physicality and reality; remembering our creative power to generate our own realities. This is to attend to our higher self (Aquarius/Uranus) while also managing our mundane affairs; our literal walking through the world. It is to bring the two into harmony.

I lead with this because this intense astrology can be a gateway into higher consciousness, and depending on our own unique karmas, it can constellate with major life events. These are events that we can attach to, label, form stories and feedback loops around. I want to encourage you to consider your agency this week in how you identify what is happening around you. Watch how it makes you feel, and how your feelings trigger more and more realities to respond to with more feelings. Can you work these feedback loops in your favor with meditation and imaginative thinking? Can you seed your reality with positive choices that affirm your desires and goals? Can you let your karmas go when its time for them to go, rather than renewing your lease on them by attaching undue significance to them?

(In my day getting this to you, I woke up in a new house in a new city at the edge of a cliffhanger dream right before the reveal, got on the bus to go to comcast and get hooked up with internet so that I could upload the forecast, couldn’t get it to work, got on the bus to find a vegan-ish cafe with wifi, got way lost, walked around in the wind reflecting on the tail of the dragon sweeping up karmic debris, decided to acquiesce and enter a starbucks, and here I am: accessing wifi, drinking pellegrino, and happy that I have a weekly writing ritual to bend my reality around. Maybe if I hadn’t been thinking about the astrology I’d have been frustrated. And likely I’m tapping into Mercury’s approaching station retrograde on the 12th. And at any rate, I’m actually just really excited to be somewhere new and glad that I have some time to get my bearings.)

It’s strange, to have this simultaneous consciousness-expanding and physical experience on Earth. Anyway, here is the astrology:

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August 2

Uranus stations retrograde in Aries: 10:31 PM PDT

(Image: Yayoi Kusama)

  • Every time Uranus stations retrograde in Aries (where it currently resides), it’s another opportunity to be reminded of our wild new ideas, ambitions, and energetic seeds. Where are you trailblazing? Maybe it’s something you’re doing in the world that is of a new paradigm. Maybe it’s something you’re doing that’s a new pattern in your family line. And maybe it’s something you’re doing that’s just new to you.
  • Be aware of the tendency to feel like it’s you (or you and your group) against the world. Uranus in Aries heightens adversity or underdog themes. Positively, this can rally us to support who and what is under-supported within ourselves and our communities. However, viewing reality through this tint can be detrimental when it creates a defensiveness that creates the very problem it is trying to avoid. In situations that trigger your defensive drive or make you feel isolated or alone, try to ask questions – what are you missing? What’s the brilliant breakthrough? Your subconscious, your guides, your community, your Soul/Spirit… all of that — can be enlisted to find those breakthroughs, rather than perpetuating the same electrifying conflict.
  • More energy/clarity around feeling different, weird, unique, inventive.

August 4

Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn: 11:29 AM PDT

(Image: cosmofilius)

  • A potential transformation of heart in an area of our life where we are very exacting and tit-for-tat: we might open to other perspectives and choices which are more hospitable and generous and therefore open ourselves to a great abundance and luck because of that. If we are too far on the other side of the spectrum (overly generous to the point where one feels unappreciated or taken advantage of), we may find ourselves pulling the reins in. You can picture this dynamic hinging on a wobbly chair leg trying to get in alignment and strong.
  • The subtler, deeper, psychic influences of giving and receiving.
  • In regards to the point above, some people are more comfortable giving or extending energy outwardly than they are receiving or being open. In some cases, this is a Capricornian defense that originates from having to “get it together” or be an adult, and not having anyone to rely on. Within this psychology, one can feel very equipped to manage and go without, to be dry, to be in an emotional desert. Asking for help from others and receiving it can be profoundly more medicinal and sweet than doing it all oneself.
  • For situations where one is more comfortable receiving than giving, it may be time to question the assumption of what is being lost in the giving if anything. Is it effort? Is it some kind of limited resource? What other aspects of this situation are being overlooked – what is the gift and personal transformation of being more generous?

  • The wisdom of giving, the wisdom of withholding, and the crisis of choosing between the two.
  • Psychological triggers at this time may center around themes of justice or injustice. This may also reveal where we have become psychologically attached to a given framework of what this justice looks like.
  • In situations of examining what is fair or what is responsible – weighing in other aspects of the equation which are newly revealed, newly understood, or mysteries we cannot quite yet understand.
  • New understandings of peace, harmony, connection, can transform parts of our psyche which are extremely judgmental or parts of our psyche which are ancient hardware and something we’d like to shed if we are to experience more happiness and expansion.

August 7

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: 11:11 AM PDT

(Image: Jonny Ruzzo)

I highly suggest checking out the 2 hour webinar that Ichrak Dahou and I put on about this eclipse! We’ve presented a wealth of information to share with you. We go over a lay of the land of this season, including the next eclipse on August 21. Since the lunar nodes relate to the head and tail of the dragon, I detail what this particular dragon stands for as it comes into direct alignment with this months’ lunation. Aquarius forms the dragon’s tail, representing collective karmas and traumas, and the dragon’s head is in Leo, representing the personal desire to materialize one’s creativity and the potential to become more aware of “the grandiose self”. For tons of details and a psychological overview of this season, purchase the recording here.

  • This eclipse places our Sun in Leo on the North Node and the Moon in Aquarius on the South Node. In this way, our creative ambitions and creative destinies may light up our fears, traumas and resistances that are located in the past. These elements may be both personal and collective. Because light is being shed here, we are assisted in transforming these themes (or I guess just recreating them, if we can’t discern that this is happening.) Our job is just to stay present with what comes up and not to get carried away in extraneous reaction, which, as I mentioned earlier, can be a way of renewing our lease on old karma. (An example: seemingly for the hundredth time, something that upsets you occurs. Instead of making up a story about how that something “always happens” and building even more reality around it, recognizing it as a lucid opportunity to understand the reason for the repetitive dream symbol appearing in your reality, so that it can be acknowledged, learned from and integrated.)
  • A supportive tension between new creative visions and dreams, and old stories which oppose it. The need for these old stories to be revised. An abundance of heart expansion, which triggers the review of ego structures which can’t mentally hold onto it…. if the heart is leading, in other words, sometimes the mind has to bend. Can the mind increasingly become a tool that works for the heart? How are life events constellating to support this shift?
  • Watch for transformation in storylines in which you feel isolation. And watch for the intensity of these storylines to rear their… tail…. (dragon’s tail in Aquarius) (not so much the head) as you move toward greater love, sharing, heart abundance, and connection. If you can’t feel the warmth, consider this image a friend shared with me recently, of a person squeezed into a cardboard box in the very corner of a room in the one spot the sunlight isn’t touching. They are working so hard to avoid the sunlight, but they don’t even know they are doing it. Where is this you? And what does getting out look like?

Have a magical eclipse and I love you all! Please leave your thoughts in the comments and share this article.

~Sabrina Monarch


Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.



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