When Saturn was in Libra

Was it a heavy time on your decision making, or a time of meeting your relationship karmas? A harvest in those areas? Saturn’s transits bring our attention to forge, mature, clarify, make real, assess dysfunction, rebuild. Saturn transits can crystallize what has already been forming – which is another way we might experience success versus awareness of where we want to shift course.

Saturn in Libra:

Oct 29, 2009 – April 7, 2010
July 21, 2010 – October 5, 2012

Saturn can also slow-down and make very dense the archetype is transiting through, gathering all sorts of experience, weight, and consideration around it like the rings of Saturn itself. It’s like a workshop time in the theme of the sign its in, or aspects it is making.

Saturn transits are unpleasant when resisted, because you find all sorts of blocks and walls (which are however, directing your course).

I’m remembering now the words of a career judge, that a “good judge will not like all the decisions they make, but they will rule in accordance with the law. Sometimes it does not seem like there is a right choice and you have to make an impossible decision. You make the best choice and you pray that it was the right one.”

What about your personal decisions? What was the standard (Saturn) they were set to and did that see a slowing-down or maturation? Saturn in Libra may have been a time of chiseling that out.

Now that we have some perspective, how would you characterize that time period’s reality motif? (can’t forget the Uranus-Pluto square, either.) What were you experiencing?

Share your thoughts & stories in the comments!

~Sabrina Monarch



(Images: Roger Bacon conducting an experiment, Thelma & Louise)


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