Jupiter in Libra: The Other is (Expanded) You

Why can’t we all get along? An immediate answer is, we don’t get along with ourselves. While there its still a basic delusion of separation (that one exists separately from the reality outside of them), one and other are separate beings; rather than other being a mirror of a particular facet of oneself.

Another answer is, we don’t actually know all the parts of our own selves, at least within the bounds of ego’s given limitiation within time-space, and we have a fraught relationship with the unknown.

As we might readily relate to someone who mirrors who we already think we are, there are a few conditions for when we meet someone who holds qualities that are foreign to us that speak more to how consciousness operates within the archetype of Pluto – attraction and repulsion.

Within that reality, loving other is not always a light, superficial affair: it is a dive into the trenches of one’s own psyche, not attacking other or attempting to destroy other. It is finding one’s basic innate harmony which is a purification process. We can’t exactly judge our own judgements, but instead we learn how to let them go. We learn what it’s like to open up to the dissolving of polarity. In entrenched conflict, if the other can simply be avoided or even destroyed, one does not have to meet the resonant dimension of oneself who is so deeply triggered by that other.

Other = an oppositional character, someone or a group of people we are in open relationship of harmony or conflict with. It has the vibration of 180 degrees, I stand here, and you stand across from me. When I see you, I see me back in your eyes.

This is a question of cosmology: what is the unknown (that other tends to trigger made of? Is it inherently friendly and benevolent, or is it a swamp made of carnivorous monsters?

To call back to a basic commonality of childhood: being afraid of the dark… benevolent adults in our lives may have comforted us that there was nothing to be afraid of. Jupiter in Libra currently squares Pluto: Fear may stand at the threshold of the unknown, but it does not characterize the actual nature of the unknown.

I have been using The New Mythic Tarot by Liz Greene for myself since around 2010. It took many years, however, for a very simple message to really integrate into my consciousness. Every single face card, at the end of the interpretation, includes a phrase such as this – just opening to the Knight of Cups, I’ll share: “When the Knight of Cups appears in a spread, it is time for the individual to experience this heady and romantic dimension of love. Often the Knight augurs a proposal of marriage, or an experience of falling in love. Sometimes, on another level, he implies an artistic proposition, a relationship of another kind which is no less exalted and idealistic. Or he may enter one’s life as a poetic and sensitive young man – a herald of one’s own emerging romanticism.”

What she does here, in each of the face cards, is turn the reader back on their mirror: you will meet this particular dimension of yourself, she says. If you don’t experience it internally, you may meet it in the other as a symbol of what is emerging within you.

In terms of meeting one’s future self, sometimes the vision is known on the inside but sometimes it is by meeting an inspiring or intriguing other that we come to know our own dream nature. Likewise, when we meet people we don’t like or who repel us, it is a moment to get to know our shadow nature, even simply to know the location of a trigger, and to meet that with curiosity. Our shadow is not bad – it is instead a place where things get repressed and therefore distorted. On a high spiritual level, actually going through this process of unpacking the shadow and doing the self-work and self-opening that this implies, affects the external environment.

Not all shadow parts of our nature are active for example, some of them are about how we receive energy from others. It can be subtle, such as, “I continue to engage in relationship with people who don’t actually value me, because I’m scared of what it might be like to actually be loved, and to then lose that.” Without knowing this dimension of oneself however, one is constantly surrounded with a particular enemy in the form of a careless other.

The work that ends a conflict is spiritual revolution in the hearts of those involved- not gaining an upper hand. For in the land of the scales, and Libra, actions carry an equal and opposite reaction. If one wins over another; one will soon lose. The dissolving of polarity is spiritual and psychotherapeutic work, and it is what dispels the conflict as well as the illusion of separation.

When a polarity is a dissolved, two figures can still stand 180 degrees from one another- but instead of there being a sense of separation, they know they are in relationship and there is no longer pretense about it. They can mirror each other or dance relationally with a sense of opening to the mystery. It is the energy of a friendly rivalry or romantic, expansive intrigue. Sometimes it is also the acknowledgement of “we are not relevant for one another, not right now”, and there is no 3D relationship, which is itself, a very honest encounter that only asks for space and mutual respect of the right to exist.

We might examine the deepest why?’s behind what triggers us for the alchemy of this work to take off.

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~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing. You can subscribe to receive her weekly forecasts by email here.

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