Astrology of 1/11-1/17: Expanding Love Ethic & Full Moon in Cancer


Welcome to another week everyone! We have some beautiful dynamics and creative tensions at play and all the cardinal signs are lit as we approach a Full Moon in Cancer. This implies intensity but not what kind – it’s an intensity relevant to choices we initiate and the consequences of those choices. When there’s a Cardinal Grand Cross in the air, especially with Jupiter in the alignment, making choices has a BIG effect and creates a new balance every time. Let’s just get into it:

January 11

Sun in Capricorn square Jupiter in Libra: 8:43 PM PST

The Sun in Capricorn square Jupiter in Libra may invite a review of relational constructs: that is, our boundaries, our honesty and open communication, and other relationship dynamics that relate with agreements we hold between one another. The process is internal (signified by Capricorn being a yin sign), yet the arena that is inspiring the shift in awareness may be very external/relational. The arena to apply new awarenesses may also be external. This can mean that some choices feel more weighted, and it can also mean that choices have a deeper (or at least dramatically visible) capacity for heart opening.

  • The heart can break constructs. The heart can lead us to build new constructs from a place of heart resonance. Or we can cage the heart with constructs. If your heart is telling you something that clashes with how you’ve been organizing your life, this could be a really good sign! It means you’re heart is growing and is, or is about to, break some kind of cage. It’s not that this process is without change or even a sense of crisis, but it augers new life and a new depth of loving. If you feel this happening, consider the implications of the past orientation, and what the future orientation is signifying for your growth.
  • A new experience of harmony and generosity inspires us to also be generous.
  • Sometimes we are inspired to do great things because we love – love actually makes the world go round. Physicality, whatever we personally consider success to be, money and resources, and other forms of expansion, follow.
  • It’s generally nicer (in general, but it comes up now), even romantic, to continue to speak about agreements we have with one another, over making assumptions.
  • Being clear about boundaries or holding good boundaries teaches others that they are empowered to do the same.


(Ugh, I couldn’t help myself ? you can see the Sun – Jupiter in Libra square thing tho rite)

  • Being honest with ourselves and taking responsibility for what others “make” us feel. Likewise, being honest with others we are in relationship with about how they make us feel allows them to take responsibility for their energy, also, if they choose. The honesty itself further allows them to have that choice, where false peacemaking would not.
  • Reviewing, or accepting, that not everyone has to get along, or that moods and personality shifts are a thing and that first or previous impressions are memories and not necessarily continuing realities . Sometimes brushing up against people is more truthful and is actually not that terrible a thing.
  • Social niceties can be shields that block or partially veil our awareness of how exactly we are vibrating with one another’s frequencies. These shields may experience some glitching right now: either in reality or in our perception, but either way it can point to some expansion of truth and more nuanced harmonies.
  • Re-thinking obligation paradigms. From simple things to huge instances – it doesn’t really matter.
  • The warmth that comes from respecting other people’s wishes and boundaries while also respecting your own: this is where a kind of negotiation exists that is heart-centered, open, and not manipulative.
  • The fear of, or actual experience of, conditional love.
  • People want different things. That makes relationship an expansive arena of self-knowledge and can even change our very constructs about what relationship is (monogamy or not, open relationship or not, recognizing what a connection truly wants to be versus what we think it should be). We have a historic lineage of relationship constructs which may or may not apply to the truth of a given relationship. We actually get to create our constructs. If we don’t know where to start, we can talk to people whose lives inspire us, or we can read books on relationship theory, we can enlist the intuition and the imagination. Either way – the knowledge is out there for those who seek it and keep seeking it.
  • If knowledge you access about relationships from self-help books, friends, the internet, etc. makes your heart sink, it’s probably not something you should try to conform to and you might want to keep seeking, keep staying open to new information, and keep posing questions. (Questions open up a channel for the answer!)

January 12

Full Moon in Cancer: 3:34 AM PST

This one is off the charts in terms of being dynamic af! The Full Moon axis creates a Grand Cardinal Cross with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries (Uranus is also conjunct Eris and Ceres). Mars is catching up to Chiron and in close orb of conjunction, Juno (Goddess of Soul Contracts) is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius.

  • We spoke about this Full lunation at the New Moon, especially what Juno on Saturn can mean – check it out here, under the section on December 28.
  • Emotions during this Moon can directly correlate to how we resonate with our container or holding environment – i.e. our job, career, daily habits, community, etc. One way we might consider responsibility is that it’s not instant gratification. It’s about constructing a future (however near or distant) that we might enjoy settling into. It takes a certain level of grit (and I have faith in you!) to make those kinds of choices even when we’re not feeling up to it, but it’s how we keep things flowing.
  • New choices bring new facets of life into existence, which creates a new need for equilibrium – this addition of new energy and constant recalibration and rebalancing can be a noted dynamic at this time.
  • This is a ton of cardinal energy, which means energy can be moving in terms of making decisions or choices. Cardinal is a “start up” energy. The Full Moon axis creates a Grand Cardinal Cross with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra. This actually correlates with a good deal of creative tension – as you make one choice or move in one direction, it’s as though 3 other points of life (and their infinite permutations…) are simultaneously activated. Take note of where the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus fall in your chart this Full Moon.
  • The gravity of conscious self-realization; the solid sense of self that emerges from doing what one is good at or feels authority within; the responsibility to form commitments that resonate at an emotional, intrinsic level and not just an external level of expectation or status; the sense that one is capable of or deserving of sharing their frequency outwardly/publicly; the sense that one can hold space for others. (Or desire to feel or not feel any of these qualities)
  • Changeable, moment-to-moment moods but with some level of patterning, such as the lunar cycle; Having a sense of home or internal security; feeling like one has kin; feeling emotionally safe. (Or desire to feel or not feel these qualities)


(Image: Julia Lillard)

  • The social world is full of teachers. Conversations and dialogues are a direct avenue to an expansion of knowledge and of life itself. Relationship brings us in touch with our deeper truths and exposes pretense.
  • The value of honesty in relationships even when the truth isn’t “pretty”; the aesthetic of honesty itself. The obligation to keep an ideal of peace may be less rewarding than the honest process of putting information on the table. Equality or inequality in relationship seems to be highlighted.
  • A cyclical return of, or submerging of aggression or assertiveness; an impulse toward liberation; the desire to separate from what one has known in favor of taking a leap one is instinctually drawn to embark upon; taking a leap because there is no other appealing choice; standing up for the underdog; the freedom and/or isolation that comes from going at something alone; the eventual community that appears because one has stepped out of the fold.
  • Feeling the difference between when a situation invites self-reliance and when a situation is itching for teamwork.
  • The path to healing trauma is not necessarily in avoiding the trigger (except when a certain level of security and internal healing is needed). The trigger is also the release. Where we feel pain or fear there also excitement and expansion at the other end. There is a difference between a benevolent challenge or therapeutic discomfort and actual danger or detrimental pain.
  • Comfort zone may be stretched incrementally or responsibly – and while there may be courage present to have a breakthrough, each breakthrough inspires new levels of consciousness and new levels of reality to integrate. There can be cycles of this being exciting or tiring – but all the same, a flow of nature. The crab inhabits a new shell when it grows out of an old one – why live in the same shell forever?
  • The need to have some arena in life to apply oneself or “get into the rink”, or else depression. The possibility to emerge from a depression through cathartic or challenging activity.
  • Inner-security as a state of being independent from circumstance; versus being pulled this way and that because of circumstance.
  • A more leveled inner-security that emerges from having conditioning practices that facilitate that – look to places in your life where your habits over time have allowed you to rest into a heightened state you once had to willfully climb into. This is where haters on Saturn might reconsider – the forging process of conditioning builds so much strength and resilience. It’s also never too late to begin, especially in cardinal astrology landscapes.
  • Considering the different philosophies or teaching styles of the literal or metaphorical teachers in our life – does it always require them to be a certain way, or is the confrontation of rough edges between individuals an invaluable part of the learning experience?

Mercury enters Capricorn: 6:04 AM PST


(Astrolabe by Davison Carvalho)

  • Mercury is recently direct again and now re-enters Capricorn. This can be a good time to take note of how language or communication can facilitate experience by setting up specific neural tracks which carry historic memories and associations, as well as subliminal sets of rules. Our word choices for example, carry “consequence”. It’s not that we need to get heavy about it, as Mercury is a light, curious kind of energy and pretty flexible. You may note that there is a profound difference to be made in modes of communication, whichever language we are speaking about. Body language, for example: if you have a habit of crossing your arms all the time when you’re in conversation, you may note that uncrossing your arms has a profound effect on the level of intimacy the conversations are capable of facilitating, and/or the vulnerability you suddenly feel. Little things – huge difference. If you take note of these details and micro-adjustments, and even try out new things, you can workshop these little life details.
  • I get that the above could be an overwhelming avenue to explore – we have areas of expertise in life where we are very articulate, and other areas where we are pretty nebulous and mystified. It’s easier to learn and improve when we allow the process to shape and condition us, rather than judging ourselves harshly at the onset. It helps to remember that our judgements are truly inside of us (loud by echo chamber) more than they are located outside of us.
  • Consider your current state of being perfect for where you are in space-time, and adjustments as upgrades.

Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces: 1:54 PM PST

  • Venus in Pisces is already a transpersonal Venus (infinite love, love of Source, easily shared with many) but now it is touching Neptune, the ruler of Pisces – in Pisces.
  • Watch the shift leading up to this conjunction and after it’s hit the exact point. While it’s building toward the exact aspect, Venus (and the Venusian aspect of ourselves) can be shedding skins in the form of false illusions about love.
  • A love language emerging of discovering how to love something or someone where before, we had not. What dimension of self and our experience opens up this boundless kind of love? (Note: this does not mean tolerating abuse or sacrificing oneself, which is an image that comes up in the lineage of how Pisces has been manifested in the past).
  • Along the lines of not tolerating abuse, how does love express itself in the form of saying no? Can we liberate the experience of love from the image of sacrifice? Can we see that willfully enabling someone to hurt us (in the name of compassion) does not help them?
  • Adopting compassion or compassionate value systems has a metaphysical effect in relationship – people can feel our regard for them, and often open up around us to the extent that there is regard. We also open up to ourselves as much as we can love ourselves. Compassion is a major heart-opener that can invite such profound love into our interior and exterior lives.

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Also, Cardinal-dominant astrology tends to benefit from a lil –

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” – Goethe

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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