Astrology of 5/17-5/23: A Bendy Status Quo

On a few fronts, this week presents transformation that bends the status quo. The phenomenon of me versus you, us versus them, and othering and dehumanization in general are up for further review interpersonally and politically. This does not mean that all beings will participate in this storyline in a way you find desirable. However, rather than being triggered by negative headlines or actions of others and joining a domino affect of alienation and othering, which is like an expanded echo of what is not wanted, there will be plenty of opportunities this week, even in the most microscopic of ways, to dissolve polarities and dualism within. We can listen for the deeper meaning and inspiration in what triggers us. In no ways need this process be a spiritual bypass of real world or real life problems. The keys that open up within consciousness when the internal enemy and internal resistance are dissolved are palpable keys for collectively solving the crises that affect us all.

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May 18

Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries: 11:19 PM PDT

(Image: Marcos Martínez Pérez)

This is the second of three exact trine alignments between Saturn and Uranus this part of their cycle. The last exact alignment of this aspect was December 24, 2016, and we’ll have another November 11, 2017.

  • This is the aspect that pops in my mind when I see articles on my newsfeed about LSD in the programmer communities and scientists researching LSD, this time also for business and productivity. When Saturn and Uranus align in an easeful harmonic like this, it’s simply easier to innovate and reimagine the status quo. Time and normalcy is more elastic at this time. However, belief is operating in this equation as well, so people are inclined to reimagine the status quo according to the beliefs they hold.
  • More themes of tribalism emerges (or raising of volume of existing themes) – and by tribe I mean the concept of “one of us”: a group of likeminded people. There is a shadow to harden boundaries (“us” versus “them”) from any side of a conflict or disagreement. It is relevant to transpose archetypal similarities between different tribes such as to bridge a working connection.
  • What do we do with breaks in communication such as when one group’s normal code and way of regarding other beings is an offense in another group’s code?
  • Status or likemind signaling: the subtle or overt cues that lend a person permission to speak about certain topics which are only spoken about amongst likemind, and the potential for this phenomenon to harden or bend. Choosing how to be based on these signals we exchange is like having gears on one’s head that pretty intelligently switch data streams according to what is appropriate for that moment. How do these systems operate for us? When is it a hinderance? What in your mind is sanctioned and what is alien/out there?
  • This transit has Saturn and Uranus each inflect the expression of the other, and literally does not discriminate whether a person chooses to revolutionize their constructs in a progressive way or whether a person chooses to harden over and judge that which is seemingly alien. Both experiences are archetypally in our collective soup. Consciousness makes the discrimination on how to utilize these energies.
  • This can reflect a time in which an inventive and revolutionary ideal finds synced harmonization with tangible structure to support it.
  • Consider the force of normalization – the process by which something fringe becomes accepted or mainstream. Whatever value is being bridged from obscurity to popularity, the theme is consistently of a bendy, permeable status quo. Normalization is an act of consequence and is a toolkit both of propaganda/political agenda and progressive social change alike.
  • Shocks can catalyze deep inner change; a process that is sometimes accompanied by resistance or grief. Shock is partially a result of expecting something else, which illuminates our perception of what we think is normal or where we think reality is supposed to go. Shocks can liberate consciousness from these kind of boundaries which can operate as limitation.

May 19

Venus in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra: 7:12 AM PDT

(Image: Jon Bentley)

Planetary oppositions signify a need to balance something, and the experience unfolds on both an inner level and an exterior (mirroring, relational) level. This aspect also forms a T-square with Pluto in Capricorn, and there is extra potential for personal transformation in these dynamics:

  • The balance between one’s personal sense of destiny, the love of one’s own will and asserting that will vs. the expansive possibility of teamwork, listening, and balancing with others in the environment.
  • The extremes of independence versus the extremes of codependency.
  • Aries goes to an extreme when; in asserting themselves, they meet resistance or a natural balancing from the Libra polarity. Like announcing a new idea. plan or dream and the listener automatically troubleshoots it or asks doubtful questions about it. This can make Aries feel aggressive/unheard, and the polar energy on the other side may be very unconsciously balancing for the sake of it, when Aries thought there was nothing to be balanced. Aries here can use certain relational (Libra) skills which can be about making space for others and building relationship in such a way that one can sense the readiness to make an announcement or bold declaration; or allow others the space to do that very thing.
  • Libra goes to an extreme by balancing for the sake of balancing, without there being a strong sense of will or purpose in that balancing; leaving Libra to be pulled from one side to another via whims of other people or external forces in the environment. This leaves Libra unable to make a choice, not accessing one’s own will and only harmonizing with wills of others. Their social and listening skills are useful and may be augmented with knowing the time and purpose of being assertive or independent; that peace is not always a matter of being agreeable.
  • Relationship dynamics, and storylines of peace versus discorded are blown up in size right now. This can be purely in terms of the theater or drama of it, as well as being a moment to access higher knowledge on the nature of relationship and how we personally operate within them. Suggestions, relationship philosophies, books about relationship, deepening into oracle about relationship (via astrology or other systems), may enter one’s field in greater abundance. It’s a good time to ask the questions of our hearts and see what our environment brings up in the mirror.
  • Letting go of the romanticization of one’s own anger and even the cause/the thing to champion that goes along with it: in favor of legitimate diplomacy which invites personal or dual/collectictive transformation. In this alchemy, the vitality of the fight is not lost, but instead of being a dividing force, the changed form could unite or bring together influences that were previously oppositional.
  • Luck here may be an acceptance that when one interacts (with self, with other, with reality), one can be transformed by the encounter. This can free up a lot of energy that is unconsciously being used to maintain an internal status quo in the face of stimulating information. The stabilization that unconscious process offers is not always ideal for the process of evolution. In correlation with the T-square between Venus, Jupiter and Pluto, situations can present themselves at this time for internal status quo to shift because of an interpersonal dynamic that calls for it.

May 20

Sun enters Gemini: 1:31 PM PDT

  • The most common issue I see come up with people with Gemini signatures is not being sure where to go, because one is so open to a vastness of experience that one has difficulty choosing or committing to a path long enough for it to yield stability or reward. Gemini is more frenetic and chaotic at times that Sagittarius even, because while Sagittarius is definitely wild there is often at least a compass direction the Sagittarius arrow is pointing to. (Sometimes this itself a limitation, though, for Sagg.)
  • Gemini isn’t always that structurally-motivated as far as the archetypes go: as a mutable it’s more about shaking up previous forms. Gemini finds its way by being open to experience and therefore being able to perceive what is actually happening in the present moment.
  • By the end of the Sun’s travel in Gemini, it will form an opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius and a square to Chiron in Pisces. The tension and dynamism that is building up here is about how we can shake up and dissolve our personal and interpersonal boundaries by engaging in new experience; as well as how structure or a direction can itself be an experience where expansion occurs.
  • What experiences appear random in Gemini season are part of a larger gestalt, with a depth and scope vitalized by the presence one can have in the randomness/chaos – with what doors open opportunistically and how it is only in the spirit of such opportunism that one can walk through those doors. Stay clever. And of course, personal integrity and a value system don’t need to be thrown aside; these constructs can organize themselves as constraints by which the most favorable-in-consequence channels of opportunism flow.

Thanks for meditating on the planets with me this week! I’m broadcasting to you this week from Los Angeles, where I’m staying to practice Ashtanga yoga with Sharath on this leg of his US tour. I hope these ideas reach you well and that they are helpful; as always I love to hear your thoughts in the comments and appreciate it when you share this article on social media. If you feel called to receive some personalized astrological interpretation in a one-on-one, book an astrology reading with me here.

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~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing. You can subscribe to receive her weekly forecasts by email here.

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