Building Your Montage


Growth astrology is huge right now. Jupiter in Virgo is conjunct the North Node. This is expansion in the work arena of life, and a perfect image came for it today from a sagacious friend. He said this stage is about “building your montage”, that whatever you are really putting the work in now for is like the montage scene.

Jupiter on the North Node in Virgo has a training, learning, honing your craft vibe. Sometimes the process is going to feel really rewarding, and that’s a height moment, something that would make the final edit for the montage reel. Other moments it could just feel like a lot of effort. The montage thought lets you zoom out the lens and see the bigger picture when you’re liable to be lost in the daunting minutia that Jupiter in Virgo could portend. Jupiter also turns minutia into gateways to expansion. I have Jupiter in Virgo natally and I feel like taking care of minor tasks is one of the biggest ways to open my reality back up when I feel stagnant or limited.

The Saturn in Sagittarius – Uranus in Aries trine adds in support around innovation: your reality tending to run more smoothly each time you figure out a new innovation. I’ve been feeling this – I can do something that works and I’ll get excited, but the initial reward that let me know I was doing a good job doesn’t keep coming at the same frequency. The work keeps going, however, a new fitness gained with a “what’s next?” pressing in again. (Jupiter on Rahu though, I bet. Screaming more) It’s like good job and keep going, keep it fresh.



(Top image: Harry Dunkerley)


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    Charlie Bravo
    January 25, 2016 at 7:57 pm

    Beautiful. Succinct.

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