Love and Shadows with Venus and Pluto


The intensity of love and connection brings in duality consciousness, the “what if this was gone tomorrow?” It’s also the very seed for transmuting that fear.

Venus has just entered Capricorn is is approaching Pluto, not yet in orb. But get ready – work around attachment and fixation in love is incoming. More in the forecasts, of course.

Love is life-force. It’s empowering, healing, magic.. the gateways to Heaven on Earth. Love is an action and a choice, and choosing to love involves choosing to be brave in the face of all the shadowy content that comes up in the process, and to actively transform ourselves with the most powerful manna known to us which IS love.

Why transform the shadow? Not because it’s bad, but because it’s like a very fertile soil from which we can grow plants consciously. A lot of suffering comes from not addressing, acknowledging, or working with this foundational inner-space which will exist and manifest on the surface whether we tend to it or not.

In Venus-Pluto, love is death and rebirth. Something in us (maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s isolation) dies, and something is born. And in any aspect of this process there can also grief coming through the heart because of recent opening up and the emotions that come up to the surface with that.

Compassion is becoming more and more appealing to me like a blooming flower in my mind, just this thought of how deeply wounded our collective is based on trauma and centuries of war and devastation. We need healing on a global level. And since we are not separate in actuality, any personal healing becomes transpersonal. Think to the possibilities of liberating oneself from their own chains, attachments – to transform the shadow from a mysterious force that compels into a deep primal force of channeled, intentional will.


Don’t be surprised if your values are changing and transmuting soon. Don’t be surprised if it feels powerful. It is all coming with profound possibilities, such as being able to say what’s on your heart directly and being able to make clear calls/decisions.



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