Receiving Waves


I thought of myself as emotional at this point, but in some contained kind of way. I feel it all, but with a logical and linguistically detailed, detached explanation as it is happening. It helps me understand from within things that are happening for many people and not just myself.

I like the function of prophesy in that a particular riddle resonates with you and it finds clarity in the landscape of our lives. Poetic language that invites the contemplation of possibilities and expansion of life.

I had been receiving a recurring synchronicity message, that told me to be open to what I was receiving, as I could share it with others. I was thinking of it really simply, like in terms of material goods, food, etc. Then I came across the message again and it suddenly appeared to me in a new way, as I had had a really intense day. What if experiences too, were things I was receiving? These experiences, that force me to confront something within myself… all along I just thought I was experiencing them, never thought I was receiving them. Suddenly it’s overwhelming, knowing that, and I’m so excited, and there’s nothing left to do at this very moment but feel excited about it, record it.

A Soul is a radio tower for frequencies. When we think about dreaming, we dream. When we dream we dream more.

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