Contradicting Planets


Hi Monarch! A question, I was discussing with my teacher in astrology class. I don’t know if it is possible that planets in the chart contradict each other, and he says it is. I mean, there must be a way to reconcile the aspects (oppositions, squares, etc), aren’t there? (he says no). For example, gemini sun wants to go out and talk while cancer moon wants to keep quiet and private. We will spend our entire life in a permanent conflict with ourselves? Sounds “cruel” somehow.

When there are contradictions, there also is a deeper why/meaning of the contradiction. There are so many different ways this could work out. For example, the contradiction within the personality is a surfacing issue within a person’s lifetime. Through the experiences they attract because of the inner-dynamic, they learn how to reconcile the contradiction. Think of it too perhaps as the things that come naturally and easily to you in this life, have been worked out in prior lives. You are not torn between the contradiction because you already resolved it.

I think the chart is always a perfect container for the Soul, where it needs to be and what it is here to learn/discover/accomplish here in this lifetime. I tend to think when we see problems with our charts, we’re kind of just in a state of overwhelm with the self. It’s a lot of information, a lot to consider, and it takes time to integrate and understand the larger picture of it all. Time is key in that way!

(Image: Stairway to the Other Planets by Ira Carter)

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