Rethinking Fear of Planets

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The fear of any of the planets is like a legacy leftover of a fearful relationship to God. Where there is a fear of say… Saturn or Pluto, there is really an opportunity for something much more giving and healing. The planets reflect, but do not dictate circumstance, but like the other forces of life in the Universe we interact with, they have a playful sense of creating reality with us. A fearful relationship only attracts what we fear, but imagine the potentials likewise of holding celebratory relationships. Even Saturn contains pathways to ecstasy. The planets are like plants or animals, in that those who are called may build a relationship to them and hear and receive messages from them. They do ‘speak back’. The planets communicate through experiences, relationships we call into our lives, dreams, and synchronicity… for example I went out today to a consciousness gathering and the first woman I heard speaking was talking about love of the self and ‘selfness’ and we are approaching the Aries Full Moon. Two people separately mentioned with emphasis the kind of obvious love we would have for an infant, a newborn Soul who is automatically deserving of unconditional love. They were not approaching this topic from an astrological mindset, but the theme and synchronicity was there nonetheless.

If you are having a transit, a particular archetype is awakened in relationship to that area of your life being activated natally. This blog for example, was begun during a Uranus transit direct over my Sun. A Jupiter transit drastically changed my life and expanded my vision of reality… Our perspective of a transiting planet (or our perspective of the archetype the planet represents) will color the experience of the transit.

We play out narratives that relate to our karma, but even karma is mutable. The story changes when we decide to change the inner-tape… so if we are needing to feel like a victim for a while, we attract experiences to validate our victimhood. This is why desire is so integral within evolutionary astrology – it is a compass and catalyst for change. So I challenge you to consider your fears. Are you ready to see those things in a different light?




(Art, in order of appearance: Eugenia Loli, http://tenebraris-et-mortis.tumblr.com)


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