Sun in Virgo Trine Pluto: Heightened Solar Embodiment


“It cannot be repeated too often that this transformation does not alienate him from the world. He will in no way be estranged from his daily tasks and duties, for he comes to realize that the most insignificant action he has to accomplish, the most insignificant experience which offers itself to him, stands in connection with cosmic beings and cosmic events. When once this connection is revealed to him in his moments of contemplation, he comes to his daily activities with a new, fuller power.”

-Rudolf Steiner

Sun Trine Pluto: Proactive Evolution

The Sun in Virgo is building toward a trine (3rd harmonic) to Pluto in Capricorn, going exact on September 5, 2015.

Pluto is the force of transmutation and change in our lives. It is related to growth and also resistance, in the sense that we resist change when our security is wrapped in a particular temporal form. More intense or cataclysmic outer life experiences can force a person to confront the inner-forces of transmutation. However, with the Sun in harmonious aspect to Pluto rather than confrontational, this transit does not evoke that feeling of forced growth. It does offer a moment to proactively grow instead, the idea being that the more we engage in willful transformation, the easier it is for us to grow with life rather than being offset by events in life.

While we are not in a position to stave off undesirable circumstances by being proactively growing and evolving, we do create an inner-radiance that can be a baseline of happiness and enjoyment of life, able to meet life instead of feeling overwhelmed by it. This is an innate potential in any person touching root with their own Source power.

Because the trine is non-confrontational in nature, it is sometimes seen a blindspot (especially in the natal chart, as the trine reflects natural abilities or skills a person may not be aware of as it is like second nature). But this transit is really supportive still.

Practices for Solar Radiance/Bringing Solar Radiance Into Practice

Virgo is related to practice. It is a mutable Earth sign and polarity to Pisces. Virgo serves to make specific what was before formless or not part of the Earth plane. It’s a sign related to health and maintenance, and teaches us about process. We find alignment, diligence and humility in Virgo, and on the shadow side we find neglect and victim identity. When the Sun is in Virgo, the energy of creative actualization is filtered through the lens of Virgo and we are revitalized through Virgo.

With the Sun in Virgo playing into the Pluto trine a few ideas come up:

-Infusing normal or routine practices with vision, either with an awareness of what these tasks amount to (a large dream of the future), or with trust that the vision and its embodied practice will develop into something more formidable over time.

-Owning that our present practices create the foundation of our future circumstances, so it becomes an act of self-love to create more intention and wellness in the small things that we are doing all of the time, because we know it adds up and we’re going to be experiencing the future results.

-With both Virgo and Capricorn there can be shadow of sadomasochism and judgement. In the middle of the spectrum where this goes somewhat unseen or is just taken as a given is just the kind of inner-philosophy of self being not good enough. In that way, no amount of effort or work will have the desired result. A key transformation comes in showing up for the work and putting in the effort because of love, not because of perceived lack.

In general with this transit, the results of the work put in will be seen over time. The feeling it creates in the present is a micro-fractal of the result over time, so getting involved in the smaller picture (Virgo) serves a purpose of illuminating the larger picture. This transit is great for bringing more creative energy into previously not remarkable areas of life. The work you have already done is easy and has faded into the background, and now you are presented with new opportunities for solar embodiment.

“Above all, it is imperative to extirpate the idea that any fantastic, mysterious practices are required for the attainment of higher knowledge. It must be clearly realized that a start has to be made with the thoughts and feelings with which we continually live, and that these feelings and thoughts must merely be given a new direction. Everyone must say to himself: “In my own world of thought and feeling the deepest mysteries lie hidden, only hitherto I have been unable to perceive them.”

-Rudolf Steiner

Activating the Earth Trinity – Bringing Taurus into this Transit

The third (and only other) Earth sign is not involved in this transit directly, except with a quickly passing Moon transit in Taurus this week. Taurus is the inner-side of Venus, related to pleasure and self-worth. The process of the Virgo – Capricorn harmonic is assisted by Taurus’s rooted sense of pleasure and enjoyment. Maybe the new practices or habits being activated with Virgo are related to bringing more aesthetic into life so the landscape around us feels activated with our presence, and feels meaningful. Underlying this, it’s just a matter of bringing a personal sense of value into what we are effecting.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.24.00 AM

I have chosen quotes from Rudolf Steiner for this because he to me is an example of someone who has infused the physical world with greater vision through his work. I have only read Sacred Agriculture but I keep being reminded of him, so it is probably time to read more of his work. My thoughts this morning were drawn to him as I was thinking about the way in which the physical world enjoys interacting with us. Somewhere along the line of consensus/mainstream thought much of the physical landscape has become inanimate, but this is a disservice to anyone to think this. The same way that our own consciousness can animate the body, consciousness can animate our relationship to the physical plane. It can begin as a vision (Sun) of life and creative potential waiting to be untapped, where before we had seen nothing but matter.




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