Perceiving Astrological Symbols in Everyday Moments (a personal share)

Under this brilliantly luminous Cancer Full Moon, the impulse struck me last night to go to the grocery store to get ingredients to make kitchari. Before I got in my car, I looked up at the Moon and further presenced with myself it was in Cancer. I felt the immediate connection of this *allurement* to go get ingredients to make nourishing food that I was craving a total gut level, to the Moon above me. 

Cancer relates to comfort, and the gut, and like the Moon pulls the rhythmic tides of ocean’s waters and beings’ menstrual cycles, it was also pulling me to think about nourishment and to act upon it. This would be a good moment to clarify I don’t believe in causation with astrology (rather, correlation and sychronicity), but the Moon may just be an exception in certain regards for the literal, tangible, pull it creates ecologically and biologically. I didn’t have to listen to this lunar pull but knowing the symbols, it didn’t make sense not to, so I went to the store.

When I was in the spice aisle I had full body chills overcome me and I remembered the first day of Uranus’ first ingress into Taurus when I was in a spice aisle to get ingredients for a curry and felt full body chills & this wave of actual ecstasy overcome me and my first thought afterward had been then to connect it with Uranus in Taurus (electricity – Uranus, Taurus, food – the packed, potent, expressive nature of spices). Regardless of why the chills this time last night, I was delighted at the confirmation that following my impulse to make this food was creating such a electric response in me.

Then on my way out, a woman stopped me to compliment my Sagittarius sweater and we ended up talking for a while. Her name was Selena (meaning Moon – under this Full Moon in the Moon’s sign of Cancer) and she’s a Gemini – which, in my chart, falls in my 4th house which is ruled by the Moon. I’m often tracking these kind of connections, without necessarily needing to build meaning out of them, but sometimes they are just so loud or intricate I can’t help but feel a sense of intimacy with the cosmos. In a Gemini way she asked me a lot of questions, about how I knew I wanted to be an astrologer, when did I start, is it my full-time job? What are my aspirations and goals for 2020? We spoke about entrepreneurship and had this warm, vivacious conversation, exchanged numbers and hugged each other goodbye.

All of this reached me further because of an astrology reading I got a few days ago from a friend and colleague who said that I have consistent transformative experiences in mundane moments and settings, and she called it! I got chills when she said that and felt a deeper understanding of myself open up with her new perspective upon my chart. When you get astrology readings, having specific language about your experience of self and of existence tends to catalyze well, a deeper experience of self and life. This feeling was echoed in an email I’d received that morning (which I have permission to share):

“Your reading provided a thought-provoking lens that I feel is helpful in making sense of the themes I’m currently noticing in my life, as well as their permutations in years to come. I appreciate how grounded you were during the session, which allowed me to feel witnessed and validated. The reading had an air of spaciousness and yet we managed a deep, thorough dive into my chart.

I particularly resonate with your observation with regards to the crucial role of creative expression in my life as well as my deep relationship to my creative muse. This is something I’ve always felt very strongly as the source of both great joy and great alienation in my life. I feel something subtly, slowly, profoundly shifting from the reading – almost as if my soul is accepting the role it knows it’s supposed to play in this lifetime.

I also appreciate how you had a direct, yet gentle approach to the one topic that’s been looming large over my life the past couple weeks despite the fact that I also included other topics in my prompt. It was as if you peeked directly into my soul and its current struggles. I found it incredibly refreshing (perhaps my 8th house in Aries?) and this morning as I was journaling more about some of the themes we covered, I noticed that I carried some of that ‘straight to the heart of the matter’ energy with me.”

In high school, before I knew astrology was to be my eventual career, I was obsessed with reading and literary analysis – tracking the symbols I found in books and stories. Astrology provided a lens for me to see symbols and patterns of meaning and archetype in life itself, unfolding into cycles of time, and turning simple moments like a trip to the grocery store into a full-on magical experience. This is a gift astrology gives me every day.

When we know the vocabulary of astrology, when we speak the language…. the sky speaks to us. This phrase I borrow from the great, Dane Rudhyar.

If deepening your felt intimacy with astrology, in addition to learning how to read natal charts from a soulful perspective intrigues you, I’m calling you my upcoming Evolutionary Astrology Intensive that begins at the end of this month of January 2020. These groups have been incredibly special communities, with enduring friendships forming from the course & students reporting a deepening of their relationship with themselves and the world and cosmos around them. You can read more about the course here and let me know if you have any questions (email me at sabrina@monarchastrology.com) about the course at all, including talking about where you’re at with your learning goals so we can see if this course is a fit for you.

The curriculum includes:

  • The twelve signs and houses and their underlying karmic themes (a deep dive).
  • The Sun, Moon, planets, and the lunar nodes & how to place them in signs and houses.
  • Aspects, planetary combinations, and planetary phases.
  • Synthesizing elements of a chart together; how to read the chart as a whole.
  • The Evolutionary Astrology chart analysis method – resourcing Pluto and the lunar nodes as the evolutionary bottom-line of the natal chart.
  • Karma, reincarnation, and esoteric principles of soul-based astrology.
  • How to apply astrology in your life; how to transform and evolve using the map of your natal chart.

Read more and enroll here!

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