Venus in Capricorn is Working Your Love Ethic Now

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There is a difference between attraction that happens on the primal and energetic levels between people and their culturally prescribed methods of courtship. The larger the disconnect, the more angst in one’s love life.

Most people – knowing and unknowing – love love! and they enjoy courtship that honors them and their needs, courtship here meaning romantic conduct at any point in a relationship. Venus in Capricorn is having us look at what this conduct is.

Venus in Capricorn amplifies romance ethic: the set of rules or boundaries you are living under or have created consciously that inform how you treat yourself or treat other people.

Watch out for limitations that aren’t real — the sense that things just have to be a certain way.

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When we talk about Saturn/Capricorn ruling limitations, that’s only part of the story. Boundaries and limitations do not simply imply where one can’t go – they also create containers for specific experience. The metaphor I like to think of is of a house; it is a boundary in the sense that you cannot walk through the walls. However, the experience that you have while within the house is only capable of existing because of the structure of the house. Your love life – and it’s written or unwritten code – is the same way.

If the rules you are playing by are stifling your love rather than facilitating it, it’s time to create a new set. Venus – Pluto. And Venus – Uranus…


Remember love is a skill, like any other skill. The mainstream culture’s lack of modeling of healthy love does not mean those models aren’t out there… keep your heart open for information of what the kind of love you wish to have or cultivate’s rules are – its boundaries – and nobly abide! Except when you realize that a given structure or rule is ready to change forms, and then do the power Capricorn move of being able to gracefully, responsibly accept change of a given structure.

Venus in Cap people who own this placement get how sexy responsibility is. That it doesn’t have to be boring -but rather it creates a feeling of security and trust between people which allows for further blossoming on deeper levels.

Already in alignment with this?? then love is just transformational and hot right now… enjoy~

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    Jenny Zepp
    November 22, 2016 at 3:29 am

    Working on a super creative work project right now with my lover. We are both Venus in Aries. Although my moon is in Cap so I get how sexy responsibility is!

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