Monarch Forecast: February 8-14, 2016


An Overview

When we think of relationship in astrology, we tend to look at Venus and the archetype of Libra. However, the polarity of Libra – Aries, and its ruler Mars – also form a significant aspect to what relationship means. How do we come to a relationship as an individual? How do we take initiative? Though we don’t think of relationship as a main function of Aquarius, this New Moon in Aquarius comes with a lot of Venus and Mars harmonic activity – so this New Moon is like an imprint of how we will be relating to others for this next lunar month. Aquarius does relate to relationship in the arena of likemindedness and friendship. We step into higher and higher frequencies of likemind the more we step out of constructed realities, deconstruct those realities, and construct our own in the ever-present moment.

For example, you go to the same place every Friday night and see the same people every Friday night. You have begun to feel bored – or just not satisfied on some deeper level with these interactions. Aquarius is where we would back up and notice that our pool of interaction has been limited or contained somehow, and that if we are to have a different experience we just need to go somewhere else. We will go to other places in the mind in Aquarius, and make decisions accordingly – we discover a new pathway and go somewhere else. Maybe we stop reserving Friday nights altogether and decide to go out just when and where we feel like it. Then we meet entirely different kinds of people, and find ourselves having different conversations than we’ve ever had before. It leads us to realize that our previous reality was not all there was to life.

The New Moon is sextiling some Uranus and Vesta in Mars-ruled Aries, so let’s think about the archetype of self-discovery as it corresponds to relationships. Would it not be an ideal for two partners to be continually discovering themselves as they discover one another? If a relationship is to stay fresh and exciting (as Aries would have it), imagine the value then of each person continually expanding and becoming deeper and truer versions of themselves.

Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo have been a major source of busy-ness in our lives right now. Virgo is also a sign where we experience neglect – on the extremes it’s either overdrive of organization and running tasks and taking care of details – versus totally resigning from doing any work because of the stress of how big the job. Or how endless. Virgo is always aware of what can be done – and at certain points in Virgo process an energy block can come up of just not be willing to take any of it on. When Jupiter is involved like this, it’s also related to an exhaustion when having to take care of details that are so outside of our truth. But how would it feel to see all of the mundane life in the bigger context of a life vision or broader practice? As meaning-driven people it is important to have a sense of meaning in the small things that we do. When we do this, and keep going evolving with it, we are surely building a phenomenal reality for ourselves. This is a time to be busy, and to keep showing up, for those things that you believe in. There is no need to muscle through mundania with the “should-be-happy” thing. If you’re not happy, there’s a reason. Virgo can’t help but see it, if we give ourselves permission to look and actually make those adjustments.

More on Specifics

Venus in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces: Healing coming through strong or clear boundaries and container, rules of engagement. High ethic to hold love. Becoming vessels of the transpersonal when adhering to ethic.

New Moon in Aquarius (close sextile to Uranus and Vesta in Aries): Fresh turning point as it relates to heavier Capricorn themes we have just been experiencing. Fierce independence and community at the same time. Moving toward and into freedom. Watch what you find yourself freeing from. Is this just a part of your process? Or can you go ahead and just be free, saving yourself the need to be defensive?

Mars in Scorpio Trine Chiron in Pisces: Initiating healing by following strong impulses, that which compiles you. Necessarily taking a dive into unknown waters. Figure out a way to extend yourself in a fully empowered way as to empower all parties, do not go out on a limb if you are not resolved on an inner-level (prepared). Go out on a limb with the intention of being able to handle it no matter the outcome (this means without hooks)

Venus in Capricorn Trine Jupiter in Virgo & the North Node in Virgo: No time for bullshit – strong boundaries and staying busy with what you actually want keeps the vampires away – vampires love idleness. Vampires are not necessarily perma-vampires – usually they are just people who sense they can benefit from interacting with you but do not understand how to create that experience for themselves. It is essentially a power imbalance that is damaging to a “provider” or “host” whose compassion outweighs their discernment. “They have potential” is not a good excuse.

Love is very generous right now – SUPER generous. Share abundantly when there has been enough discernment. When the power balance is equal, magic happens. Not yet found your current match? Use this energy to further refine your vibe. You will attract accordingly, whether it’s now or down the road. Bettering yourself will not diminish your opportunies. You could outgrow a social circle or relationship with this transit – you need to keep your eyes on the prize.

A challenge is to let go of relationships that don’t work – or simply step out of the way – without excessive ego stuff about being better than other people.

This transit can correlate to meeting people you connect with while you are in the vibration of following your life’s work – being on the destiny path. This does not have to be linear or obvious – especially since we are talking about Jupiter here. This is kind of just about getting into serendipity and magical timing.

Other good luck with this is keeping strong boundary around your ethics and values (even when no one is watching! It’s not about the validation or performance here, but about the vibration, and what that is attracting into your sphere).

Mercury enters Aquarius: Channeling. Higher insights coming through. A need to take care of the mind – whether its your nutrition or a habit like having a clean desk, expect insights and downloads to be coming in like lightning.

Mars in Scorpio sextile Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo: Support for making power connections. This is a great time for energy exchange, and with all things Scorpio, having a channeled intention (subconscious made conscious) yields far better results. This means having lifted the shadow and integrated it. So that’s examining when you are doing something out of fear, or playing games that help you feel like you’re not going to be abandoned or hurt – seeing that you are doing that – and making a different, more empowered choice. Mars in Scorpio will support action without hooks – creating invitations for deeper connection in which the offer is not cloaked or full of hidden traps. Check your ulterior motives, and likewise, don’t let guilt or a vague feeling of “should” motivate you to connect with people in which you feel something off about their intentions or you’re simply not feeling it. Scorpio has strong hunches.



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