Mercury Cazimi on the Galactic Center: Astrology of 12/16 – 12/22

Saturn and Jupiter ingress into Aquarius this week, followed by a Mercury in Sagittarius cazimi (Mercury conjunct the Sun) on the galactic center, and then Saturn and Jupiter form a conjunction in Aquarius and begin a new cycle together. Not to mention we are freshly out of a New Moon eclipse in Sagittarius. This is perhaps more eventful than the average week! I am especially excited about the Mercury cazimi on the galactic center because it points to a great possibility that this week can feel revelatory – that new and profound understandings will surface. (If you are unfamiliar with the galactic center, I’ll explain later in this forecast.)

Watch this forecast on YouTube with additional commentary or keep reading below!

Yet, the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is also remarkable – its effects will be felt for years to come, similar to how the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in early 2020 set up our year. The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is subjectively a lot more pleasant than the Saturn-Pluto conjunction – the latter having related to dark night of the soul or massive psychological and historical contractions. Many meaningful things have occurred alongside this transit to be fair, and it has been an opening for deeper soulful maturity.

When Saturn and Jupiter align in the same sign, they begin a 20 year cycle. This particular conjunction in Aquarius is remarkable in that they are also beginning a 200 year air cycle, in which for the next two centuries, Jupiter and Saturn will form their conjunctions every 20 years in air signs. This has new era implications. New developments in science, technology, and collective shifts in the generally accepted way of life and moral order are things to pay attention to coming up.

At a personal level, all of these shifts can relate to feeling as though we are transitioning chapters in our lives. It’s possible that we are making connections about the past at an accelerated rate, and that we are feeling inspired or moved toward some kind of innovation on our life path. If we consider as well the general significations of Saturn (boundary, discipline, maturity, foundation) and Jupiter (expansion, adventure, education, luck/fortune), try to reflect on how you currently see these archetypes coming together. One possibility is that we are seeing a forward direction – there is some optimism here – but we are also accounting for what supports our more lofty goals/desires in a grounded sense in reality. At a psychological level, this can relate to holding both our dreams and disappointments, or our big plans and what we feel is holding us back. Might there be something generative from our capacity to hold both?

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Here’s our week after a few announcements!

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Here’s our week:

December 16, 2020

Saturn enters Aquarius: 9:04 PM PST

(Image: Veronica Park)

Saturn entered Aquarius briefly earlier this year (March 21, 2020 – July 1, 2020) before retrograding back into Capricorn, but is now in Aquarius for good until March 7, 2023. The last time I wrote about this ingress was in March during that week’s forecast which you can read here: https://monarchastrology.com/2020/03/17/new-moon-in-aries-saturn-into-aquarius-astrology-of-3-18-3-24/

  • Saturn in Aquarius relates to the structure of mind – of blueprints and what is built from them, of neural pathways and the consequences engendered by them, of mental frameworks and ideologies and what experiences are enabled or blocked as a result. During a Saturn in Aquarius transit we become more responsible for both examining the consequences of these structures of mind, and deconstructing, re-building or building as necessary to create more supportive experiences.
  • As Saturn relates to conditioning, and results that can crystallize/materialize over time due to this conditioning, there are a few things to consider. One, the mental habits that we already have were perhaps caused by some circumstance or set of circumstances, but now are just habit – as in, they are not necessarily relevant anymore. If these mental habits aren’t adaptive or are even harmful in some way, these are things we might want some distance from. Aquarius can be a detached observer, a witness. Part of mental transformation is gaining the capacity to witness our thoughts without necessarily believing them. At this point we gain more agency when it comes to choosing thoughts on purpose, and opting out from stagnant patterns.
  • Another thing to consider is that new ideas or frameworks that are life-enhancing could be things to pay attention to and invest in. One powerful form of investment is attention, and the principle that where we focus our energy, things grow. When we pay attention to aspects of our experience that relate to joy, excitement, content, fun – we condition ourselves to be able to visit these places more often, and to hold space for ourselves in these emotions. While most people do want to be happy, for example, happiness is also a skill. Consider how you would expand your bandwidth for particular frequencies you want to experience more of (love, happiness, fun, meaningfulness, etc.). Saturn in Aquarius can relate to the devotion we are capable of having toward the cultivation of mind and neural pathways – despite obstacles that naturally arise.
  • A form of immaturity within this placement (Saturn in Aquarius) is just to exist in the matrix without knowing it is a matrix. To believe it, without any distance. By this I mean, if your first thoughts waking up are dread and you step out of your door expecting it to be a terrible day, and this is exactly what happens, but you don’t take any responsibility for your part in creating that, that’s a lack of accountability. You (hypothetically) were tuned into a dread frequency. Many people will prefer to act like life is happening to them, and that they had nothing to do with what happened. This is not to say that there aren’t other factors in reality and social conditions in reality that are beyond personal control – there are. But it is a process of maturity to gain a deeper understanding of how we will integrate with collective social matrices (the way things are in the world) and simultaneously, gain greater skill at choosing and defining our frequencies of choice – and seeing how our mindset, what we pay attention to, and how we tell stories about ourselves and about reality actually does influence our experience in concrete and magical ways.
  • As a counter to all this ascension-oriented interpretation above, the deconstructive side of Saturn in Aquarius can still be meaningful or important. Gaining insight or reflection on grief, or finding wisdom in the descent, is also valuable. Perhaps consider your general range and bandwidth and what types of patterns are more difficult for you to be intimate with (harder for you to be happy, or harder for you to confront grief?) – these might be places of growth and healthy challenge.

December 19, 2020

Jupiter enters Aquarius: 5:07 AM PST

(Image: Unknown)

  • If the above section for Saturn in Aquarius sounds more like work and being more aware of the nature of cause and effect when it comes to ideas and mental frameworks we entertain, Jupiter in Aquarius can be the *adventures* available to us through particular ideas. Jupiter in Aquarius can relate to the joy of mental liberation – how it feels to contact a life-affirming idea, or to contact a thought that resonates with our center of truth, joy, expansion.
  • Many people experience challenges from following a path that they believed they should – that such a path was the more financially sound one, more likely to provide social acceptance and social status, etc. If the metrics were located too far outside of oneself, it can be a form of self-abandonment – leading to a crisis in meaning years down the road. Aquarius relates to the journey of individuation, and if we will follow and cultivate our unique signal, or if we will work harder to conform. This transit may be a time to get more honest with ourselves about what our path is – not what we think of it from a small-self place or a conformist place. What it actually is – what our nature is.
  • Likewise, if we are already connected to our unique dharma or path, Aquarius is also the skillset of knowing how to resonate with others. We might think an idea or plan is brilliant. But how do we convey its brilliance to others in a way that can be understood? Aquarius relates to our intelligence of harmonizing with groups, an audience, an interlocutor.

Mercury in 28 Sagittarius conjunct Sun in 28 Sagittarius: 7:26 PM PST

(Image: Xiao Wang)

  • This conjunction occurs on the galactic center! (The galactic center is around 27 degrees of Sagittarius)

“When the last five degrees of Sagittarius are stimulated by transiting planets, a process of awakening is initiated. The arrow of the centaur points ‘beyond what we know’, and at the same time refer us symbolically to ‘what we have always known’ in our inner depths. These intimations have a strong ‘felt sense’ but are not easily verbalised or quantified. A time of accelerated spiritual development occurs, with its attendant life challenges which may include rapid change, separations, crisis, illness and stress as outmoded ideas are released. Phil Sedgwick likens this to a ‘defragging’ process of our mental ‘hard drives’!

Expect a major ‘life-review’ of a very particular kind. Density, opaqueness and blockages within the mind the soul are being spun off, as in a centrifuge. This is a perhaps useful image for the Galactic Centre – a centrifuge – where everything is spun away from the dark centre, revealing an empty space.

This ‘empty space’ is where we are receptive to Grace, and like the black holes said to reside at the core of the galaxy, it generates the substance which will birth the new, individually and collectively. Rudolf Steiner reminds us that,

‘He who would create the new

must endure the passing of the old

in full tranquillity.’ – from an astro.com article on the galactic center by Melanie Reinhart 

  • Honestly this week is LIT with the Aquarius ingresses and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the 21st, and this is like a cosmic cherry on top. This is download-heavy astrology. This is revelatory. Realizations and transitions may arise on their own, but this can also be engaged by tuning into a divination or meditation practice that you already have.

December 20, 2020

Mercury enters Capricorn: 3:07 PM PST

Mercury will stay in Capricorn until January 8, 2021.

  • There was a visionary quality to Mercury in Sagittarius, but Mercury in Capricorn brings it down to earth – it may feel easier to organize or pin down ideas and plans that were feeling so expansive, large, and potentially diffuse in the last few weeks.

December 21, 2020

Sun enters Capricorn: 2:02 AM PST

  • Capricorn Season begins. One of Capricorn’s creative talents is longevity and planning/organizing for the long haul. This connects with our desire/impulse to create legacy, whether that is related to our career, art, or the cultivation of family life. Thinking in terms of legacy puts life in a different perspective – one where we consider the consequences of our actions, seek to live a life of importance, and feel energized to surmount obstacles quite ambitiously.
  • Consider accounting for a scale of time you normally overlook. If you just live for the day, think about the future and your five or ten year plan. It is not even that important that the plan happens exactly as you imagine (it often doesn’t) – it’s simply that getting on a trajectory like that can change the present moment and re-organize it in a meaningful way, or help you get on track. Likewise, if you are always chasing an arrival point or a destination, come back to the moment and today – it can be a key to fulfillment and happiness that Capricorn so often projects into the future.

Jupiter in 0 Aquarius conjunct Saturn in 0 Aquarius: 10:21 AM PST

(Image: Veronica Park)

Watch my recent YouTube video for thoughts on this momentous conjunction!

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term 1:1 work with my students and clients, in the form of mentorship – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to heal, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. If you’re interested in working together in that capacity, I am currently accepting new clients. Send me an email at sabrina@monarchastrology.com to start a conversation and set up a free consultation call.

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