The Monarch Forecast: December 14-20, 2015


Venus in Scorpio is all or nothing right now. Some people are feeling a deepening of their relationships (to self, friends, and lovers), while others are feeling really empty. This is all in the realm of Scorpio. To be able to be seen and to be held deeply, one must know their depths. There are certain aspects of our depths which we ultimately travel alone. Sometimes we have the help we want, and other times it eludes us, but no matter the case we are going deep within. The promise is just that if we get through the tunnel, however this tunnel has happened to manifest, whether its feeling alone or being in a partnership that makes us feel alone, or it can be a brighter kind of tunnel, such as our heart is opening and we’re feeling vulnerable and moving through that while processing the parts of us that resist, etc – whatever it is, we are promised a newer and more evolved kind of intimacy when we work through the unconscious matter that is surfacing or obscuring our actual happiness and sense of ease. Our psychic knots to massage out as it were. As all planetary influences, this is happening for each of us on a spectrum. There is some magic and remedying for the lower pull of Venus in Scorpio and we’ll get into that, as well as how to amplify or lean into the gifts of this week’s transits.

Venus in Scorpio seems to me like the main player this week, considering she was just trining Neptune and now this week she continues on to make aspects to Pluto, Uranus and Chiron. She’s in Scorpio and she’s literally not fucking around. Though that doesn’t mean she’s not making hot passionate love, I’m just saying she’s not of no consequence this week. …Keep reading this week’s full forecast here.


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