March 4-10, 2016: New Heights of Daring & Becoming

April 4-10, 2016

April 5

Sun in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius: 9:09 AM PST


This aspect is like a child envisioning how to become an adult and then acting based on those conceived ideals. The next level can be grave and dogmatic, or an epic adventure. This transit supports lessons on what the difference is between assertiveness and aggression, and where we draw those boundaries. The concept of daring involves the chance of failure. Pay extra attention to the consequences of asserting yourself, both in pushing beyond self-conceived limitations that keep you small, but also in inflations of ego that allow you to make large decisions without consulting anyone else (because you don’t want to be talked out of it).

“It hurts to become.” – Andrea Gibson

Think to the places in life where you are throwing yourself into the rink, willingly falling time and time again on the ice. Aries and Saturn energy put together – or Mars and Saturn – relates to athletes and training.

“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.” – Abraham Maslow

(Image: Amy Fleming)

Venus enters Aries: 9:51 AM
Venus has been in Pisces since March 12 – and for this period of time love energy has been tinted in the archetype of Pisces, which is about unconditional love and service, and at times sacrifice and martyrdom. The boundaries between people have been psychically a lot more blurred, which allows for transcendent connection and breakthrough, with also the potential for exhaustion when our psychic ninja skills overpower a sense of autonomous direction or desire. Deep longing, vague longing, can come through with Venus in Pisces – being unsure of why we feel so emotionally pulled toward something or someone. We have gained a sense of what we are dissolving – what love patterns of ours are able to dissolve away – which creates confusion as it creates a deep opening for the new spring that is represented by Aries, a seed bursting forth from the ground. In Pisces, we feel the whole ocean – despair in one realm of life, and complete ecstasy in another – while in Aries, the landscape simplifies and takes on a cardinal direction, a turning point. You could even treat this like a Venusian New Year. No matter if you are involved or single. Fresh is fresh.

Mercury enters Taurus: 4:10 PM


Mercury’s transit in Aries only began the 21st of March, but will be in Taurus for more than two months. Our mental energies will get a necessary time to catch up (upcoming retrograde starting April 28) with al the new activity that has been initiated. Just since the 21st, think of all that has bene put into motion and begun – a staggering amount for some of you. Mercury in Taurus gives you space to sink into it and carefully cultivate it. And whether you have been made busy or not with new projects from Mercury in Aries, you can still use this transit to effect sturdy projects. It need not be anything traditionally practical, though it could be – what is practical on the level of say, fueling yourself by meeting your needs that could be interpreted as frivolous? What does it say when you withhold something from yourself that’s actually foundational, like not being hydrated, or not eating the foods you need? See how much more smoothly and gracefully reality operates while Mercury is in Taurus when you take care of basic comforts.

This is good energy for commerce, resource, and things of value – and whatever it is that you value can be organized and collected at this time. You can cultivate habits, thoughts, and language choices that reflect your values. You’re not getting stuck in ruts – you’re using this bull energy to move, formidably.

April 6

Sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn: 1:10 PM


Last week Mercury in Aries interacted with the Uranus-Pluto square, and this week the Sun follows suit. It’s a similar vibration to last week, except now it’s not just the talk or the ideas (Mercury) and those mutable contents – the ways in which we can shapeshift casually throughout the day from role to role, identity to identity – now we are involving the Sun, the fixed fire, steady hearth, Leo energy of what we are BEING, what we RADIATE. We are directly challenged to be the change we have conceived of, to integrate into being what we have just learned about ourselves. Some changes that are happening right now are less fluid and of more permanence now… so treat it like an adventure.

The newness of the Aries vibration will be felt – and it will be springing from something a lot deeper. It naturally creates an illumination of what that deeper space is, when the surface manifestations are followed to the root. This energy works both ways – if you adjust your bottom line vibration, your root intention at the start of the day, you can feel what transformation springs out of it. Sun-Pluto transits relate to changes in personality which naturally put in question any kind of solidified self-identity. With this transit, it will feel better to work with the vibration of change rather than to resist it – and to know that you can play a role in what that change is. If you consciously identify what parts of yourself you like and want to lift out more, as well as what you are willing to let go of, you will likely encounter experiences that help you make that change. Aries shows us that self-awareness is an art.

Lots of psychic catharsis this week – sweating, physical activity (Mars/Aries) can help metabolize it.

(Image: Daryl Feril)

April 9

Sun in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries: 2:27 PM


You can miss the joy of this transit if you are needing things to look a particular way. Stay open to surprises and unexpected adventures. It’s not just “joy” like a quaint joy – but joy like an extreme or radical joy that some people never actually feel in a given lifetime. See, what keeps you from joy like any hook of “I would be happy if-“? If there were no conditions on the fire that is complete and total ecstasy & when you can maintain that state in a way that is in harmony with the surrounding environment and community – that is freedom. Those who have “woken up” and are rattling the perceived cages of everyone else are trying to free themselves from the image of sleepiness around them.

Freedom and community are linked concepts – and so is the way that groups of people restrict each other. A high Uranian vibration is humanitarianism – the way that one person can love humanity as a whole, and in the spirit of Aries specifically – how does showing up with our unique sense of self, our unique independent identity, nourish the whole?

Your practical strategy for this transit is openness to new energy – new realizations or epiphanies about yourself and identity, and following the electricity – where are your impulses to connect? Aries energy supports action first, thought later – not for the sake of carelessness but for the freedom of discovery of being. Your hunches can set you free under Sun-Uranus in Aries, but not always without a sense of separation from the past or from what is known. For that reason, some things may only make sense in retrospect. The daring side of you can come out this week.



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