Virgo Season: Astrology of 8/21 – 8/27

This week Venus and the Sun enter Virgo, and Venus and Mars form a conjunction in Virgo. Exact conjunctions between Venus and Mars don’t actually happen as often as you might think based on their closeness together. It’s a fusion of energy that enlivens our will to create beauty and to boost relating – courtship and active forms of art like dance are connected with Venus-Mars. With this influx of Virgo energy we can be gaining more clarity around how we want to improve and refine our sensibilities and values, and to take actions that reflect these shifts.

Virgo brings us the humility to sense our “imperfections” (in quotes because from another lens, everything is already perfect – but that’s not what we’re talking about here) such that we have room to develop. It is a thin line between self-improvement and self-reprimand, so perhaps we can tune into the grace of Venus as she moves through Virgo to keep love and compassion in mind. True humility is graceful and expansive in its own way, so we may find ourselves moved as we uncover new information that allows us to grow and deepen our connectivity to the world and other people.

Virgo also brings us in touch with the details, and the place where Virgo is in our natal chart can be a place where it is important for us to really hone in on the details and get almost scientific about exploring the smallest minutia therein. Reflect on this in your own natal chart if you know how to, or get help from an astrologer (information for booking with me is at the bottom of this forecast!).

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August 21, 2019

Venus enters Virgo: 2:06 AM PDT

  • One of the Venus in Virgo love languages is thoughtfulness and consideration – performing acts of service for others that are tuned into the other’s unique needs and preferences. Those little things that evoke a feeling of “you really care!”

  • Venus in Virgo also has an ability to tune into the micro-issues within the self and others. At a certain vibration this is what we would label criticism. When is criticism an act of love, however? How can the awareness of what is needing refinement be a way to deepen love?

  • At another end of this criticism spectrum is simply discernment. Venus in Virgo can relate to refined or particular taste, and the ability to comb through one’s options with the reserve to not bond or be intimate with anything unless it aligns with one’s values. Being virginal or “one-in-oneself” may feel appealing to us as we get very clear and discriminating about what we desire and value.

  • In existing partnerships and relationships, Venus in Virgo can relate to improvement of the relationship – either by individuals working on themselves, or patterns in the relationship being meaningfully addressed, or a combination of both.

  • Beauty and harmony increases in our lives as we narrow in on the details – we engage what we would normally overlook. Being detail-oriented can easily translate to perfectionism or disabling forms of self-criticism, so it is important to hold a counter-balance of unconditional love as we narrow in on the (sometimes gritty) details.

Mercury in 14 Leo trine Jupiter in 14 Sagittarius: 3:05 AM PDT

  • Our minds and communications may gear more toward storytelling as a form of conveying truths or ideas which are more difficult to name directly.

  • It may also be easier for us to exaggerate, and often without knowing we are exaggerating. This can relate to a fun kind of inflation – seeing things as more exciting or fantastic than we normally would. This can even relate to miracles in the Course of Miracles definition of the word – perceiving with love instead of fear (a miracle is simply a shift in perspective). This kind of inflation can lift us out of slumps or put us on a more elevated trajectory (how would we live our lives if we had more confidence in ourselves and the Universe?!), but is not an effective bypass for dealing with true dysfunction or misalignment. Perhaps the difference between the two (inflated thinking that is elevating versus inflated thinking that is avoidant) is an ability to have confident intellect. Mental confidence can relate to both our capacity to see things in a brighter light AND our capacity to be discerning.

August 23, 2019

Sun enters Virgo: 3:02 AM PDT

Ever so surely, our Leo stellium of summer is turning into a Virgo stellium. A “stellium” is a cluster of 4 or more planets in a sign. By August 29 when Mercury joins Venus, Mars and the Sun in Virgo we’ll have that stellium.

  • When in Virgo Season, we can become more creative about how we are organizing and aligning. Small adjustments or altering our routine can have a massive effect on our lives. As we accumulate more and more steps in a positive direction, our lives transform. Virgo brings is into zen-like presence with the tasks of the here and now. Do we dream of a particular kind of life that feels a little far away? The Virgoan way to bring that dream to life is by realizing we are the sum of all the little choices we make, and therefore today IS the day to schedule a first meeting with a coach or therapist, or to go the gym, or set aside time to write, or make plans with that friend we want to deepen our connection with.

  • Everyone has anxiety. Some people have it in a more intense dose than others. And even people who are highly successful and seem to have it together have anxiety, but often they have some relationship with feeling the anxiety and doing the thing anyway – like feeling nervous before a show but getting on stage anyway. Working with anxiety is a path of self-accuracy, because we are discerning when a cue is fear-based and something to let go of, versus when a cue is a legitimate “hey, look at this! This should be addressed!” message. When it comes to being on a personal development path, anxiety is part of the equation – how we work with it and how we lower our baseline levels of anxiety.

  • One way to work with Virgo in a high-vibe way is to consider the value of creating positive feedback loops or upward spirals – taking steps in a positive direction without feeling a need to be perfect, but just doing things that improve the trajectory of the day. Maybe that’s taking a nap or meditating. Maybe it’s going outside. Maybe it’s taking care of a task on the to-do list we’ve been avoiding but that would add value to our lives. Any micro-moment in the day can be a launching point for a better reality when we practice this kind of elevation mindfulness.

  • Okay – so where’s the room for shadow? Sit with and be tender with your triggers and your pain when it comes up. We don’t have to try to suppress it or run away. Activate a calm, loving presence that can hold whatever comes up for you. Feel it and allow it. But also allow yourself to get back up. If you’ve ever been depressed and stopped cleaning your house, the visual feedback of an increasingly messy, neglectful scene probably didn’t help. Just as Pisces, Virgo’s polarity, relates to unconditional love, Virgo can be unconditional showing-up. Extreme forms of letting go of daily tasks and daily maintenance of life and health becomes a full-on crisis, which does not have to occur if we are mindful that basic forms of wellness maintenance are not just there to do when we feel good, but are there to help ensure that we feel good. The self-mastery is in being able to do these basic life things without a story around shame or obligation but rather – holding a tender, humble respect for life itself and activating the grace of tending to life.

August 24, 2019

Venus in 4 Virgo conjunct Mars in 4 Virgo: 10:04 AM PDT

(Image: Casey Weldon)

Mars can work to activate or add vitality to any of the themes covered above in the Venus in Virgo section. Additionally, when Venus and Mars join up the willfulness to display or act on love, or to court, or to make a first move, are increased. Here are some more themes through the filter of Virgo:

  • This puts the act in acts of service – the difference between just thinking about what we might do and actually doing it! This applies to acts of service that are directed toward others as well as to the self. Think of how you are capable of activating your own willpower to do something kind toward yourself where you could just as easily be self-undoing. In relationship, this can relate to being generous toward how we are mindful of others and making a conscious effort to display it, like saying how you feel about someone instead of just keeping those loving thoughts to yourself.

  • In some cases where we feel overwhelming amounts of trepidation toward an external action (such that we are just not going to do it), we will have to digest and metabolize how that energy turns inward. Meaning, if it’s truly not right or in alignment for you to reach out to someone but you had such a strong desire to, how are you going to work with that raw energy in a new way? It is possible that through refining and connecting with the original intention further, a new (and perhaps altered) form of it can be shared externally.

  • We may increase intimacy in our lives from extending our intention to improve and better attune to others by offering people close to us the invitation to let us know if we hurt or upset them, being willing to be humbled by the information, and activating the Martian will to protect, honor and defend by actually taking these things to heart and making adjustments. Feelings do not need to be arguments, and in the context of relationship when feelings are shared and not galvanized as weapons, people often actually adjust and care for one another better.

August 26, 2019

Venus in 6 Virgo trine Uranus in 6 Taurus: 8:38 AM PDT

(Image: Janeth Davalos)

  • We may be feeling solitary/aloof in relationship to others if the body is drawing us inward (some health thing, even minor, can inspire us to slow down and tend to the self).

  • We may be more likely to feel resonance with others based on bodily things like how another person smells, how they move, how they touch, what kinds of foods they eat, etc. It’s a little remarkable how general writing on compatibility often glosses over the bodily dimension of relating with certain key words like “hygiene”, “lifestyle”, or “sexual compatibility” but will go to extensive length in discussing mental and emotional patterns in compatibility. There is a body-mind, and the body-mind shares likemindedness, too. We can feel attraction and resonance with others because they relate to the earth plane in a way that harmonizes with our relationship to the earthly realm, and its languages are extremely sensory like touch, smell, and taste. 

  • This can be a beautiful time to upgrade our own alliance to working with our body’s signals rather than overriding them. Sure, we do negotiate how primal we are in a variety of settings. But overriding primal sensibilities too often and, suppressing them too deep to be heard, relates to crisis in the body.

  • Venus and Uranus in these earth signs feels a little hermit-y, but seems to relate to relationship in the case that earthly sensibilities align – and then it is the enjoyment of resonating with how someone smells and feels, enjoying navigating physical space together, etc, and the discoveries that occur when we are able to relate to others at a more animal, basic level with high levels of energetic attunement (with Virgo’s particular aesthetic needs met, like a lover who also shares a sensibility of wearing essential oils and you’re the kind of person who gets headaches at the scent of artificial chemicals).

  • A variety of creatures and plant life on the planet communicate with one another through scent. Creating and sending out an invisible signal to connect with other human beings does not just happen on the astral plane, social media, or dating apps, my friends! If it creates a sense of expansiveness for you to think about, consider experimenting with the idea that your personal aura travels beyond you and that your relationship with your body and the earth itself forms a web of connection similar to the connection you might cultivate by posting a status on facebook and appealing to people’s minds. Your connection with your body and the body of the earth (through trees, plants, soils, herbs, etc) is a network that can be related with in harmonious ways. There is no “like” button to validate that your message was picked up, but synchronicity will have its way instead!

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are tribe to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.

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