March 28 – April 3: The Removal of Masks


The forecast for March 28 – April 3 is up. It’s a Mercury-central week – lots of processing of depth content as Mercury in Aries interacts with the Uranus-Pluto square and grounds its discoveries through a harmonious trine with Saturn. Read all about it – exact times of the transits and my interpretations here, 1,149 words. Your internal world and communications will feel it & I’ve got insights and strategies for you to help you rise to the occasion.

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“Mercury in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius:
This transit’s gift comes in highlighting the masks that we wear (Mercury), and the ability to speak about them and take accountability for them in a jovial, forthright manner. Saturn is in retrograde, so we’re likely to feel a heightened awareness of the ways in which we are conditioned. Retrogrades unwind the function of the planet, and accelerate growth or evolution of that function, so if we think to Saturn’s role as a maker of constructs, this will be a time when constructs are unravelling…” Continue reading the full forecast.


(Image: Wyndham Lewis)


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