The Monarch Forecast: March 28 – April 3

March 29
Mercury in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius: 8:02 PM PST
This transit’s gift comes in highlighting the masks that we wear (Mercury), and the ability to speak about them and take accountability for them in a jovial, forthright manner. Saturn is in retrograde, so we’re likely to feel a heightened awareness of the ways in which we are conditioned. Retrogrades unwind the function of the planet, and accelerate growth or evolution of that function, so if we think to Saturn’s role as a maker of constructs, this will be a time when constructs are unravelling. This is healthy, since constructs inform so much of our lives, and we don’t need the constructs in of themselves, we need them as tools or highways to get to a desired destination.

To clarify, when I talk about constructs, I mean rules – obvious and hidden – such as, “I never say how I’m actually feeling because in my experience in the past, this has always led to abandonment and suffering.” or, “I always say how I’m feeling, because it leads to intimacy, and helps me discern who I get along with and who it just doesn’t work out with.” Both are constructs.

Mercury in Aries is a very innocent energy. This can be charming or careless. What helps with Mercury in Aries is a clear intention.

Saturn in Sagittarius in harmonious interaction with Mercury in Aries lends itself to being able to work things out through communication.

Look to what belief system or cosmology informs you with Saturn in Sagittarius. Is it true? More awareness is coming in about what kind of thoughts and beliefs are keeping you in a box.


And Mercury in Aries is toying with those ideas – alternately rejuvenated by realizing life is fresh and open of possibility, or – a darker Saturnian road – filling one with shame about how they previously viewed the world. This energy lends itself to realizing where we have made “mistakes” – experiences we’ve had that have taught us something we could not have learned in the abstract but had to experience directly. There is not to my knowledge a way around this. Empathy and understanding are experienced lessons. If we even take in the context of past lives, anything you know intuitively in this life, you may have had to learn through mistakes in prior lives.

Take the gift of this trine by letting the concept of mistakes brush off your shoulder. Lots of helpful, playful integration of how to move forward comes with this.

March 30

Mercury square Pluto: 7:52 AM PST


Alright – if you’ve read what I’ve said above, now the plot thickens. As much as you can consciously decide to be kind on yourself, etc… now we have Mercury at a confrontational cross road with the shadow via Pluto – additionally Pluto is in Capricorn, Capricorn ruling Saturn and the construction/shame functions. Shame on the lower spectrum, accountability and responsibility on the upper. Mercury square Pluto is ripe for Freudian slips, whether they are said aloud or in the mind. This is also a transit where deceit and information management comes up, at the same time that greater communication can be attained and more powerful messages delivered and received.

It’s not necessarily that people are more likely to lie with this transit – that could be part of it – but also that we are more likely to be considering what is lying underneath or behind communications, more than normal. This is another transit that benefits from a clear intention. Pluto rules intention, and those who have done their shadow work are often deeply present people with a very channeled will. Pluto is about making the unconscious conscious, and Mercury is the ruler of information we can grasp, very often on the conscious level – the simple naming or identifying of things. This transit allows for deeper information to come up to the light of understood word.

(Image: Wyndham Lewis)

March 31

Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn: 8:17 AM


Extra support for this week’s thematic landscape comes in with the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn. The last quarter square is characterized as a “crisis in consciousness”, and whenever we see this aspect it relates to a moment in which a construct (Saturn/Capricorn energy) is realized to not be ultimate, and the Soul or collective grapples with what will take its place. Often there is a moment of nothing taking its place, and experiencing doubt and insecurity.

What’s beautiful about this is that it’s happening in the sign of Capricorn, to support this theme already of constructs breaking down. Imagine a bunch of calcium deposits crusting over your skin so that you couldn’t move without cracking or efforting extra hard. That’s what unnecessary constructs are like.

A healer once said that we could consider depression a most exciting spiritual adventure, that in the absence of something we used to be holding onto or derriving meaning from, we could see ourselves at the start of a new spiritual threshold – what would it take, what kind of trust, to see unknowing and change as a beautiful adventure?

Mercury conjunct Uranus: 1:49 PM

Mercury has made himself the main player of the week. This additional transit shows Mercury as an activator of the energies of the Uranus-Pluto square, which has been the psychological upheaval and deep change transit of the last few years. Your life since 2012. With Mercury interacting with both these planets, we are going over – in our conscious minds – the deep shifts of the last few years. Mercury is in alignment with the disruption – change – trauma energy of Uranus in Aries so we are likely to be remembering or reviewing trauma. We could be thinking from trauma-mind. I share this information not to scare anyone, but just to help prepare anyone who is processing some more intense stuff. This week’s Mercury-Saturn trine is a supportive rooting energy – even in fire signs – to effectively move the heavier dimensions of this week. The transits of this week make great space for healing dialogues with friends and trusted loved ones and counsel. (Like getting a reading with an astrologer! Wink 😉 But actually i’m on work vacation so never mind. Wait until May. Good luck. Identify your community/support system…)

All of these archetypes have multiple expressions, so we can think also to another function of Uranus which is about liberating the independent self – absent of all conditioning. This is an electric, radical, wild energy that moves society as a whole. Uranus in Aries speaks to the leadership of individuality, how when one person is free, they can inspire masses of people to also be free. This transit is great for creative downloads about how to be more yourself – your innate self – what is wacky, surprising, and unpredictable about you. What ingenious idea you might have – that your initiation of – will come to inspire others.


(Image:  Jean Paul Mallozzi)


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