Saturnalia or Vacation


A vacation is commencing. I will be hitting the AWP Writers Conference in Los Angeles, Sat Nam Fest in Joshua Tree that begins on my solar return, and a past life regression training workshop (special for evolutionary astrologers) at the end of the month in New York. As some of you know I wrote a novel that I am seeking to get representation for. Basically it’s a big month.

I woke up this morning shortly after Saturn had stationed retrograde – so excited to get on the road and finish packing and other last minute things. I had heavy – Saturn-esque dreams, some kind of pressure, grind. I think I was even somewhat lucid and stuck it out for a longer time just to “deal with it” and exhaust it. One reason I love knowing what transits are happening so I don’t have to take certain psychic flows personally. Stationing moments intensify the vibration of the planet, so there’s that. Not that I don’t have my own Saturn stuff. But… I feel able to like, grind the Saturn mill in a dream and then bounce to waking and get on the road all exuberant. Maybe that’s just the Saturn-Jupiter square, active now, talking. Are you feeling it?

Needless to say I got up at 5 am, wide awake like a happy lamb and began my day. Hot springs in my near future.

I’m Jupiter in Virgo and my pre-travel rituals involve tons of cleaning, organizing and tasking. Cleaning out the fridge, huge yes.

I like that my vacation is timed with Saturn (work) in retrograde. I’m not actually taking off from all work – but I am refocusing. I’ll be posting the forecasts as usual, but blog posts will be fewer and farther between, if any at all (besides the forecasts.) I will be less able to make research interview appointments or reading appointments until May. With a few exceptions, those of you who I had already been chatting with about setting something up. But I will be answering emails and dialoguing… so send me your questions and thoughts! monarch@monarchastrology.com


(Image: Robin Eisenberg)


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