Saturn in March 2016


Coming up in March, Saturn will be entering a retrograde period that goes into August. Saturn is also squaring the nodes all month making Saturn a huge player of March and not at its most stable. Not necessarily unstable – just mutable, at literal and metaphorical turning point, and portending huge opportunities. We wouldn’t want Saturn to be in its classical strength all the time, sometimes we need Saturn to bend for a re-structure.

Everything you hear about Saturn being a malefic is a waste of your time – Saturn is a planet you’d rather have as a friend. Here are 2 quick thoughts on Saturn to get you ready for March:

  1. You will meet more actualized and helpful forms of Saturn in Sagg when you work the areas of your life represented by the Nodes in Virgo and Pisces. Mutable mutable! This will be covered extensively in the forecasts.
  2. Being solid and dependable fortifies your life in work and in play, in the world and in love.

Stay tuned here… and in the forecasts!



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