The Monarch Forecast: March 21-27, 2016

The forecast is posted. This week ends our eclipse season March 23 – the valley in between eclipses (the last one was on March 8). This has been an intense time! This week’s eclipse comes well suited with a dramatic frame – happening a few hours after an exact square between Jupiter and Saturn. Subscribers read on for info on the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra, affecting the relationship arena of life.

A preview from this week’s forecast:

“March 23

Jupiter in Virgo rx square Saturn in Sagittarius:




Jupiter square Saturn is awkward at first glance. I’m picturing a giant construction being lifted into place with a series of pulleys and chains – at once there is growth, and then at a pause there is a lurch; the chains pull tight and the whole structure shakes, until the grasp on the chains is steadied.

What you are building in your life can feel like it is alternately invigorating and exhausting. The sweat and tears aspect of Saturn is dramatized and magnetized (with a Virgo magnifying lens via Jupiter, no less). The excitement of possibilities and infinite expansion of Jupiter is met with reality in Saturn.


Who ever coined Reality as a negative thing? Dreams that become false cause disillusionment; but that one experience does not own reality. You apply the grit of a determined inventor…”

This week’s full forecast (2,194 words plus exact transit times) is available for subscribers here. Read about the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra, thrival tips for the Jupiter Saturn square, and amidst this, a relatively happy & free Mars – some thoughts on applying your will this week. And more!



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