Perceived Reality in Relationship to the Perceiver


a subtle but powerful discrimination exists in the realm of thought.

can you see the exceptional rudeness of asking people questions that are setting them up for failure,
testing them on a type of intelligence they don’t excel at
while ignoring their other resources or abilities -?
(essentially any hegemonic or prevailing form of thought, arrogance)

the same rudeness exists in expectation:

anyone who thinks a child is not very smart will not see the intelligence of the child, this child who will likely not be motivated to show that facet of themselves.

anyone who thinks a plant is not sentient will never hear it speak.

essentially a limitation one projects onto their environment, physical, social, spiritual, will become true and self-fulfilling.

One who wants to be dazzled or surprised or romanced by life must allow it
life will not typically rush to save a person from their dreary outlook; life will just hold up a mirror

the perceived reality is in relationship to the perceiver:
an incredible fountain it is; and it will wait to be tapped.
it is polite that way.

“i wish for a world where everyone opened their hearts to the majesty around them
it is consciousness that will stop a bullet or a war”

(Astro: NEPTUNE is the planet of ultimate reality behind the veil, and also the illusions or delusions that obscure that reality. Neptune is a mutable consciousness that will take the appearance of its expectation… it is where we can project Source onto things that are ephemeral. This will happen for a time – but at some point the ocean washes away the shore, turns the most sturdy of rocks into sand. But the ocean remains.)


(Image: Julia Faber)


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