Rules of Engagement with the Saturn Neptune Square


When it comes to anything mystical, Neptunian, Piscean or altered-state-y, you can certainly engage some rules. It’s the domain of boundaries and Saturn. We form structures to have a certain experience, the only thing is to remember not to get lost in identifying with the structure itself. That’s where we get a social dinosaur pandemic.

Like for dreaming psychonauts, does anyone have the experience of dreams being affected by your intention? My thoughts are that you can set some boundaries for what you wish to dream about. Many of us do this anyway. But what if it was a conscious choice to expand or limit it? Dreams are Neptune and essentially have no boundary except the ones that we make. Boundary in this context is not a bad thing at all – the human consciousness, ego, is specified and contains boundaries. It’s why we experience ourselves as individuals, and yet there is that yearning to connect and be part of something larger. And we do. It can feel healthier to play with boundaries and expand as it feels right, rather than just blast the gates open. So, rules of engagement with the formless – what are they?

Something to think about for the Saturn Neptune square (which is characterizing 2016).

“Our culture is proud of the technology that has allowed us to land a man on the Moon. Yet we fail to understand that we go to the Moon regularly, though on an astral rather than a physical level. Most of us seldom get beyond it, because on the lower level the Moon is our memory, our past or karmic storehouse. The past impressions of the Earth are stored on the Moon. Our experiences in life feed the Moon and help it to evolve. The lunar realm is the conditioned sphere in which our minds are trapped. In the sphere of the Moon reside the worlds created by our collective karmic fixations, like our heaven and hell. The wonder is not that we are going to the Moon by space ship. The wonder is how few of us have ever gotten beyond it inwardly.

At night when we sleep, our mind expands into an astral or dream body that encompasses the entire field of our waking experience. Then, in deep sleep, we return into the casual body that encompasses both waking and dream experiences. The waking state is like the Earth. The dream state is like moving through the atmosphere to the planetary sphere. Deep sleep is like returning to the stars in heaven. In this process of waking and sleep we gather all the stars within us, taking inside ourselves the light and consciousness of the entire universe.”

-David Frawley

And, it is the Saturn-Neptune square. The interaction between the container – the rules – and what ethereal matter fills it is potent right now.

Outside of dream symbolism, another element of this is empathy and sympathy and how this correlates to the boundaries between self and other and our levels of sensitivity. With Saturn we can learn to set the most constructive boundaries – that being that we can still engage in relationship and still be present with another person (rather than overly guarded & in Saturn overdrive), yet we are not getting lost in the other person’s reality and mistaking it for our own (Neptune overdrive).

slightly eerie Saturn? btw:

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If your vision of reality has been changing lately, you can thank the Saturn-Neptune square. It’s intention is just that – but also grounding into reality more transcendent truths versus perpetuating flimsy ideals that appear strong only because of their calcification over time, but aren’t really standing on anything… this is when getting real doesn’t mean getting cynical but it doesn’t mean it can’t have its challenges. It does however, offer a nectar beyond the status quo.

Most subject to dissolve? That which doesn’t work… doesn’t have a foundation… isn’t real. Likewise, what is more transcendent, in service of all, in Neptune’s realm can take stronger root. The ocean is stronger than the rocks it erodes.


(Images: Peter Horvath, Eugenia Loli)

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