Shy People Who Secretly Know They Are Special


You are a flame keeper, holding a channel to which no one else has access. If you begin to think of yourself more as a vessel and less of “yourself” it is easier to let the divine flow through you. Being special becomes not an act of ego but an act of love.

If it does not belong to you but it is yours to be the keeper of, who are you, actually, to hide it?

Respecting the specialness that comes through you, your essence, is not an act of ego but of humility. Ego does not just push one to become larger but ego can constrict, say “who are you to show yourself?” But if you remember that you have been inspired by others who were not afraid to be themselves… Have you not seen a person you can tell is hiding? Liberate yourself & liberate others.

Everyone wants to shine. Some things calcify over our inner light but you are not here to believe that. Open up the passageway when you can see it.


(Image: Horst P Horst)

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