Playing with Leo’s Fire: The Edge of Creativity and Narcissism

As you may know, we are approaching a Solar Eclipse in Leo, August 21, where the Sun and Moon in Leo will be on the North Node. Leo is the sign in which we creatively self-actualize and radiate our talents. The North Node is a place of materializing desire. In Vedic astrology it is known as the head of the the dragon, associated with greed, hunger and the desire for more. In Evolutionary astrology, the North Node is associated with a place where the Soul evolves: a cutting edge. The North Node is currently in Leo and we are working through our process of how we play with fire. How do we honestly self-actualize without going to burning extremes?

These upcoming eclipses and the field they have already created around us has me thinking a lot about what it means to play with fire. We cannot really have fireless lives without feeling a lack of vision, enthusiasm, excitement. We criticize en masse the people who have played with fire too much. When fire has gone too much to the head, we often call these individuals narcissists. Narcissism can manifest cruelty, a lack of empathy and at its worst psychotic behavior, which it makes it all the harder to sit down with and understand this phenomenon compassionately. We’d sooner take out the pitchforks and expel it from our communities or our own psyches. The lunar nodes are in themselves, this intense: they take us to an edge.

Narcissists are a modern day villain: it is a phrase thrown about, often to describe other people. Rarely does anyone self-identify or proclaim to be a recovered narcissist. So do we understand the psychology of narcissism on a deeper soul level? While it is on the surface so quick to be shamed, this is only one layer of the narcissistic complex (a vibrational field of shame and attempts to cover that up with greatness), which is a complex that anyone can have in gradient; regardless of whether or not they are a full blown narcissist. (Arguably, no one is a narcissist, as narcissism is part of the false self; a mask. People are narcissistic.)

Only seeing narcissism in others superficially, without recognizing the resonating traits within or their causes, is to miss out on the ability to learn how to play with one’s own fire burning below the surface. It is to project the fear of this fire onto others who are more clearly exhibiting the traits of narcissism. To touch base with our own narcissistic process is to learn how we might transform our wounds around our creativity and empower our radiance, warmth, heart, and creativity. Maybe we do have the power to burn brighter but we don’t because our concept of creativity is mired in negative rolemodeling, or we think we have something more “useful” to do with our energy.

Have you ever….

  • Wanted recognition for your talent?
  • Felt special?
  • Been embarrassed when receiving a compliment for something you’ve actually worked very hard on?
  • Fronted as confident but felt really insecure?
  • Wanted to get better at something but felt like you are never good enough?
  • Felt like you needed to shut people out to develop something within, or work on a creative project?
  • Felt alienated or threatened by attention from others?
  • Felt like close romantic relationship would engulf you or distract you?
  • Wanted to be admired?

Then you have experienced narcissistic process, which is in itself, a spectrum and not necessarily pathology. It is fire. While a little bit of pride can lift you up out of dismal circumstances, (the realization of “I’m better than this” that creates friction and upward mobility), too much pride can isolate a person from love and connection. While creativity and radiating our inherent soul nobility can create a beautiful, profound life (being recognized, having your art on display, bringing your dreams into reality etc.), being self-obsessed and unable to recognize and interact with the specialness of others creates pain and again, isolation.

When we talk about Leo, we are also talking about the Sun: a force that warms and gives life to this planet; as much as it is a force than can scorch or burn. Refract the sunlight through a magnifying glass and you can set something on fire. The Sun also brings us happiness and brings our gardens to bloom and fruit.

Have you ever…

  • Felt unseen for who you really are?
  • Felt like it is not possible to be seen or recognized; or that you can’t be you really are and still get your needs met?
  • Repetitively experienced people treating you how they want to be treated rather than listening to how you want to be treated even in the face of you voicing or articulating your needs?
  • Been shamed for voicing your own reality or needs and told that it’s not real?
  • Been loved or cared for conditionally and had to adapt yourself to those conditions & been really confused about those other parts of you that aren’t allowed?
  • Felt like you had to be someone else, or wear a mask, to receive positive feedback from those around you, and when you did receive that positive feedback, you still felt very alone?

Then you have likely experienced narcissistic wounding. These are some of the root causes for behaviors we recognize as narcissism, but even in people who don’t express that vividly; these are still experiences that create issues and point to potentials for positive transformation.

In the upcoming webinar collaboration with Ichrak Dahou on the eclipses of August 2017, part of what I will be bringing into this presentation is a focus on the psychological realities of playing with fire – what it means to have a dream you want to materialize into reality, what can happen when one self-identifies with a vision, and what kinds of psychological, relational and lived experiences constellate around this.

My aim is to add some lanterns and signposts to your map of the actual soul-level intensity of creative self-actualization as we experience an Eclipse season playing off of the North Node in Leo. Playing with fire is part of this landscape. Tune into the webinar July 20 (or you can still catch the recording afterward) for some practical insights into navigating the emotional and archetypal landscape of this eclipse season.

Such as….

  • What causes and heals narcissistic wounding
  • What collective traumas make us feel like being special or standing out is wrong
  • How being special and standing out is actually something can contribute to society and heal the world
  • How to recognize creative self-actualization process and work with it
    Common mistakes and psychological pitfalls along the self-actualization track & their antidotes

Why do you need this information?

Simply: It’s in the field, and is a background force motivating people’s emotions and behaviors at this time. I hope this information can create a more lucid eclipse season for you! Eclipse are intense. Like a monster that morphs into a puppy when you face it in a lucid dream, or a paper tiger (or perhaps for Leo, a lion into a kitten) – intelligence on these transits can help you see through what would otherwise intimidate.

We will be experiencing opportunities to evolve our creativity; and meeting our fears around doing so. I hope this information here and from the webinar can help you have the courage and smarts to follow your dreams and recognize them as they show up. I also want to de-mystify the fears and intensity of the resistance along this path. Playing with fire is tricky, but part of our lives to be embraced and understood.

Get your ticket here.

See you July 20!

~Sabrina Monarch

(Top image: Dirck van Baburen)

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.

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