Virgo and the Inverted Pyramid


The Moon is just about to finish passing through Virgo. Out of all the Moon transitions Virgo to Libra has been one of my favorites continually. When the Moon is in Virgo we may find ourselves busier than usual, inspired to clean, organize, or work on an ongoing project. When the Moon shifts into Libra, beauty and harmony are the crops of the efforts planted during the Virgo Moon. As a personal example, once I had tired myself out during the Virgo Moon from what I was working on and I took a nap. I wasn’t necessarily feeling optimistic or anything, I was just taxed. When I awoke, the Moon was in Libra and I exited my room to find my roommate had arranged a bouquet from flowers in the yard and put it on the table in a vase next to a box of gourmet cupcakes he was sharing with us.

If you look at your chart to what planets you have in Virgo or what house Virgo is the cusp of, what sign is on the cusp of the 6th House, or what planets are in the 6th House, you can reflection what part of your life is influenced by this archetypal energy.

Where there is Leo, there is the energy of the top point of the pyramid, an ego that is on top and shining and radiating its gifts or unique individuality. Immediately following is Virgo, where the pyramid gets inverted and the ego structure comprehends itself in the context of all the future work that needs to be done, all the refining and perfecting that is required.

The polarity of Virgo, Pisces, also feels that sense of being so small in comparison to something larger, but for Pisces it is the entire ocean, the sea of all things. So a Piscean consciousness may be overwhelmed by all of its visions, and not know how to concretely manifest them (Virgo), and a Virgo becomes overwhelmed by the never-ending demands of its perfection based consciousness when not nourished by the spirit companion of its works (Pisces).

While culturally it is normal to call out people for being too full of themselves (Leo), we don’t always catch when people are self-diminishing. Either type of consciousness is subjective and potentially very far from the truth. It is in Libra following Leo and Virgo where balance begins to come into play.

Virgo’s gifts include discernment, articulateness, grace, the humility and introspection required for self-improvement, and the ability to line up the smallest details with a higher vision or vibration.

Virgo’s medicine is self-love and patience, recognizing one’s own worth and allowing the process of refinement to be continual and in the spirit of love. Knowing that positive actions set up the way for positive results, and taking care not to go to either extreme of exhaustion or neglect. Keeping a balance and larger perspective.

For where Virgo influences you, take extra care to notice when you are perceiving yourself disproportionately (smaller than you are), and see how this affects your behavior. While this type of consciousness is one way people achieve a lot of amazing things, it can also get out of hand and create cycles of feeling victimized and subsequently lashing out.

All of our life circumstances are represented by and stem from our inner reality (from past lives and this current life). Victim mentalities are easily wired into our culture (like how it is commonplace to say someone made you mad), but such mentalities prevent us from recognizing ourselves and seeing where we have karma to work through. If we externalize it, it isn’t ours anymore, and we disempower ourselves in the process.

So, I challenge you to keep an awareness of where you are externalizing your power, where you hold beliefs that something or someone is doing something to you, harming you, blocking you, whatever it may be. Recognize this as an opportunity to look deeper within and claim for yourself what was always yours.

(Image by Anita Anti)

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