Heretics of the System: Uranus-Saturn Contact


Excerpted from a question from a Uranus-Saturn Conjunction Born ReaderI always (almost always) feel lazy and unaccomplished. Uranus is conjunct saturn too, which is funky. They’re not very compatible. Yet there they are. I think I’ve certainly taken unexpected leaps in my “career path” if I must call it that. I’m a little bit of a heretic and resent having to work within systems I hate!!!! But what can I do? The words of wisdom you quoted from a cap resonated… Maybe the ends should pull me through? It doesn’t seem right for me. I am not a goal oriented person, though I do have dreams… I have this perverse sense… maybe that’s Uranus… of revulsion towards being so dedicated to “succeed” in a capitalist world.

The themes with Uranus and Saturn in your tenth house as they are in in Sagittarius are going to be about freedom and honesty (to yourself and to others). This is going to depend as well on how you come to define freedom in your life. (Objective freedom or freedom FROM something? As much as we can, it’s liberating to strive for objective freedom, as freedom from something implies we are still tangled with it.)

Sagittarius wants to be free to move, and the 10th house represents the bounds of space and time, and the boundaries of a given culture or society. When thinking of the interaction between Jupiter, the ruler of your Saturn, and the Saturn/10th house archetypes, there may be the feelings of your expansion being restricted by the boundaries of a given environment or social system (capitalism, consensus ideals of success). Relative to this, your job, if I may use that weighted word haha, is about developing your own internal compass of self-authenticity and knowing who you are. The more you develop your own ingenuity (Uranus, 10th house), you will have things to offer the environment rather than having to adapt yourself to fit into the environment when its not true for you.

Take care about how much you identify yourself against a system, as these are just stories and stories have the power to influence our actual life circumstances (the external circumstances of our life reflect our internal landscape). Societal systems exist because a desire existed for them to be here. They have a lot of power here, and an interest in maintaining themselves because people have attached their personal security to them. So, rather than putting value judgments on the system, maybe look at the system compassionately as a manifestation of group consciousness over time. See how you fit into it and where you are separate. Your role is probably not just doing what someone else has already done. The systems and structures are like organisms that do respond positively to innovative energies when they don’t feel threatened by it. Uranus and Saturn can go together like structuring individuation, structuring freedom (is it not just a concept that freedom is structureless?)

Self-judgments can come with Saturn, and the way to work with these is figuring out where you have adapted judgments outside of yourself (from the culture, your upbringing, friends) and taken them in as your own. The more you come to yourself as you are objectively (think of Uranus as the blueprint of your soul’s individual essence, outside of all conditioning), the easier it will be for you to know what is yours and what isn’t yours. Not only that, but you will continually attract progressively more authentic experiences and relations to yourself.

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    January 16, 2015 at 8:23 am

    I have an “almost unaspected” Saturn. Saturn forms only one aspect in my chart: a trine to Uranus (conj MC). I can really relate to the quote at the beginning of your article.

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