New Moon Eclipse in Aries: Astrology of 4/13 – 4/19

We are in eclipse season, with our first of two eclipses occurring on April 19. This week we also have asteroid Vesta entering Taurus and squaring Pluto in Aquarius, and Venus in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces.

Vesta also plays into the eclipse, by being conjunct the lunation and north node.

The read is this: there is a desire to grow and become or embody something that already lives inside of us and is ours to remember. It may not be the first idea we can mentally grab at, but there’s a thread to something deeper. For cultivating our availability for this becoming that we are subtly (or deeply) itching for, we are pointed to the creative potency of our inner world and inner life – the way we are vibrating if you will – our side of the “as within so without” maxim.

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Here’s our week:

April 13, 2023

Last Quarter Moon in 23 Capricorn: 2:11 AM PDT

For the last quarter moon, I’m drawing in reflections on the tarot cards associated with the third decans of Capricorn (4 of pentacles) and Aries (4 of wands) where the Moon and Sun are respectively.

  • There could be a mood of restraint and withholding with Moon in Capricorn to be mindful of. The placement does bring sobriety and the skill of cutting excess. The four of pentacles associated with the last decan of Capricorn is a card that relates to holding tightly to resources, whether those are financial, energetic/time-based, emotional/affection-based, or so on.
  • The four of wands associated with the last decan of Aries is a celebratory card, relating to success, prosperity and happiness.
  • Restraint (Capricorn/4 of pentacles) could be either supportive or detrimental to the creation of prosperity and happiness.
  • There could be some important re-adjustments right now as to becoming more generous or leaning into abundance – recognizing where there is actually a flow of energy that will support our expression of giving and also replenish us in the greater flow of exchange.
  • Perhaps there is also a form of restraint that feels necessary or expansive because it is aligned, caring, and intentional, and not coming from a fear-based or gripping type of place.

April 14, 2023

Venus in 4 Gemini square Saturn in 4 Pisces: 9:38 AM PDT

  • Saturn, now in Pisces, is representing a greater process playing out for us around establishing our dreams and visions. We may be dreaming up possibility in the places we previously only felt walls or obstacles, or our dreams simply reached a limit. To dream like this comes with inherent risk – fruition is not guaranteed – so it works the muscle of the heart and of our faith. Additionally, it also works us to become more discerning about which dreams veer into addiction and delusion versus what dreams are serving life.
  • The first quarter square represents an impetus to take action (or some fear/resistance around doing so) that reflects the emergent impulses related to any given cycle. Between Saturn and Venus, the theme is generally maturing our relational/love nature and materializing the desires of the heart.
  • Venus in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces could point to a juncture of entertaining ideas or doing things for fun that feel somewhat random (maybe we can’t see how they fit into the bigger picture) or are expressions of pathways in our consciousness that we don’t habitually tread.
  • We can have a judgment of things that feel out of character or off-brand because of a subtle sense that we have to be strictly coherent — but coherent to what? Much of this is egoic identity. Having a random, delightful adventure that calls us into real spontaneity with life may not make sense as “on brand” in the moment, but it may set off a chain reaction of ideas, inspirations, and visions, that meaningfully shape our trajectory.
  • In other words, this transit is an invitation to loosen up our sense of fun, even though the gatekeeper judgement may appear. That is effectively a signal of being at an edge, and perhaps it’s an edge we wish to expand.

April 15, 2023

Vesta enters Taurus: 9:58 AM PDT

Asteroid Vesta will stay in Taurus until June 22.

  • For some context, Vesta is part of an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. In her book Asteroid Goddesses, Demetra George explains that the asteroids’ location between Mars and Jupiter forms “a physical and spiritual bridge that links the personal to the social and collective.” Mars is the outermost personal planet in a natal chart, and after that we have Jupiter and Saturn which relate to our social context and world.
  • I want to encourage us to think of it in this light with Vesta, an archetype that is essentially about devotion, sacred space, ceremony and priestess work. Vesta in Taurus can relate to how we cultivate and tend to inner-sanctum – how we cultivate particular frequencies or experiences in our inner life.
  • When we engage in the creation of intentional space – it does connect us to the outer world in the form of “as within so without” or the appearance of synchronicity or opportunities that match our process.
  • Vesta in the internal, self-possessed sign of Taurus could be a reminder to cultivate our inner-landscape with that which we otherwise seek or subtly expect to come from the outside. 
  • For example, many of the teachings about manifestation or law of attraction work with the idea that our external life in part, mirrors our inner states, and that rather than being simply reactive to what life presents us, we can generate an emotional state on purpose to the degree that life begins to mirror that back to us.
  • I’m currently in a joy practice. One element of it is deciding every morning when I wake up that it’s going to be an amazing day – regardless of if I have anything planned that would validate my anticipation of it being extraordinary. I’m noticing it alters my timeline or seems to draw things into my experience that validate this start-of-the-day choice.
  • Part of the way I see this in line with Vesta in Taurus is that this practice is my internal, personal ceremony – and it by all means affects how I interface with the world, but I also believe it affects how the world interfaces with me.
  • Vesta in Taurus is a supportive transit for creating more ceremony, ritual, intention, practice, and devotion around our personal embodiment, our relationship to reception (say of resource or love), capacity to feel sensation, and pleasure.

April 16, 2023

Vesta in 0 Taurus square Pluto in 0 Aquarius: 2:14 AM PDT

(Image: #ProjectBluestar is a monthly audio-visual collaboration project between visual artist Ivy Berces @prinsomnia​ and singer-songwriter and producer Erin Lee @erinleemusic.)

  • Once we have an experiment or intention of something we are ceremonially cultivating with Vesta in Taurus — it both opens up new pathways of consciousness (Aquarius) or reveals to us the programs of consciousness that have us stuck.
  • For example, at the threshold of feeling really amazing and getting lost in enjoying pleasure or fun, a person might start to remember everything they feel guilty about (that thus, is why they don’t deserve to feel these enjoyable things). 
  • This pattern is extremely normal and often operates at a subconscious level. When we are directly challenging these subconscious/psychological programs because we are allowing ourselves to cultivate enjoyment and lean into enjoyment — then we have opened a space of ceremonial alchemy.
  • The more we are connect to ourselves and root/ground, the easier it becomes to shed programs of thought that we have inherited from culture or personal traumas.

April 19, 2023

New Moon Eclipse in 29 Aries: 9:13 PM PDT’

(Image: Krzysztof Gil)

Vesta will be conjunct the lunar north node in Taurus, as well as the lunation.

  • While normal new moons can be times of planting intentions, eclipses tend to reveal something from a deeper soul-layer octave.
  • Eclipses can be a time where deeper material within ‘eclipses’ our more superficial personality layer.
  • It can be important to not be reactive or freak out essentially about some of the material that comes up, as it will make an appearance and go away and does not need to be latched onto and perpetuated. For example, a big fear about a relationship could come through, and it could be necessary to emotionally process that fear and allow it to settle rather than to take large actions related to those fears and from a state of fear.
  • But also, sometimes real and life-altering inspirations come through eclipses (they do for me) and that material can be provocative at a soul level, calling us deeper into the adventure and initiation of this life.
  • The combination of the Sun and Moon at 29 Aries, Vesta and the North Node in Taurus could relate to themes showing up around personal destiny and personal embodiment, and a real hunger that is showing up around our desire for self-actualization. 

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