Chiron Infused New Moon Eclipse in Virgo


(René Magritte)

Chiron as the Initiate

The upcoming New Moon Eclipse in Virgo forms an opposition to Chiron in Pisces. Beyond the interpretation of wounded healer, Chiron is also a figure of initiation – bringing one into further awareness of the connection of body and spirit, of the subtle realms and energetic fields and how to process and work with them. Chiron in the myth is also an astrologer, lending itself to the connection that studying one’s chart and the mythology within is a way of initiating oneself into the mythology of their own Soul. When the events in our lives are overlaid with symbolic stories, it’s not just for the purpose of soothing or pacifying. Rather, it’s a way of connecting the events of life with an overarching sense of understanding and purpose that could not come by just looking at matter or phenomena by itself and only handling it on a base practical level. We need the infusion of spirit into the mundane so that the mundane ceases to be mundane. It becomes instead a point of integration of spirit and matter. Likewise, the Spirit is rooted through practice and process, and if not given a template of existence on the physical plane (which is like a greater metaphor for the Soul in the physical body to begin with), the gifts therein dissolve without finding outer meaning or grounding.


Take this moment before the New Moon Eclipse in Virgo to consider where in your life you are becoming an initiate. What is immediately gripping your consciousness? This is likely the spot of initiation for you. You may notice that you are being gifted just the right experiences and symbols around you to nurture this emerging element of personality and psyche. The point now is to lean into it and be open to the inherent gifts it is bringing, even through forms of difficult passage.

As far as after the New Moon Eclipse? That remains to be seen. A portal is opening, and the gate we currently find ourselves transitioning into is a potential gamechanger. The endings playing out now with this closing lunar cycle speak to one way that nature provides fertility for herself. There is magic in the opening. For that opening to exist, we allow.




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