July 19-25, 2016: Full Moon in Capricorn & Nourishing the Authentic Self


We start this week with a Full Moon in the later degrees of Capricorn, at 3:56 PM PST on July 19. When I’m working on these forecasts I am looking at the symbols at hand with the planets, but also I reflect on the symbols that have been appearing in life and what synchronicities I’ve been able to observe. The last few days it has come up a number of times how either side of the body is yin or yang (the left is yin, right is yang), and the balance between those two sides. The yin side is said to be receptive and feeling, and the yang side doing and acting. I was talking with a Cancer friend and relating about how we’re definitely able to feel our emotions, and we often resonate less with teachings about how to just feel and sink into emotions, and are more interested in doing something about those emotions as we’ve already felt them deeply and then come to an impasse where some action needs to be taken. The teachings about how to feel are most useful assuming one is in a state of the process where the feeling nature is predominantly denied or the yang doing nature is over-emphasized. This idea constellates with the Full Moon in Capricorn, when it comes to how we account for the feeling nature… do we do something about it? Or are we just on the precipice of feeling deeper into some inward truth?

(Top image: Ivy Berces)

This Full Moon illuminates the archetype of Capricorn, which internally will speak to either our superego (the dictator of “shoulds” and conditions) or an inner-parent or inner-authority figure, and how this inner-figure relates to our emotions (how we contain them, how we’re inspired to act by them, etc.). Capricorn relates to judgement and containment, constriction, and repression, as well as accountability and rising to ever higher levels of ability and competency when we align harmoniously with space and time, with all of its hard lessons, waiting periods, trials and pivotal moments. It’s a heavy archetype – it sits at the top of the zodiac and is associated with the myth of Sisyphus and the card of the Hanged Man. It’s the grind… this same grind, when harnessed, builds strong foundations and solidity and the ability to advance in one’s chosen career or societal path. It’s very much about being in the world.

Think of how you’ve felt when you were actively struggling with just life itself (not happy with your job, your living situation, relationships, etc.), and how you’ve felt when you were clicked into structures or an overall lifestyle that gave you extra ability to manifest your essence. That inner-assessment is a theme for this Full Moon, and with Uranus in Aries squaring the Full Moon axis, there is another factor here beyond the present – Uranus as an archetype is the future, it is a digital, blueprint-esque type of consciousness that knows the design-potential of any seed form far before its maturation occurs. This confrontation between Uranus and the Full Moon axis can speak to something coming through in terms of where we are headed and where there is a disparity between that and our present.


(Image: Stoian Hitrov)

Mars in Scorpio is trining the Sun and sextiling the Moon, bringing in a harmony between feeling and doing that I spoke of earlier – perhaps more deeply on a Soul level to take actions that are nourishing to our deepest needs (and to identify this, we feel deeply. From Scorpio’s perspective, it would be like the moment before a snake sheds its skin, we become full with something we are ready to transmute.) But Mars is still in a quincunx aspect to Uranus, suggesting that while there may be some ease in taking immediate action relative to the present conditions, when we are looking into the future — where we see ourselves years from now as an emerging identity felt now ripens with Saturnian time, there are small and powerful adjustments that can be made now to prepare for that. This can likely be relative to an inner-decision to know who we are, and the courage to align, step by step, with that unfolding vision, even when change is not apparent as quickly as we might like it to be.

Mercury and Venus in Leo are trining Saturn in Sagittarius this week, lending some creative vision to this process of really getting clear about responsibilities, intentions, and just how we are accountable to ourselves and others in the most natural, heart-centered way. I want to slow down on the theme of knowing oneself, and keep this in orbit here as we talk about the Leo planets. Knowing oneself, in the deepest sense, is a soulful experience that opens up extreme clarity and presence with all of life. We often know our false selves, too, our ideals that come from judgements of ourselves that lift up parts and discard others, masks we wear, identities we put on to avoid being seen for those parts of ourselves we fear. Our creativity (Leo) can be used for authentic performance (radiating) of self or for the show of a false self.


(Cabanel, Vénus victorieuse, Musée Fabre, Montpellier. Photo by Maia Flore.)

The Sun will enter Leo on the 22nd. At the moment of its entrance, the Moon will be in zero degrees of Pisces, forming a quincunx between the Sun and Moon. If we look more deeply into this seed moment as a theme that may emerge while the Sun is in Leo, there may be themes around the alignment between our Solar personality identity (our flair, how we appear, our humor, how we shine) and our spiritual essence (Pisces) that is non-discriminatory and inclusive beyond boundary. May we be blessed to find that sweet spot where our development of self, our personal joy, is also transpersonal – our being resonates beyond us. From this space we can also see how the innate individuality and creative expression of others is part of our own personal journey from our place of witnessing them. I was thinking the other day that it’s cute – like actually very endearing, that we think about each other. However we extend and present ourselves, we leave impressions that turn into ethereal matter in other people’s consciousness. We are always collaborating and mind-melding in this way. (And of course, it happens on other planes and energy centers, not just the mind, but also the heart, etc.) When we make separations within ourselves as to what is spiritual and to what is mundane, it becomes silly – it’s ALL spiritual. We make separations often about what is useful and what is frivolous, yet even that is an illusion. If a person’s innate expression of self inspires another to do the same, then what was in a moment strictly personal becomes transpersonal. All of this is a roundabout way of saying that your inspiration and bliss does not exist in a vacuum – Leo is a great energy to generate and share creative energy, and speaking in harmony with Saturn this week it may be more apparently useful.

Prayer for this week: May I know exactly who I am and trust that this inner-light is guiding me. May I trust that exactly who I am is what I need to thrive and what the world needs for its thrival, which no false-self could fully provide.

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~Sabrina Monarch



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    July 19, 2016 at 11:21 pm

    Wow, I did not know the Hanged Man was Capricorn’s card! The card is about surrender and I saw Capricorn as a symbol of effort. Hmmm…maybe the card shows what is needed? I’d love to hear more about your thoughts Sabrina. Thank you for your guidance.

    • Reply
      July 20, 2016 at 12:41 am

      I think The Hanged Man correlates with Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, – it is a waiting period, accepting consequences for one’s actions.

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