Retrogrades Don’t Make Your Life Move Backwards


I was talking to someone who read the April forecast who said their month was going to be “non-stop” and I realized that there is an important distinction to make about retrogrades.

The thing with retrogrades is that you can be having tons of new experiences and feeling like you’re moving forward. What you’re doing is similar to being on an easter egg hunt – where on your first round you got x amount of chocolate eggs and then you – during retrograde – retrace your steps and pick up some chocolate eggs you had overlooked in some type of forward-moving wave.

I was born under Mercury retrograde and my thoughts are so fast that when I was younger learning how to type I ended up becoming really fast at typing or writing by hand even (other kids commented on it and that’s when I realized I was doing it) because I needed to get it all down. My Mercury trines my Pluto too, so there you go w/ the attachment part. If typing faster was the necessary measure to ensure my thoughts would not evaporate, Pluto made sure I was on it. It was an impetus to catch up my motor skills, I suppose, rather than re-trace my thoughts.

The whole hype about retrogrades being tricky or disorienting reflects a cultural value and illusion around linear, forward motion, continual linear progress. The road ahead to wherever you are wanting to go is not a straight-shot. Sometimes we have to go back and re-do parts of the path. Retrogrades are just when the stars are aligning to support those re-dos more than they are supporting continual movement ahead, which would really be neglecting key structures of the future. The re-dos do not have to be linear or clear either, it could be returning a phone call to an old friend that energetically unlocks a career move… the cause and effect or connection between phenomena does not need to be obvious. It’s… dare I say… energetic. I would say it is connected in a more real, dotted and mapped way too, but not always in ways that we can consciously observe.

Think of it like a pilot getting ready to take flight. Retrograde is when they would check their fuel and make those last adjustments that ensure they can actually stay in flight once they take off. You won’t always know what these necessary tasks are but you’ll feel where there’s an open road and where there’s a force field.

If you want to use your energy wisely during retrogrades, take care of things that you’ve left behind you unfinished or unaddressed. See where the current is supporting you versus where it’s like swimming up stream. And we romanticize the latter quite a bit. Applying the efforts to make your dreams come true doesn’t mean you have to sweat over EVERY part of it. Where would the TAO – Universal current – give you a lift?


(Image: Eugenia Loli)


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