Pluto Stations Direct: Astrology of 9/26 – 10/2

We are on the other side of quite a potent Full Moon in Aries, where the Moon was conjunct Chiron and square Saturn; likely to have brought us into contact with our wounds. However personal these storylines may be, a common thread with Chiron in Aries may be a sense of isolation – the way that when we face problems we often can feel alone and our vision narrows; we may retract from others or project onto others. We may feel shame or like there is something wrong with us and if we are really deep in that, it can be hard to soften the very defenses which keep connection and healing away.

We will hear it time and time again though, that people who have come out on the other side from a challenge that made them feel totally alone will often later connect with others who made or are making the same journey. The whole Earth is experiencing crisis and paradigm shift, posing problems so new to us we are being called to evolve to even be able to meet these challenges. We are certainly not alone, but we are individuals who walk our own paths. Some legs of this passage do feel isolating but in a rhythmic way, we do find meaning and community integration from these very solo initiations.

Evolution is not only a picture of outward growth, achievement, and valor, etc… but evolution also brings us in touch with the sticky dimensions of shadow and the underworld, of pain and complexity we do not understand; sometimes a difficulty so great we do not think we are going to make it. Such is the realm of initiation (a Chiron theme!), where success is not promised and in that treacherous passage is where hidden reserves of soul are uncovered and integrated.

This week retrograding Chiron moves back into Pisces and Pluto stations direct. The Sun in Libra forms a trine to Mars in Aquarius, while Mars conjoins the South Node with Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius. Stuff is moving and it may be uncomfortable, but there is some peaceful room this week to dialogue with it and listen to its message. Plutonic kinds of pain are nearly always indications that we are attached to something that keeps us there, whether that is a story we tell ourselves, an addiction or compulsion of some kind, codependency, or anything else along those lines. Pluto medicine is about getting to the bottom of things and making changes from the root system.

This week’s airy astrology (from our Libra and Aquarius planets) leaves much room for intellectualizing or mentally processing the more intense, watery surges of emotion from the recent Full Moon and Chiron and Pluto’s movements this week. This doesn’t mean we will understand everything or that our ideas and feelings will necessarily align. It does point, however, to our continued effort to map and understand our experience and the ways in which doing so is a form of union, resolution, and intimacy with life OR a form of greater separation. As the world and ourselves grow in complexity, so too do the questions and dramas we grapple with. However challenging, they invite us to evolve and integrate.

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(Top image: Jean Delville)

Here’s our week:

September 26, 2018

Retrograde Chiron re-enters Pisces: 2:01 AM PDT

(Image: Arthur Hopkins)

  • A medicine of Chiron in Pisces is moving from fear-based consciousness to love. If there are tensions in your life that are really pushing you into a fearful place, you might reframe this as a kind of initiation, if you should find your way through the valley. 

  • Note the role of disillusionment in your current experience. Negative illusions that fall away can feel obviously healing; how nice it is to wake up from a bad dream. But illusions we are more attached to can also fall away. When these kind of illusions fall away, we might consider a series of veils; disillusionment is a route deeper into the core of ultimate (as opposed to temporary) truths. But there can be an interim period of grief when we are disillusioned.

  • Note as well the current role of longing in your life – what is your spirit yearning for? These are also important themes to tend to. Consider how impossible problems or impossible dreams are birthing further complexity in your consciousness (and what the new horizon will be like after your breakthrough).

September 27, 2018

Sun in 4 Libra trine Mars in 4 Aquarius: 4:34 PM PDT

(Image: Giorgio de Chirico)

Mars is on the South Node and Black Moon Lilith. Here are some themes surfacing:

  • Mars on the karmic South Node of the Moon is both an energizing and irritating transit, depending on what type of karmic content is coming up. The South Node of the Moon is the Moon’s karmic storehouse: memories of the past. Mythologically, the South Node represents a tail of a dragon, whose tail sweeps up karmic debris (karmic influences that have been compacted on the ground layer until this big dragon tail dusts it up into the air). Without awareness that the dragon (our souls, the force of evolution) has swept up these memories, it just appears as though these are current themes. As we react and engage with what is being swept up, we re-energize and perpetuate themes which may have otherwise settled and cleared away. It is a kind of karma yoga to consider what themes we would like to renew and restore (by engaging with them), and what we can let go of by detaching or making a more skillful choice than we have made in the past.

  • With Mars on the South Node, these past memories are unleashed with some degree of force or the memories are Martian in nature, evoking our impulses to fight, evoking raw sexuality. 

  • Black Moon Lilith’s involvement in this alignment brings in the primordial, powerful feminine; the kind of feminine energy that shakes the earth… forgotten memories of what feminine empowerment looks like are now surfacing; and this involves both the shock and re-integration of encountering feminine powers and feminine dimensions of life that have been temporarily obscured by patriarchal social conditioning.

  • Within all of this, this is a potent time to develop intimacy and camaraderie within your friendships, and specifically those with who you share a gender identity. If you have trauma in this area of life (like women who have been betrayed by other women) but want to shift that, it is especially important to hold out images and thoughts of vivifying connection to people of your gender so you can begin to draw this reality toward you.

September 30, 2018

Pluto stations direct in 18 Capricorn: 7:03 PM PDT

  • There is a note of increased tension in the air – the deep angst that inspires transformation; the desires that catalyze evolution; the libido that energizes pursuits.

  • However, there is also a feeling of exiting the swamp – if you’ve been feeling subterranean or like you’ve been in a chrysalis space; emergence is near.

  • Note if you are revisiting calls to develop personal, soul-level responsibility. We may be deconstructing old-paradigm ways of considering ethic and responsibility, while still being called to the task of moral transformation.

October 2, 2018

Last Quarter Moon in Cancer: 2:45 AM PDT

  • Very tender! The sweet Moon in Cancer forms hard angles to the Sun, Saturn, Pluto and Chiron. Take sweet care of yourself and remember that if you are feeling tension/pain you can totally be present with it and nurture it from a place of compassion. Don’t just ‘know’ this, distantly. See what actually happens when you take tender presence with yourself.

  • This is not about being precious with your wounds, but more about recognizing them, holding yourself, and giving yourself a push to get back up & back in the flow.

Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn: 5:03 PM PDT

  • We may note the rise of obsessive (or just focused) thought; sharp thoughts; sharp communications.

  • Through mental or intellectual conflict, we might become aware of certain blindspots.

  • It may be a gift at this time to actually be considering multiple options where before our consciousness was more narrowly wired/conditioned. Take note of what you feel resistant to, as that reveals your habits. If your habits are life-enhancing, great! If your habits are disempowering, you can change them and re-wire your experience. Construction just takes time, and a little faith.

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~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.


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