Full Moon in Aries: Astrology of 9/19 – 9/25

This Aries Full Moon serves as a call to courage. Courage includes the awareness of what adversity or challenge is being faced. So often when we are facing difficult passages in our personal development or in our life we feel as though being ready implies that there is an absence of fear or insecurity – that we are to move forward with total confidence. This may be overly simplistic and miss the point of what courage entails – which is bravery in the face of challenge.

Setting the stage for the building Full Moon, Mercury enters Libra and aspects Saturn and Mars. The Sun also enters Libra. We are becoming more aware of systems, options, and relationships; and just peaking in our awareness is new understanding of our personal roles within those webs of choice and interconnectivity. As the Saturn-Chiron square has become tighter, these personal roles may revolve around the big questions – how can I personally bring healing to this planet? What are the problems I am the most sensitive to and how am I situated to help? How is my personal wellbeing interconnected with my ability to participate socially, and what are my options for facilitating my innate ability to thrive?

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Here’s our week:

September 20, 2018

Sun in 28 Virgo conjunct Mercury in 28 Virgo: 6:52 PM PDT

The Sun blasts, charges, reveals, and purifies a planet it forms a conjunction to. Here with Mercury, these are some potential themes you might notice arising.

  • A potential to feel overwhelmed and burnt out from being so busy or trying to get every little thing done – and some transformation arising from the process, whether that comes from pushing through and breaking through, or figuring out that it’s okay to really take some rest and recharge.

  • Revelations on the nature and illusions of perfection.

  • Feeling extra happy or creatively boosted when clutter (real or energetic) is cleared… cleaning or getting stuff done from your to-do list to boost your mood.

September 21, 2018

Mercury enters Libra: 8:39 PM PDT

Mercury will stay in Libra until October 9.

  • The mind has an ability to separate and organize material/experience which is, from another vantage point, a whole. This form of removal, separation, and abstraction allows us yet another abstraction, which is to compare and to form dualities. Through this, we are able to perceive relationally and to be in relationship to that which we perceive.

  • Libra carries within its archetype the potential to relate to the world from the head, from abstract mental ideals, as well as the potential of relating through the heart, to form harmonic bonds to beauty and truth. This need not be a duality, but for the sake of contemplation, consider this: how can mental processing and forms of communication we engage in be more relational? Rather than simply identifying and classifying objects or people and their traits and labels as though objects — how can drop abstractions and listen with the heart? (And allow new ‘abstractions’ to arise which are sourced from the heart? Heart-mind thinking.)

  • Note the opportunity for the mind, knowledge, intellect, etc. to become tools for engaging the heart and engaging intimacy with life such that the mind-heart duality collapses and rather becomes a form of synergy.

September 22, 2018

Sun enters Libra: 6:54 PM PDT

Libra Season begins! This passage of the Sun through Libra will be in conversation with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, another cardinal sign to which the Sun will be in orb of squaring either the entire season. These are some themes to observe over the next month.

  • Libra takes pleasure in harmony, beauty, aesthetic – to be found in art, music, scent, and of course relationships of all kinds. It’s a great time to make some extra room for leisure and socializing and to be enchanted and enlivened by the worlds of other people and the feedback from others who enjoy your world.

  • There is support to shift blocks and obstacles that we have to relating. Take note of defenses which seem to be softening, or defenses which bristle up as more connection appears.

  • Relationship is a path of transformation; as we relate to others we are changed.

September 23, 2018

Mercury in 2 Libra square Saturn in 2 Capricorn: 9:45 AM PDT

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  • You might think of a symphony where tensions are building – there’s a conflict, clash, or some kind of challenging tunnel – and then ecstatic epiphany bursts through, the notes become more triumphant, and more soothing, calm energies follow.

  • The square aspect often brings us the crisis/problem AND the motivation (or the force of hand) to resolve it. Mercury and Saturn paired are especially related to “problem solving” explicitly. It relates to a tendency to stick with a puzzle long enough for the mind to be frustrated, defeated, conditioned, and victorious. It can yield answers or solutions which possess gravitas because of the struggle they have surmounted.

  • Among this transit’s potential manifestations, you may note situations where posing a duality (this or that) does not actually match up to reality. In order for the solution to be found to a given impasse, the duality must dissolve and give way to a bigger picture view.

  • A note on “reality” – abstract and distorted structures do exist within reality; we have the potential to create societies off of false ideals or to live out a false self. It is a spiritual and moral act to discover deeper, more true layers of reality and to discover how to align with those.

Mercury in 3 Libra trine Mars in 3 Aquarius: 6:29 PM PDT

  • Mars is on the South Node of the Moon again! For those of you who were following this summer, we talked about that meaning that karmic irritations are coming up – like old battles. It’s also a time of clearing those themes. If we have context and are contemplative about it, instead of grabbing onto and renewing lease on a karma that is clearing, we can watch it pass on by without attaching to, and perpetuating it. In other words, it can be wise at this time to practice detachment rather than just reacting.

  • As Mercury in Libra enters a harmonic with this, you may note that if you are triggered/upset there is also – conveniently – some support in having peacemaking dialogue about it! Either with the person(s) directly involved or a kind of mediator.

September 24, 2018

Full Moon in 2 Aries: 7:52 PM PDT

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Full disclosure – this Moon can be rough emotionally! The Moon is conjunct Chiron and square Saturn, and Mars is on the South Node. These are challenging alignments where of course positive experiences and breakthroughs are possible, but these are some themes you might take note of and ideas for participation:

  • There are systemic problems that we face as a globe as well as our own individual systemic issues – the reoccurring themes we don’t feel we have a handle on but that are instead happening to us; the gravity of the world situation we are not sure how to help resolve. Note the Saturn-Chiron square is tight again, an alignment that has to do with finding the ‘key’ to answer difficult or impossible situations. The initiation into this higher knowledge is, however, confronting those walls and the sense that there is no way out.

  • When a problem or a pain is too great that it exceeds our ability to soothe or heal it, it is not exactly an objective situation that the problem or pain is too great. It is merely a situation which exceeds current consciousness’s capacity to address it. Actually engaging with that pressure and heaviness may result in alchemical process, the problem condenses consciousness; diamonds form under pressure. How does conflict call you into evolution and growth?

  • How does this apply to us? Consider the various signals life gives you that something isn’t right. Do you sit with that message and hold space for change? Are you able to feel, without fear that feeling will open up a floodgate you don’t even want to get started (so you just keep it on lock instead)?

  • Watch for the call to courage; and the area of life in which you are an underdog of your own heroic journey. Some of the profundity of this Moon is understanding the challenge you are facing and choosing to face it anyway – which is neither charging forth into battle without understanding of what one is coming up against, nor is it being so overwhelmed by the obstacle that steps forward are not taken at all.

  • Note that included in “steps forward”, to not be too literal here, does include making one’s own consciousness more complex through contemplation and learning. If you don’t have the tools yet to move forward on a given process, entering into a discovery/curiosity phase about it is a form of activity. We are called upon to discern when we need more information/context and when it is time to leap.

September 25, 2018

Sun in 2 Libra square Saturn in 2 Capricorn: 4:50 PM PDT

(The Full Moon formed a t-square to Saturn; see Full Moon description above)

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~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.


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