New Moon in Virgo: Astrology of 9/5 – 9/11

Super Virgoan astrology this week! Surrounding a New Moon in Virgo, Mercury enters Virgo and forms a conjunction with asteroid Pallas Athena in Virgo, and the Sun in Virgo forms a grand trine with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. This is a beautiful grand trine to tune into – Saturn and Uranus trining alone, is magnificent. The trine is a “soft” aspect. When Saturn and Uranus make hard angles to each other like a square or opposition – our standards, structures and sense of normal may undergo more uncomfortable kinds of interruptions. However, when they are in soft aspect like they are now, making structural life changes and upgrades can be both easeful and impactful. Positive developments that happen now will make the upcoming Saturn-Uranus square (in 2021) easier and more rewarding.

A virtue between Saturn and Uranus is to build life structures which hold space for a necessary degree of freedom – rather than building a life which will, when our goals and plans come to fruition, eventually constrict and bind us. Saturn and Uranus contacts also can help us normalize or standardize something new, innovative, or unique: like getting to live your dream life in part because you show up for important trainings or appointments and do the work. Or like getting to be your weird self in public or in a formal way because you hold a certain real air of gravitas around it because you’ve done the work and didn’t circumvent that work just to be free. It’s negotiating how one individuates and follows their unique calling, and how one conforms to society in order to be part of it. It’s not either-or.

As faster moving planets in Virgo align with this existing trine between Saturn and Uranus, some extra focus may be placed this week on our “mundane” activities which are actually magical in their own right – cleaning is not just a chore but it is making space, clearing stagnant energy and obstacles. Organizing is not just a chore but it is feng shui. Doing the things we keep avoiding/procrastinating is not just a chore but it is leveling up and signaling to the Universe that we’re ready to move forward.

These small activities, this graceful grind, is also a reminder that in the process up any given mountain, each step is a fractal of the whole climb. Rather than overlooking the steps or overlooking the mundane, or the daily forms of work we undergo, these activities may be portals into zenlike clarity and alignment.

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Here’s our week:

September 5, 2018

Mercury enters Virgo: 7:38 PM PDT

As we will see in a few days, Mercury’s entrance into Virgo creates a grand earth trine alongside Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Mercury is also entering Virgo just a day after asteroid Pallas Athena’s entrance into Virgo; the two are conjunct. Mercury will stay in Virgo until September 21.

  • Mercury is androgynous and Athena relates to playing against gender roles as well – each archetype relates to being able to pull into another gender’s conditioned repertoire and take on those qualities as one’s own.

  • Virgo is the sign of the ‘virgin’ which is related more to being unattached or separate unto oneself more than it means celibacy. Athena is also an archetype that involves taking space to oneself, and paving out a life which is individualistically guided and reaching toward chosen ideals. As Mercury and Athena join up at the start of Virgo, we may be more consciously aware of processes that require we have some sacred space to ourselves: something private we leave untouched.

  • Mental discernment and organization is also highlighted.

September 6, 2018:

Saturn stations direct in 2 Capricorn: 4:08 AM PDT

Saturn stationed retrograde April 17 of this year in 9 degrees Capricorn.

  • Saturn retrogrades (which we are just coming out of) correlate with questioning and reconfiguring our careers and the overall structures/plans of our life. While this can be a time of insight and careful planning, it also can be a time of doubt and insecurity. As Saturn moves direct again, we may feel a sense of getting back on track where we were before deliberating or frozen.

  • Saturn’s station coincides with the transit of Saturn trining Uranus in Taurus – reinforcing an ease as well as a need around building and abiding by structures which enhance our freedom in the bigger picture; rather than plans which however effective in reaching a goal, suffocate our freedom. An invitation within this transit may be to really slow down and listen to signals and be open to innovation along the course, rather than overriding those signals because of a rigid agenda.

September 7, 2018:

Mercury in 2 Virgo trine Uranus in 2 Taurus (12:40 AM PDT) & Mercury in 2 Virgo trine Saturn in 2 Capricorn (5:19 AM PDT):

(Image: http://cosmofilius.tumblr.com)

  • We may be feeling the need at this time to be able to hold the bigger picture simultaneously with its parts; to see the forest and the trees, the whole mountain and each individual foothold. We are seeking an alignment that helps us do this: if for example, we do not have a bigger picture that matches the individual parts, we will feel something is off and not feel like our work is taking us where we mean it to. 

  • Being able to harmonize the individual parts and steps with the whole is a process that invites the participation of our inner-authority. It is like tapping into an inner Emperor/Empress archetype and becoming sensitively aware of the internal ecosystem one is managing.

  • During this beautiful transit window, give yourself an amazing leap in lucidity by tuning into your inner Emperor/Empress self immediately rather than imagining you have to take certain steps to get there first to earn it. Watch how it transforms your mind and your ability to plan/strategize – you will be higher up within your consciousness and able to see a bigger-picture view.

  • Likewise, small chores and acts of bringing harmony to the earth plane (dusting/sweeping, making the bed, lighting candles, making mandalas in nature, giving offerings to nature, etc.) are another entrance into rarefied mental space. 

Sun in 15 Virgo opposite Neptune in 15 Pisces: 11:26 AM PDT

  • The possibility of not having a clear sense of who we are.

  • The possibility that we are imagining ourselves into being, that our essence is not set in stone but is rather a process that involves our own participation.

September 8, 2018:

Venus in 29 Libra square Mars in 29 Capricorn: 1:38 PM PDT

This square is also part of a larger t-square with Venus opposite Uranus, and Mars squaring both.

  • We may feel a push to (or a transition in how we already) pursue relationships of any kind – friendships, romances, professional contacts, familial relationships, non-human relationships, etc. This can mean rather than just passively letting them happen, actually tracking ourselves doing things to support the building of relationship. One component of this might be Capricornian in nature of being accountable, being supportive.

  • This applies to gestures that initiate new relationships as well as gestures that initiate a deepening into existing relationships.

  • Libra-Capricorn squares can correlate with the tensions of expectations when it comes to cooperation or relationship; tensions which can be both destructive or generative.

September 9, 2018:

Venus enters Scorpio: 2:25 AM PDT

(Image: the.flightless.artist)

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New Moon in 17 Virgo: 11:01 AM PDT

This New Moon is opposite Neptune in Pisces, sextile Jupiter in Scorpio and trine Pluto in Capricorn.

  • New consciousness emerges around the implications of our small, daily, or ritualistic practices: what kinds of results they may accrue over time. This can lead to feeling good spirits and faith around things we are involved in that we feel are aligned. Alternately, we may become more internally critical of habits/behaviors/orientations which we see as disempowering or creating suffering in some way.

  • The approaching Full Moon will be in Aries, conjunct Chiron and square Saturn in Capricorn – bringing energy to make actions and to excise/cut-out things from our lives as well such as habits, mindsets, etc. we realize we need to move on from.

  • This New Moon however, heralds more than those kinds of external actions, a deepening of introspective consciousness around what is shifting and changing internally.

  • It is an aspect of nature that things come to a head before they transform; things peak in intensity before they transform. We may notice an intensification of awareness and sensitivity building during and from this New Moon which works on us in some way.

  • It can be very powerful to engage fantasy; to playfully reframe our perceptions with more of a rose-tint. The artist or the romantic may already feel free to do this – but archetypally this is available to even those who don’t self-identify as creatives. Synthesizing fantasy and imagination into the fabric of our mundane lives is a way to elevate and transform our experience and lift out latent potentials. It also offers transformation to the part of us who is addicted to fixating on the negative or missing elements of our experience. In focusing on beauty or potential, reality itself may dialogue with us and show us more beauty.

September 10, 2018:

Mars re-enters Aquarius: 5:55 PM PDT

Mars, now direct, will transit through Aquarius until November 15, 2018.

  • Mars in Aquarius energizes our qualities of detachment, our ability to zoom out and see a bigger systems approach, especially in regard to any pursuit we are involved in and our drive to conquer its challenges via intelligence.

  • We might feel some drive to defend a point of view yet as more information becomes available, perspectives can and do change. A deeper invitation within Aquarius is to see things as they actually are, rather than projecting thoughts and thought structures onto phenomena. Thoughts can align with reality; they also can be “stories” projected onto reality.

  • Aquarius relates to the higher self, and the higher self often communicates through resonance. If you have ever felt truth deep in your body, felt chills/tingling in chakra centers, or seen visual confirmations of energy (flashes of light, aura colors, etc.) these are often such signals from the higher self.

  • A function within Aquarius is however, also to ground and bring down higher knowledge or high-vibrating ideas and intuitions from the higher mind. Otherwise, Aquarian consciousness can be extremely un-relatable or out of touch.

  • Skillful Mars in Aquarius can relate to having the courage to experience the higher self (rather than living only in the conditioned self) as well as the right use of action in aligning with higher self, the ability to channel and direct that kind of energy as opposed to short-circuiting or burning out.

September 11, 2018:

Sun in 18 Virgo sextile Jupiter in 18 Scorpio (5:09 AM PDT) & Sun in 18 Virgo trine Pluto in 18 Capricorn (8:31 AM PDT):

  • There are ample opportunities for internal transformations this week with these transits! Some may even be tiring or overwhelming; we may benefit from making space to recharge instead of holding ourselves to some kind of solar, external, productive standard such that our ‘work’ must have tangible exterior results. Sometimes work is lunar, subterranean, and space-making. Sometimes work is vibrational, attitudinal, esoteric.

  • There might be extra sensitivity around how our external work springs from our interior and therefore, our health and vibrancy in the interior is necessary for outer or forward progress.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.


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