The Unconscious Speaking


The Mercury Pluto square is active right now and majorly befitting of personal shadow work. Otherwise, the shadow is simply just projected at the world and there’s always someone to be angry with or disgusted by. This by no means implies that the people you meet have done theirs. Words can be sharp right now. But all the same, wherever you feel the point is a place also leading you to personal discovery.

Another aspect of this transit is saying something and feeling this rebound of why did I say that? Wherever the message is coming from, outside or within, the Messenger planet Mercury and the planet associated with the Underworld, Pluto, are in confrontation, so it’s leading to a discovery no matter what. A discovery that just happens to be wrapped unpleasantly if we don’t know how to see Pluto and the way that Pluto has us see into the scariness of the depths only to find a hidden gift and that the fear wasn’t real after all… like the vision of crooked tree shadows on the wall of one’s bedroom at night versus how the same tree looks during the day.

All that being said, this transit is one to swiftly reveal corruption where it actually exists.



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