Blocked Energy


Energy does not have to be relegated to woo woo land – it is an actual component of reality. The same people who deny its existence in the metaphysical sense believe in energy as fuel, and likely that energy is created but never destroyed so at least some form of energy is validated. Why would it be that outlandish to many that we would have other types of fuel i.e. spiritual, ethereal or magical? That the physical form is more than just an automaton.

It’s just that leaving it in vagueness & not experiencing it directly makes it seem like this out-there thing. Unblocking your energy is as simple as taking a walk outside when you’ve been indoors all day and you can’t think or focus. But obviously this capacity deepens. There are infinite ways to unblock or expand energy, and it gets to a point that releasing blockages or healing from those calcifications reveals info that one never knew before as possible – the body-mind-spirit has capacity that seems supernatural in comparison to its prior calcified mode. It’s like that feeling of healing up an injury or a sickness and remembering what it’s like to feel absent of pain, normal again, and it feels good. What if malaise/a general discontent with life was like that? Just a kind of sickness that once it evaporates, we remember what feeling good feels like.


so life gets better every time energy is unblocked. and we can take it at a rhythm that makes the most sense to us, rather than like, blowing off the doors and going straight to the outer edges of the galaxy. Psychonauts at least, enjoy this – you know who you are.

Life gets better whenever blocked energy is allowed expression. So the science of it on the personal level is just what moves your energy? What blocks it and how can you relate the block?

Yes it requires some personal detective work. Something feels “off” but you don’t know quite what it is. you’re in a slump and you don’t quite know how to get out. To deny yourself this awareness is to build the blockage. this is why pretending everything is ok when it’s not is not positivity magic but at its worst a spiritual block.


Astrologically speaking the natal chart does contain info about where your energy can be expressed and unblocked. Otherwise people find it through other methods and trial and error. And a lot of cosmologies or systems offer their own insights, such as something in the realm of health or diet.

Energy blockages and energy releases are perpetual facets of magical reality: find where your energy is blocked (such as what you are avoiding – what is decaying, gathering dust, stagnating you), and figure out how to move it. It’s like a person sitting on a treasure chest in despair that they do not have enough. then they realize they have forgotten to clean out their trunk and when they do they remember they are rich. Blocked energy often thinks the solution is ultra-external. And it likes to cloak itself in fear/resistance.

What do you think?


(Images: Unknown, Killy Thirsk, Unknown)

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    December 10, 2015 at 2:58 pm

    Ahhhh this is beautiful. Love every word of this piece. You’re an artist!

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