Work Hard Play Hard Pre Jupiter Uranus Trine


Before the exact trine between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries on June 22, I would advise everyone to knock some stuff off of their to-do list! Be responsible now because the Jupiter Uranus transit is fun and epic so you are going to want to not have to stay on the mundane level if you don’t have to/at least lighten the load of basic life chores. If you can do it today, why do it tomorrow, basically. The extra work now will equal extra reward later. Plus the Moon will be in Virgo on the 22nd as well, so if you have anything you’ve procrastinated about to worry about then, you may feel it bug you then.

Personally I am in turbo mode, aiming to get ahead of schedule so I can go to the mountains and revel in the meadows for a bit, because that has entered my awareness via a spontaneous invitation.. sounds like Jupiter to me. 🙂

Jupiter in Leo – Uranus in Aries trine is creative oomph to the next level, exciting encounters with new people, luck based on originality/being yourself unabashedly, luck from being off the beaten path and on your OWN path, innovation within your creative endeavors, sexy intelligent romance, etc.. so clearly, you want to make some space for the giant planet of luck Jupiter and planet of brilliance Uranus. Little things do a lot, so don’t worry about doing everything. I have been noticing lately how little unfinished things in life are like Qi-blocks, and so when you take care of them you free up space for stuff you want to show up, to show up.

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    Devina C. Q.
    June 20, 2015 at 5:27 am

    Thank you so much for this I just Sabrina. You inspired me to revamp my blog. Also to ask myself some serious questions about the way I am expressing myself. I think I am ready to move. Move about and make my story available to people. Thanks again for inspiring me!

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