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Me giving readings in town yesterday.

I’m feeling very inspired and energized by my interview project (interviewing people about themselves for an hour while looking at their chart… you can participate by filling out the form here!). I think I imagined that talking to someone for an hour would give me a definitive idea I could write about right after, but instead I’m seeing something much larger build and getting a definite sense of bigger concepts percolating. A lot of sychronicities – I’ve been getting the chance to see the same signature over and over again (a bunch of Moon in Cancer’s, or a bunch of Sun-Saturn conjunctions in a row for example). I just did my 39th interview so far today.

A point of this project is to experience the planetary placements directly – to form extensive relationships with them. Among too many findings to list or ones that haven’t fully formed… a few: people with Venus-Saturn link ups or Saturn in the 7th house or Saturn in Taurus or Libra, for example, have similar and attractive facial features or mannerisms (drawing from in-person interviews or readings) like Saturn structuring beauty – and I’m also getting a chance to see a bunch of Mars in Cancer/Mars in the 4th house people and learn about that vibration which inspires in me a lot more romantic sentiment than is typically written of that placement. It feels like empathy in action.

I have always felt a commitment to creating expansiveness and possibility through astrology, so tackling the issue of planets in fall or “bad planetary placements” has always piqued my interest. I think that there is a lot more gift and intention behind the placements that have been seen as tricky and it’s a really strange – and in my opinion not true – construct of classical astrology to label placements in this way. I get excited about finding the purpose or value in things that takes something out of the context of victimology.

I’m still in the research phase, but I am excited to see how it formulates one day. I’ve been witness to some pretty profound stories and beautiful thoughts and insights… thank you! I’m so inspired by you all. I’m really in awe of how much it is moving within me not just for my work and my ability to practice astrology as a craft, but for my own understanding of life and who I am. & Jupiter’s been in my 7th house by transit this whole time- true and true.


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    June 8, 2016 at 4:22 am

    Cool! I have Saturn in Libra, now I wonder who I have similar and attractive facial features as 🙂

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