The Monarch Forecast: February 2016


Saturn in Sagittarius is in a close trine to Uranus in Aries this month. The Uranus-Saturn cycle is about bringing change and innovation to society and consensus culture, especially types of change that empower the masses. Uranus is like Prometheus bringing fire to the mortals. When Uranus touches Saturn, the collective has a window to see parts of reality it hadn’t known to exist before. The trine is a harmonious contact; so this will be a subtle influence. This is a ripe moment to begin moving forward personal and social change. The square between Uranus and Saturn will occur in 2020-2021 with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, and will be more stressful in nature, however, work done during this trine will positively impact that time period.

Earth lovers can be excited about Uranus in Taurus – as this will be a time where Earth technologies will be made more available to the masses. While this can manifest as green technologies as we tend to think of them (renewable energy), I’m also talking about Earth Consciousness; the ability for people en masse to understand their connection to the Earth as though the Earth were sentient (as it is) – for more and more people to be able to receive messages from Earth. If you have had the pleasure of speaking to plant people who are really connected and passionate, you may know some people who hear plants. Imagine that being normal instead of being considered wacky.

Uranus is not yet in tender, rooted Taurus – Uranus is still in Aries, a placement that speaks to instigation. Those who were affected by the Uranus-Pluto square personally experienced deep shifts in consciousness, radical shifts in self or personality. You are part of this category if during the years of 2012-2015 you emerged a radically different being, think phoenix risen from the ashes. During this transit we also had Saturn in Scorpio for much of this, and so there was also a feeling of deep, overbearing limitation. A lot of the instigation of Uranus in Aries came from an urgent need to start change in areas of life that are devastatingly out of balance, and Saturn in Scorpio was all about digging it up, like the debris at the bottom of a swamp. But then what? Just more analyzing of the detritus. But not anymore-

That has since changed with Saturn in Sagittarius – the planet of building and construction is now in the sign of the seer and visionary. …Continue reading the full forecast for the month of February here.


(Image: Julia Lilard)


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