Astrology of 11/8 – 11/14: The Time for Innovation

The Scorpionic atmosphere we’ve had since Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10th has only intensified with Scorpio Season proper and the planetary aspects to Pluto we’ve been experiencing from the inner planets. We have another Pluto aspect happening this week, as the Sun in Scorpio will sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Emotions are heightened and intensified in both Scorpio and Pluto’s domain. This week we also see another exact trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries – the third and last of this alignment that has been characterizing 2017.

It is the intensity of our emotion that signals to us how our Soul is vibrating with a situation. Pain reveals that something is out of alignment. Ecstasy, revelation, peak experience – can reveal that something is important. Everyone has some kind of struggle though, somewhere where the alignment is off – and it takes immense psychic energy to maintain patterns and structures that cover up something dysfunctional or that otherwise don’t work. Our deepest emotions are a compass worth listening to. As we are getting in better touch with ourselves through Scorpio, and with an open mind as Saturn and Uranus align this week, we can get downloads for how to implement that emotionally-charged wisdom in our lives in an impactful way.

Read on about the week in more detail below:

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November 9

Sun in 17 Scorpio sextile Pluto in 17 Capricorn: 5:12 AM PDT

(Image: Elizabeth Taylor)

  • Though this is a harmonious transit (sextile), the involvement of Scorpio and Pluto both bring in angst, and Capricorn brings in the potential for depression. If we are feeling depressive or moody these can be signals from our deeper selves that we are ready for change. Take the time to listen to what is bothering you so that you can actually address it. It may be that we have a habitual practice of controlling a situation (as to not feel out of control) and that this dynamic can unravel now & the energy we are expending to maintain something dysfunctional can be necessarily recycled.
  • The potential to make structural changes in our lives which support our Soul’s calling. This can involve choices which prioritize a deeper internal need over those needs more obviously supported by cultural conditioning or internalized should’s. A structural change could be a change in schedule, an addition/removal of a habit, etc. It is something that supports, shapes reality. In Scorpio, we might be asked to consider what we are most deeply committed to, such that we’re willing to actually make some time and space for it.
  • We may see more clearly through types of dysfunction have been normalized – such as the worldview that separates us from nature and sees nature as something we can have dominion over and control, rather than be in relationship to. There are many different routes of addressing this dysfunction, but one soulful route is to begin to, or deepen our ongoing process of deindustrializing our consciousness. With these archetypes specifically in mind, it can often have to do with becoming more in touch with what we are excited about and the ways that we feel obligated to squelch those sparks before they are even explored further, with some kind of logic like, “that’s not important” or “that’s not possible” or “I’ll never make money doing that.” Who is the saboteur there? Not the inherent radiance of Soul – no, something else, some other attachment we’ve picked up along the way from our karmas or our engagement with the collective karmas.
  • Remember that something of inherent value has practicality and relevance whether or not it seems like an immediately rewarding enterprise. Capricorn and Saturn relate to harvests that appear with time. The gestation of a harvest involves the erotic charge of something being excited to exist. If we are too attached to what is already visible (and making decisions based on that), we are not taking part of the conversation that happens in the generative, fertile below-worlds.
  • The capacity to form a connection between what is wanting to emerge from oneself (or what is wanting to fall away/die within oneself) as being cosmologically relevant to the development of the human species and the Earth as a whole. To develop wisdom around how to cultivate one’s interior in such a way that it affects one’s lived and social reality.
  • It may be part of our creative process to have some level of secrecy about what we’re cooking up. Scorpio and Pluto stew. If you begin to develop something magical and all of your own without immediately sharing it or being quite selective, you can get a chance to work with your raw essences. A project of some kind can be a container for this alchemical inner process. How do you develop, deepen, and mature, when you keep something to yourself for a little longer than normal?
  • This transit may be a moment to take stock of where we have the capacity to make creative life decisions (as though we are directing the unfolding of our lives). How would aligning with these creative choices truly be a transformative life path?

November 11

Saturn in 25 Sagittarius trine Uranus in 25 Aries: 2:44 AM PDT

(Image: Alexander Berdin-Lazursky)

Our last of the recent three exact trines between these two, an aspect that has been characterizing 2017. A few more current reflections on it:

  • Structures and systems that we live by (personally or societally) are not set in stone, and they were built once to accommodate a purpose that emerged from the needs of the place and time that birthed it. We do well to remember this; that structures are ideally here for support, not for imprisonment. Structures have a capacity to endure, like bones you can still find in the ground after the body that surrounded it is long gone. Changing structures can be as arduous as erecting them. But rather than be cynical or nihilistic about it, we ought to have some imagination that pushes boundaries of what we think is possible, for this is an attitude that makes it possible to download ideas of actual pragmatic solutions for systemic problems that we face, whether in our own lives or as a collective.
  • A place of limitation within this transit would be to notice something dysfunctional and to form a belief like “that’s just the way it is”. In that same situation, we could be asking questions about what could be? instead. Insights that come through with this transit can be electric, epiphanies – and posing a question prayerfully is like becoming receptive for the answer.
  • The nature of the trine aspect is easeful, it naturally supports harmony and because it is a gentle aspect it tends to not force the issue like a square or opposition might. This would be a smart time to install, or even just begin to design, various personal life hacks or ingenious business moves because the support is available. If you want to see smart changes/life restructures have an affect on accelerating your life in a positive way or actually changing your circumstances, now is a time to do that with relative harmony.
  • Smart moves may not be as action-oriented as they are symbols of direction or commitment. For example, signing up for a program or training is a kind of action. It takes resolve, decision, etc… to do so, and it is an action that is designing a future with more potentiality than existed in that future stream before.
  • Themes may arise around the theme of what levels of permission we feel we are granted (both internally and externally) to be different/radical/revolutionary & how affected we feel by peers of the lack of peers wherever we are on our journeys of individuation.
  • There are people and communities who embrace innovation wholeheartedly – a place, however in the future or right here- to bring forth your magic. If there is something you would like to see more of in the world, you are privy to it somehow – it speaks to an emerging conditioning process for you of becoming more acquainted with that energy (you are birthing it), and also learning how to vibrate with your peers. How do you signal your authentic identity and attract more authentic connection? (Rather than fitting into a conventional mould and continuing to feel misplaced?) Trust that being yourself (including maturing into yourself, developing into yourself) will bring the right circumstances and connections to you.

November 13

Venus in 7 Scorpio conjunct Jupiter in 7 Scorpio: 12:15 AM PDT

(Image: Keith Pfeiffer)

  • The focus, and magnification of value is a boon of this transit. Out of an abundance of potential (Jupiter), what we focus on and place value in determines what will grow.
  • Similarly, what we are ready to let go of may become louder and more obvious to us. The counterpart to positive thinking and using that to manifest what we do like and value is to see the wisdom in our negative fixations, to be able to mine them of their symbolic meaning. Both our attractions and repulsions speak of Soul, and bring us in touch with the Soul as part of ourselves which we can know better.
  • Acts of love that come through with this transit may call into experience our deepest authenticity. Scorpio sniffs stuff out, and Jupiter is all about the truth. So say/do what you really mean and be prepared to develop your depths if you feel you are wavering at the root.

Mercury in 11 Sagittarius square Neptune in 11 Pisces: 2:49 PM PDT

(Image: Andrea Wicklund)

  • Ideas may be stretched and bended here, for various reasons and agendas. Which makes it great for figurative expression, art, and otherwise non-ordinary states of communication, but careful about holding communications right now to be about meaning what they say.
  •  The capacity to be intellectually/mentally/emotionally overwhelmed; and the reveal that being objective is an illusion in a reality in which all things are interconnected; the viewer does shape the thing being viewed and vice versa. Perception can get bendy with a Mercury-Neptune square, not to mention both of them being in mutable signs!
  • Because of this bendiness, this could be a good transit to access new and illuminating ideas, to stretch ordinary levels of perception. However, avoid jumping to conclusions; that’s when the inquiry ends, and we become dogmatic, apparently missing the point.
  • Where logic fails, or some paradox presents itself where no solution is present, we have the capacity to transcend our present barriers of thought.

Thank you for being here with me again this week and meditating on the planets! If you would like a deeper look into the themes of your own natal chart or how the current transits affect you specifically, book a personal reading with me here.

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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    Scott Young
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    I’m liking the bit (nov. 9th pluto saturn sextile) about a project being a container for developing inner qualities. Or a reflection of that. And how sometimes it can be important to keep those projects close without projecting them outwards. In the age of image sharing w/ the internet it can be so easy to share everything immediately that we often miss out in the process of letting something mature in a more intimate setting before releasing it into the world. Good reminder.

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