Astrology of 11/1 – 11/7: Alchemy of Values

This week a Full Moon in Taurus (Venus ruled) is soon followed by Venus entering the sign of Scorpio. These skies reveal where love alchemy is in court. Before the shift into Scorpio, Venus in Libra takes account of where it’s come from & the patterns of the past as it aspects Saturn in Sagittarius, and receives dynamic, future-minded inspiration as it contacts Uranus in Aries. What do we really value? And next, how do we change on the inside to make space for meeting those values?

Here’s our week:

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November 3

Venus in 24 Libra sextile Saturn in 24 Sagittarius: 1:31 AM PDT

(Image: Zach Meyer)

(see below, Full Moon)

Sun in 11 Scorpio trine Neptune in 11 Pisces: 12:23 PM PDT

Venus in 25 Libra opposite Uranus in 25 Aries: 10:01 PM PDT

😉 (Image: Antonio Lopez)

Full Moon in 11 Taurus: 10:23 PM PDT

(Kate Moss)

As we see above, this is quite a line up for our Full Moon in Taurus. It’s ruler, Venus, is making aspects to both Saturn and Uranus, while the Sun trines Neptune in Pisces and is still conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. Venus in Libra is also quincunx (inconjunct) Chiron in Pisces.

  • Certain shortcuts may reveal themselves which come with strings attached/karmas which we don’t wish to take on. Whenever Uranus is involved, we get future vision: the future is more palpable and it enters our consciousness via flashes of insight and sometimes even accelerated circumstances. But there are other levels of reality (like earth/physical manifestation, and Saturn) which take time to reveal their formation. Taurus, where our full Moon is, is also certainly an image of slow and steady, careful cultivation. While the promise of immediate fulfillment of our deepest wishes may seem available and even promising at this time, it may simply be a catalyst and a validation of our efforts more than it is a finish line. Shortcuts and what we refer to as life hacks could be more available in this environment, and whether they are the best road to take is a case-by-case issue.
  • Integrity is a pass to freedom, even if there is an initial cost we perceive (like not “getting” what we want). As future circumstances align from our decisions, they will be in alignment with ethical choices we have made and so we are structuring a reality we can live with – rather than binding ourselves to a reality that is birthed of and requires constant moral sacrifice. We may be more likely at this time to face situations which give us pause to reflect: what is the right thing to do? We might see multiple sides of the same issue. With these choices to make, an inner-maturation may occur where we have to take emotional account of our deepest inner values of which we would like to align with.
  • When things get intense (especially under this astrology), be wary of letting your consciousness become a runaway train in which you have ceased to be the driver. There are always ways to be scared, to run off in the mind with fantasies of all the brutal, terrible things that can happen in our lives or in the world. The issue with this is that all power ceases to be unconsciously projected onto a theater of shadows, and we throw the nervous system into chaos. A Taurus Full Moon offers a chance to enter an oasis of peace, but to do so we may have to disentangle ourselves from fear-based obsessions. When we willfully imagine what we would like to see and flesh it out (verbally perhaps if the mind is too stressed to focus in thought alone), when we focus on our gratitude, when we take measures to relax ourselves — we notice our external reality shifts as well. It might seem spiritual to just “let things be” or “let it all out” but when done messily, haphazardly, this is not particularly valuable. There are certain things worth getting a rein on. Before we act from a place of internal chaos, it is better to find a place of relaxation and re-assess the situation from there, perhaps even to see that our fears have dissolved.
  • Likewise, when we connect to sources of peace which offer us transcendence and live in a place of alignment from that spiritual connection – forging a bridge between Heaven and Earth – we do find that our lives have some kind of meaning beyond us. Like the runaway train I mentioned above we are not exactly in control – but we are friendly with the forces, from and made of them, in collaboration with them, and we find it easier to live an integral life.
  • In our relationships to ourselves, others, and the world, we might look at the ways we demand proof that we should trust it, demand what kinds of hoops they need to jump through for us to trust, while remaining energetically distrustful on the inside and continuing to manifest validations of our interior chaos. The physical world and our experiences may not save us from ourselves. Sometimes we really do have to make the choice to make a change on the inside and to tenderly cultivate that change with our will.
  • Sun trine Neptune, Sun conjunct Jupiter – don’t underestimate the power of wish, and the power of prayer!

November 5

Mercury enters Sagittarius: 12:18 PM PDT

  • Mercury moving out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius is like a breath of fresh air, moving from the watery depths and into the realm of expansion/discovery. The shift from Scorpio to Sagittarius is often characterized by accessing wisdom, levity, humor after traversing sometimes harrowing depths, as well as accessing answers to the “why” questions that our travels through Scorpio originally posed.
  • Mercury will retrograde on December 3 from the last degree of Sagittarius, and turn direct December 22 from 13 degrees of Sagittarius. When a planet retrogrades it can be helpful to wonder why this archetype is pausing in time for us. Why are we spending extra long collecting (Mercury) Sagittarius types of information? We might utilize this time period for literal and/or experiential research in alignment with our cosmological questions. If there’s an aspect of reality that’s at the frontier you’ve been wanting to explore (like lucid dreaming or learning tarot), this might be an accelerated time period for that.
  • We might watch out for the ways that our conversations and even our inner-monologues center on the need to be right, and on compensating for the need to not be wrong (and therefore making excuses, pointing fingers). This is a great time to workshop this even as we may find situations which trigger us into it, such as speaking with someone who asserts an opinion that we find outlandish and yet they refuse to budge. Sagittarius can be very intrusive and obtuse with its opinions. Yet Sagittarius is also the mystic, the sage, that people go to for answers. This archetype has a wide range of expressions and like Jupiter, holds quite a bit of gravity. Mercury on the other hand, is eclectic and able to synthesize information from different worlds. When we are on a wisdom path, it is useful and intelligent to be versed in multiple disciplines so that we can create synthesis. When we study the languages of schools of thoughts and belief systems we don’t agree with, we also understand how to speak with people who do follow those belief systems. Many of us may have a tendency to want to convert others to our opinion and worldview (and with that semantics/languages), and while Mercury’s stay through Sagittarius may inspire us to become more persuasive, we might pay attention to the ways in which we can also collect information that shakes our sense of “knowing”, such that we realize there is so much more to know! If we are too consumed with convincing/converting, we become rigid where otherwise we might be more dynamic. If still we must bring forth some vision, stand true and argue it, let it at least be well-thought out and diligently researched, with bridges built to multiple worlds! Hopefully we can listen to the way that our environment is enchanted, bringing us into contact with the right situations and people to help us develop our ideas and our capacity to be persuasive in a way that is friendly, fertile and engaging, not obtuse, rigid and domineering.

November 7

Venus enters Scorpio: 4:38 AM PDT

  • As Venus travels through Scorpio (and recently on the other side of a harsh aspect between Venus and Scorpio’s ruler Pluto!) we may want to consider the arts of love in the way it relates to the shadow. How do we love our own shadow and the shadows of others? However, do we also consider the ways in which implicating others in our shadows or trying to get others to implicate us in theirs is not always an act of love but sometimes an act of possession and control? (Like it’s you and me together baby in this dark world! I know your trauma and you know mine, and now we can be together forever and lick each other’s wounds.) We might want to consider where our shadow is relational (the places we have found strength in reserve, the places we’ve found the will to transform our lives) and where it’s something we could transform and even invite the help of others to transform, rather than considering it an act of love for someone else to simply sit with it. Lower Scorpio behavior in the realm of love often correlates with this kind of shadow romance where love is about how much pain and psychic content from my own depths can the other withstand? What hoops can I make the other jump through to earn my trust? This is power play and can be developmentally relevant for people working through these themes. Or we might save ourselves the trouble. It is not necessarily something to be mistaken for love.
  • As the above moves more into the realm of love, it can be about working with and recognizing the immense, sometimes volcanic desires that we have for other people and that they are still individual people and that our desire for them alone does not mean they owe us anything – nor does anyone’s desire for us mean we owe them anything. Love isn’t about ‘not needing anything from each other’ and being two perfect light-filled stars being born together, always, either. Sometimes we do need things from each other. The question is how above water can we be about that? How empowered can we be in our giving and receiving of love such that it’s not about power, games, and tricking and hooking people into doing what we want them to do? There are arts of love that make this possible (like practicing consent, learning how to ask for what you want in direct ways, cultivating the sense of self-worth to be able to ask, etc.) and there is the inner-transformation occurs, the one wherein we stop projecting our unmet needs and desires onto others and feeling immensely out of control or disempowered based on their actions or how they regard us. For those who are inclined toward this kind of relational intensity, it is about realizing that the other is you, but perhaps a you you have not felt you’ve had permission to be. So we exchange power in our relationships – encourage one another and allow the other to become a more vibrant, authentic version of themselves through the construct of relationship. We are thoroughly changed by our relationships. The more awareness we have around this, the more we know how to consciously ask and receive, the less we feel we have to sneak around and trick others into loving us. When desire strikes, we can ask (not demand) for what we need.
  • In the case of not having or not being able to receive what we desire or what we’ve asked for, we are challenged to let go and to not be possessive – to widen our very focused tunnel vision and see other avenues through which the Universe is ready to meet us. In the case of an attraction or desire not being supported, we may need to consider more deeply the symbolism of our attraction and other ways to honor this emerging facet of self – the part of us that has awakened in response to the desire. It can be important not to entangle our own sense of self-worth with the “having” or “not having” of what we desire, which is not an empowered state and a quick way to spin out. Whether or not we “get what we want” we ought to recognize and cultivate our worthiness to receive. Sometimes the Universe helps us evolve by giving us what we want (and allowing us to merge with it as a symbol, to have ‘permission’ to feel a certain way for an extended period of time), and other times the Universe helps us evolve by not giving us what we want and showing us that what we wanted was a symbol we were placing far too much of our own power or even cosmological significance onto. All in all, such is the basic tension of being a Spirit in a body, being Spirit-Matter, working through the dynamic tension that is ephemerality and our desire for it. Desire is something to realize, not a force to simply transcend while it is we still are embodied beings with desire! It can be heavenly, right here.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! Let me know what you think in the comments.

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.


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