Weekend Horoscopes July 17 – 19, 2015

July 17 – 19, 2015

If you noticed the change –
This is the last combination of daily’s for a total of 5 daily horoscopes per week. Here on out Friday – Sunday make up one comprehensive weekend horoscope. Simply it is that I had designed a schedule without a weekend, and the weekend is needed for integration and refueling. I also need time to receive downloads through experience in addition to the daily meditations I do to acquire this information. Please forgive me for figuring out my limits as I go. I have certainly learned something of taking things slower. It’s been in my nature to be ambitious and to commit to large endeavors right from the onset rather than in increments. Sometimes it serves me, and other times it forces me to adjust. Now it is causing me more reflection. This decision is for sustainability in the long term. Thanks for understanding and also being here with me on this very new path since the updated site launch June 1. If anyone does feel let down by this change please email me.

With love, Sabrina


Aries/Aries Rising: A lot of urges arising from the emotional center, but at first without a knowledge of what to do or make of it… meaning simply there will be a time to take things slow. Come Saturday, there will be more supportive energy regarding initiating new actions. As you experiment with new methods necessarily – trial and error – expect it can feel unfamiliar and insecure. Be at home with your travels into the new. Right now it’s more about the adventure of progress than it is about keeping things the same.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: It’s like you’ve outgrown your current container (house, if you will) but don’t quite know how you will expand or if there is even a place to. Listen, note and observe, without feeling a need to immediately find a solution – there is more value in the messenger than it seems. On the plus side, settling in is a very slow, refreshing and percolating creative mist. A space is bubbling that will come back later – but it flirts with you now and for the rest of the week.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: It’s as though things are about at a boiling point but not yet *there* – regarding something you’ve been putting in the works. With Saturday comes some more fuel to initiate relevant courses of action. It is prep until poise enters your sphere – there is a balancing quality nearly of stationing Venus in Virgo entering your solar home and personal security/identity sector just for a little while anyway starting Saturday. A potentially solidifying tune up. The ability to be very slow but powerful in your day by day action plans.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Things are just shifting so that now you may feel the urge for further attendance to your individual calling (rather than what has held you in pattern or commitment). The loudest thing right now is your internal compass, roaring for what it wants. New ways of communicating – less inhibited, can call you. The invitation is one of experimentation, seeing what can be shared and revealed and what seeks balance with the environment… but chances are there is a turning point moment where speaking what you before felt the need to keep to yourself, is actually your healing.


Leo/Leo Rising: The feeling impulses today can uncover quieter parts of the self – the disillusioned or the wounded self-aspects ready for conscious reintegration. They once represented purer desires, perhaps something that has use again. What can be lifted out as one landscape (the now) has shifted? It’s not anymore about just flirting with, dipping your toes in the water of/etc – your creative visions at this time. The shift is toward letting go and letting yourself into what is needing to be expressed and channeled right now. Soon Venus rx in your sign makes it so that you will be going back OVER all of this and refining it – there is room.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: Just on the precipice of being ready to evolve out of old emotional patterns/deep rooted hang ups, simply by choosing another way of perceiving the situation. It does not even need to be in resistance to what was before, just choose freedom. After Saturday experimenting with new ways of sharing your individuality is supported. The space to dive into for genius downloads is the blueprint of your inner self, your non-conditioned self. Venus enters your sign for a short time before retrograding, and you may sense the slight hint of one chapter ending, where the soil is fertile for regrowth.


Libra/Libra Rising: This weekend offers the dreaming up of new systems and methods to problem-solve, and what seems too out there or difficult to integrate at the beginning of the weekend can take more solidified forms by Saturday IF the new ideas or plans can stand a Saturnine reality check (or a Saturnine passing mood at the least). It can happen that a lot of energy goes into the talk that is preparation for moves, especially regarding any team efforts. Venus moves into Virgo and your solar spirit sector on Saturday and she is very slow moving as she prepares for retrograde. It’s healing to give into the stillness.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: By now you can be increasingly tuned in to the reality of your expansion/contraction in life based on your mood with this current astro. There is a move to want to warm up the areas of your life cooled or made inactive by too much worry or routine. At the same time routines may be important for your overall process of getting into higher mind, so this weekend can offer support to experiment with finding ways to nurture your authentic needs arising right now. Those places in which you feel free to move and explore are revealing – projecting personal truth so it can be met = healing.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Experiments in commitment doesn’t sound like commitment very much… yet that is one of the big themes of this weekend. The Messenger God’s travels to your solar sector of the underworld are not done with a sense of permanence in this case, but more of one of trial and error. Meaning that psychic content is not clear and may be subject to total rewrite once the necessary message plays out. Venus entering your solar Saturn/career house offers a stabilizing influence in the realm of personal values and your *adherence* to them though you may be questioning or revising them.


Capricorn/Capricorn RisingNothing like this Leo Moon to get you into freak mode. Desire can be through the roof – business, money, sex, freedom, power. With any desire comes the assessment of whether it is one that needs to be nurtured and kindled, or one that needs to be let go – letting go of desire doesn’t banish them from coming back, it’s more that the energy of fixation can repel what you actually want. Venus enters Virgo and your solar house of wisdom, so discerning your needs and applying grace as a method of pursuit is a potential.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: This weekend relationships and connecting are highlighted. The embodied practice of recent discoveries as you can bring it into alignment with your routines is a potential issue but one with friction that can propel you to realize in many new forms an emerging authenticity or self-directed goal. A challenge can be in focusing the mind on just one of many options. The Moon and Venus transit into Virgo later Saturday help you refine what you want and cut the excess/distractions.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: The weekend begins with feeling of shyness or reticence in sharing what is coming up for you – or it can feel like it is filtered through a discerning eye. But increasingly as the weekend progresses, sharing is valued, the desire or value of it is heightened at the same that your sense of security becomes less wrapped up in keeping or maintaining the story that brings a feeling of consistency. It becomes more about attracting a resonant frequency and wanting to express your heart even though you’re not quite sure how to with what is new for you right now. Venus is in your solar house of relationships, tact and diplomacy – there is no need to rush.

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